Best baby body lotions for winter

Sensitive skin of your baby will be prone to extreme weather condition. Thus, dryness of the skin can be eventually creating scaly skin. Moisturizers of good brand will be an important accessory that would frequently require for your baby in all season. During winter, the moisturizer will be little oilier but in summers also a light moisturizer must be applied over the skin of your baby to keep him hydrated and moisturized for all seasons.

Every parents would like to keep their babies skin soft and adorable. I think you won’t be an exception in such a situation. There was a time when parents and grandparents used to proceed with the simple oil massage to baby. But today time has change and people can find variety of products in the market. Body lotions for babies would be really amazing and will keep your babies skin really soft and attractive. Let us find the varieties online.

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Best baby body lotion in India

Himalaya herbal baby lotion

Himalaya herbal baby lotion[Buy it online]

Himalaya is one of the most reputed brands for making variety of skin care products. Recently, they are also making the baby products that are quite safe and helpful for your baby. This particular body lotion brought into the market by Himalaya will protect your baby’s skin with the enriched vitamin E which will eventually prevent chafing of skin.  Even the micro bacterial as well as soothing property of the lotion will protect your baby’s skin from harmful microorganisms.

Johnson’s baby milk lotion

Johnson’s baby milk lotion[Buy it online]

You must have heart about the name Johnson & Johnson. This is one of the most reputed name in manufacturing various types of baby care products starting from soap, oil, moisturizers etc. This is also a wonderful moisturizer which is made mild so that skin of the baby cannot be affected. Your baby will develop healthy skin after using this particular moisturizer.

Chicco 100ml body lotion

chicco-100ml-body-lotion[Buy it online]

After applying this particular body lotion, you baby’ skin will look good and will stay far away from the chemicals. This brand has worked quite hard in order to nourish toddler’s skin quite well.  Since it is free from all types of harmful chemicals such as paraben as well as dyes, safety of the baby is not been overlooked at all.  Since it has a non sticky formula too, you don’t feel excess oil over the skin of your baby after using this moisturizer.

Mee Mee soft baby lotion

mee-mee-soft-baby-lotion[Buy it online]

This can be put on to all those babies who just took birth recently. Since it can easily absorb in the skin it can acts as a natural moisturizer. It is very suitable for the delicate skin of the new born baby. You can get this product easily from the online shopping stores.

Pigeon 200ml baby milk lotion

Pigeon 200ml baby milk lotion[Buy it online]

Just giving birth to a baby is not all. It is also equally important to take care of him properly. Skin care is one of the particular factors which need to comply with. Skin care needs will be easily accomplished with the help of this particular baby milk lotion made by pigeon. Since new born baby is susceptible to the environmental changes, there must be a protective coat that helps in safeguarding your baby from cruel and harmful environmental changes.

Mother care All we know baby lotion

mother-care-all-we-know-baby-lotion[Buy it online]

Mother care is one of the reputed brands in the market that has been manufacturing all types of skin care and hair care products. Even for the baby care variants it is producing variety of products. The baby lotions made by mother care is really having a great quality. It will protect your baby’s skin by adding moisture to it.  The softness of the skin will be retained for a long time. The product is dermatologist tested with the extra care and protection over the skin of your little one.


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Sebamed baby cream extra soft

sebamed-baby-cream-extra-soft[Buy it online]

It is one of the baby personal care items that must be within your bucket in order to keep your baby in healthy and delicate form. It makes the skin extra soft with best care. Since it is the imported variety, your baby will be able to get the best treatment of the moisturizing creams. It is now available online. You can grab the product without visiting the stores. Your baby skin will turn really healthy and attractive if you can apply this baby lotion on him for an extended period of time.

Biotique Bio morning nectar new born baby moisture lotion

biotique-bio-morning-nectar-new-born-baby-moisture-lotion[Buy it online]

As you can see that the baby lotion brought in the market by Biotique comes in a green color cap. Once you apply it over the skin of your baby, it will give the protection for 24 long hours. Your baby will easily stay away from the dryness. Try this today and get the benefit for your little one. It does not have any irritant. Thus, you will be assured about the quality of the baby lotion.

The above products are proven to have been really useful and safe for your baby care. You can also have a look at the customer reviews of each products before buying it from the market or through online order.

[Baby body lotions in Hindi]

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion[Buy it online]

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream[Buy it online]