How to boost babys brain development during pregnancy – Tips to Boost babys IQ

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period during which the mother develops a new life in her womb. Every one of the expectant parents desires to have their baby with the excellent brain and they give their full efforts to boost their baby’s brain.

There are some tips given through which you can boost your baby’s mind.

Ways to develop baby’s intelligence inside the womb

Intake of antenatal vitamin

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There are some antenatal vitamin that is needed to boost the brain of your baby, these nutrients ensure the proper development of baby as vitamin C produce collagen, vitamin B 12 make blood cells, zinc is needed for brain development, and vitamin D for bone building as well as your baby needs folic acid for the better development. You can take the vitamin with your meal as if you find it difficult intake directly but make sure that you are not avoiding these vitamins.

Be aware of choosing fish

Though fish is good for your baby’s brain development yet you need to be aware of choosing a fish in the meal. The contamination of mercury in some fish can be harmful. You should avoid those fishes that contain the high level of mercury such as shark, tilefish, king mackerel, and swordfish. There are some other options that you can prefer instead of all above-given fishes like Pollack, whitefish, tilapia, shrimp, catfish, and salmon. You should ensure to avoid excessive intake of mercury for boosting your baby’s brain.

Intake Omega-3s

Omega-3s is found in the tissue layer of brain-cells, therefore that helps boost your baby’s brain while influencing brain function. Omega-3s is fatty acid that is found in the fishes. If you find yourself unable to take fishes in your meal then you can go for other option like fish-oil supplements.

Avoid intoxication

Any type of intoxication is fatal during pregnancy, as it can harm your baby’s mind. If you prefer intoxication it can lead your baby to the problems with memory, learning, memory, attention, as well social skills will have the bad effect.

Boost protein

Your body requires protein to be fit and healthy, the requirement of protein expands by 10% while pregnancy. For the better growth of your baby’s mind, ensure that you are taking the required protein that is available in yogurt, beans, peanut butter, whole grain crackers etc.

The better chew of veggies and fruits

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Your baby needs the antioxidants that protect baby’s brain tissue from any damage. Better chew of veggies and fruits produce antioxidants. While pregnancy you should prefer deep-colored produce like dark leafy greens, tomatoes, blueberries etc.

Enhance up iron

Iron delivers oxygen to your baby, it becomes compulsory intake iron in double quantity during pregnancy. There are many women who suffer from the deficiency of iron and this disease is called Somer. If your baby does not get sufficient oxygen in the womb, this problem can lead to poor-growth and lower-IQ. If you are suffering from the deficiency of iron then ensure your diet includes iron-rich food.

Prevent premature delivery

During pregnancy, you need to have the meal for two that maintain your weight during pregnancy. Low weight leads to the premature delivery. The babies are born prematurely have some disadvantages. They can suffer from less understanding. The birth weight directly affects the IQ score and education achievements. Premature delivery is the biggest factors that cause mental impairment.

Tips to boost baby’s IQ

Healthy diet

Only a healthy mother can have a healthy baby, for your healthy baby you need to take healthy diet during pregnancy. Your baby needs the proper nutrients for the development, make sure the diet you have is rich with folic acid, vitamins, minerals, protein, and iron that help to boost your baby’ IQ.


Exercise plays a vital role to make your baby’s IQ high in the womb. The exercises are low efforts balance the proper blood circulation to your baby as well as increase the availability of nutrients that is quite important to boost IQ level.

Avoid stress

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Stress produces a hormone named by cortisol that is good for neither mother nor baby during pregnancy. It directly affects the development of baby’s brain. If the mother is stress-free then only she produces an excellent baby.

Talk to the baby

It might sound funny, but it is the fact that baby reacts in the womb when you talk. For the better IQ in your baby talk and express your emotions. Read the good books, sing rhymes, and let your baby listen the sound of the father and other members of the family, it is the best way to boost your baby’s brain for IQ and language development.

In order to help the baby improve the consciousness and IQ. Talking to the baby helps in the development of various kinds of skills. The movements and actions of the child also get influenced by our actions and thought process. So, it is crucial to help grow and enhance positive thoughts.

Gain healthy weight

The pregnant women must gain the healthy weight as the low weight lead to the premature delivery. Low weight is directly related to the IQ development for the good brain, 8 pounds of baby is considered an ideal weight.

Young age

Your age plays the major role in your baby’s IQ, the first pregnancy of a mother after the age of 30 is quite risky as well the age 40 to be a father can also lead to the less IQ in your baby.

Brain games

Brain games are like a diet to the baby’s brain. A diet plays an important role in improving the baby’s IQ than anything else. The brain helps to concentrate better and help in the development of the baby.

Omega 3

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Omega 3 is a fatty acid and contain essential nutrients to increase the IQ of the baby. Early intelligence helps the baby’s development and grows him/her into a new and better offspring. The supplements give them an adequate amount of protection and help in growth during the baby’s growth years.

Song for the baby

Isn’t it interesting that the baby can listen to the music from the womb? The baby can hear the music after the 23rd week. Their ears are said to have been fully grown by then hence they can even recognize the sounds of their mother and father. Listen to calm and soothing sounds.