How to boost babys brain development during pregnancy – Tips to Boost babys IQ

The foundation of the child’s brain is built in the womb.  This is the stage when the initial raw substances of intelligence and personality are formed. Development at this stage has a long lasting effect on the learning skills and personality development of the child.

There are many factors that help to improve the mental development or intelligence of the unborn baby. Mother can enhance the intelligence of the unborn baby by eating healthy nutritious food, reducing stress and anxiety and by building a close connection with the unborn baby.

Mother can guide her baby to get a good start in life. It is not only your duty to make your baby intelligent when he grows up. It is also equally important to help your baby starting from the time when he is in your womb. Good food is an important factor to stimulate your unborn child in your womb. This will also help create a connection in the brain of a baby. Boosting your child’s intelligence is a positive step to bring a wise baby in the world.

[How to boost babys brain development during pregnancy in Hindi]

Ways to develop baby’s intelligence inside the womb

Healthy food

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You must include plenty of Omega 3 in your diet. This is a healthy fatty acid is very helpful in building intelligence in the early life of a baby. Now, it is important to have a note on the ingredients that is rich in Omega 3. You can now get this fat in oily fish. If you don’t find such fish, vegetable supplement of Omega 3 is also available.

Food—balanced food taken by the mother   has a positive effect on the mother as well as on the baby’s development.

  • Foods containing Omega-3 fats, which are vegetable based help in the development of the baby’s brain. Foods rich in folic acid like broccoli, citrus foods, green leafy vegetables and beans help in getting rid of brain and spinal cord defects.
  • Folic acid can be taken as food or as supplements before conception and during pregnancy to help in the development of the baby’s brain.
  • DHA is a polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid, which is important for the intelligence growth in the early part of life. IT is found in liver fish oil and fatty fish salmon, but this should be avoided as it contains mercury. On the other hand Omega 3 fats from vegetables are beneficial.
  • Eggs and bacon help in increasing the intelligence of the unborn baby. Scientists have discovered that eggs and bacon contain a nutrient called choline, which is helpful in the development of the baby’s brain that is associated with memory and recall. Other foods that rich in choline are milk, liver, nuts and chicken.
  • Milk and other dairy products are an essential part of the pregnant woman’s diet. The iodine content found in milk helps to produce hormones in the thyroid gland, which directly affect the development of the baby’s brain in the womb.

Stress removal

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Stress is a factor that de-motivates a child inside the womb. Mothers are instructed to stay away from different types of activities that increases stress in a pregnant woman. If you can remove stress, your newborn baby will become automatically wise once he comes out and face the world. Emotional development and IQ of the baby can be disrupted due to the parental stress before birth.

Stressed and depressed mother places a negative impact on the development of the unborn baby’s brain.   There is excess production of hormones during stress and since the hormones of the mother are shared with the baby there is always the risk of the baby becoming emotionally. Disturbed if the mother is stressed. Relaxation exercises like walking and yoga are the best ways to get rid of stress. They help in boosting the production of positive endorphins. Other methods to reduce stress include taking short naps during the day, writing for journals, pampering the hands and feet with a manicure and pedicure and reading books related to raising the baby after birth.

Playing music

You must listen to music when your baby is in your womb. When your baby is 23 weeks old, from that particular point, you should start playing music frequently. It is surprising to learn that; baby can easily hear sound right from the time when he is in his mother’s womb. But, the choice of an appropriate music is also important when your baby is in the womb. Soft and mild classic music are appropriate for the mother as well as unborn baby. This also helps the baby in the womb to remain calm. This will help build concentration in a baby staying inside the mother’s womb.


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Touching baby from outside

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An unborn baby will also need mother’s touch. You can now touch your belly from outside to make him feel cozy and comfortable. This is another important way of stimulating a baby and help in its brain development.

Talking and reading

If a pregnant lady is reading a newspaper or a story book, it is advisable for her to read out the facts loudly so that the baby can listen to it. Baby can easily hear the sound and language in which you are speaking. It is really surprising to learn that, a baby can hear and understand the language spoken by his mother even when he is inside his mother’s womb. You can now avail different ways of increasing intelligent level in your baby. Reduction of stress and anxiety level is an important way of increasing brain development in a child. You must eat healthy food rich in Omega 3 to sharpen your baby’s mind.

Connection with the baby: It has been proven that babies in the womb can hear the sounds coming from outside. They cannot hear clearly, but can recognize their mother’s voice. Hence it is beneficial for the mother to talk, sing, tell stories and play soft music to develop close contact with the baby in the womb. This connection will be of great help in the development of the skills of reading, writing and language in his later life.

Stimulate baby: There are several ways to stimulate the different senses of the unborn baby.  Dim light placed over the mother’s stomach can stimulate the baby. The baby reacts to the light by kicking in the womb. The sensation of touch, taste and smell  of the baby can also stimulate by touching the belly, eating different kinds of food and smelling good things which  help in  enhancing the IQ of the baby and develop its learning skills. Caressing the womb stimulates the baby and increases the flow of blood to the womb.

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Habits: Unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking or taking drugs can be harmful to the development of the baby’s brain. Hence, give up these dangerous habits to boost the baby’s brain development.

Exercise: Moderate exercise during pregnancy help to improve the breathing of the baby and the development of the nervous system. It has been found that babies from women who have been working through pregnancy deliver intelligent and smart babies. Even exercises help to increase the mitochondrial activity in the mother.  This indirectly benefit the brain of the unborn baby.

Eat nutritious foods: Nutritious food is the most developed of a baby’s intelligence. So, eat nutritious meals right from the time you think of conception. It should be made more accurate when you come to know that you have become pregnant. It is an essential nutrient, which can pay attention to the consumption of foods that contain choline, Omega 3 fatty acids and protein. These nutrients are crucial for promoting the development of the brain and muscles.

Love and care for the baby: Parents love towards baby is very important. A mother who feels and show love for the baby in the womb has babies who are healthier, happier and relaxed. So, bonding with the unborn baby and talking to her in a gentle is important. Loving manner has positive effects on her memory and emotions. Talk to your baby in the womb as it is beneficial for the baby is building the foundations of language.

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Gaining enough weight: Gaining heavy weight leads to a large baby with difficult delivery. It can be risky to the baby’s brain. So, gaining too little weight causes the baby to have smaller heads and brain. It has been linked to lower IQ. The ideal weight gain, according to obstetricians, is between 25 – 35 pounds. The mother should gain healthy weight during pregnancy as low weight gain results in premature delivery or delivering of low weight babies. It also effects of IQ of a baby as its birth weight are positively correlated up to eight pounds of birth weight and above nine pounds of birth weight. It is negatively correlated. Healthy eating and weight gain is essential to improve the IQ of the baby in the womb.

Maximum brain power: The better your baby will be in the long run as the longer your baby’s brain has to develop in utero. Baby’s brain volume at 35 weeks is only two thirds of what you’d expect it to be at 39 or 40 weeks said by Dr. Ashton. But, there are some factors that can make you more susceptible to preterm delivery, such as carrying illness. It can lead to diabetes, as well as stress. Every time you wish your pregnancy were over and remember that your smart, healthy baby is worth the wait.

[How to boost babys brain development during pregnancy in Hindi]