Latest bridal mehndi designs for legs – Easy dulhan henna designs

Eastern countries are more at ease with the use of mehandi and there are lots of designs that they use for the bride to be. The hands and feet are decorated with mehandi that adds prosperity and good future for the couple.

Circular patches with heavy details

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

Taking circular patterns as the key motif this bridal leg mehndi is very much a definition of art. The central motif is the oval shaped design on the feet which has intricate leaf like structures covered with fine details i.e. lines and petals. Thereafter the circular flowers are made with concentric circle designs with a pointed connect towards the other patterns. Three patches of designs made are connected yet different. The fingers are given exclusive details with heavy work to give a stark contrast and finish off the design with an extravagant ending. The use of empty space makes the patterns stand out.

Lotus flower mehndi motif

The main attraction of this design is the central motif which is a curved peacock like design filled with lotus flower details. It’s very rare to find lotus details with such depend effects in mehndi and thus this one stands out. There is an anklet like band to finish on the legs and a simple finger detailing too. Other designs are kept subtle to make the lotus flower motif to be the attention!

Princess bridal legs

One cannot think anything else but the princess feet when it comes to this design. The mirror image design with such fine details makes an exclusive use of perception. The circular pattern is made in two parts – half on each leg and then there is a good space left for the design to make an impact. The finger detail works like a jewelry covering the feet heels beautifully. The legs are then covered with a very large anklet like design which is no less than a crowning glory!

The sunflower bridal mehndi for legs

The feet are given a major attention because of the blueprint of sunflower on the feet which is slightly shaded and left simple and natural. It provides for the liveliness of the mehndi feel. After leaving a good space the heels and fingers are covered with generous details. The major work is down towards the curve of the legs and the designs are depiction of Indian traditional designs inspired by sunflower. The motifs used are petals, crisscross lines and fine detailing to give an exceptional feel.


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The contrasting set of jewelry

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Inspired by nature this design is all about bringing flowers and petals to work. The design when divided into two parts – fingers and leg has a separate feel to it. The major design is of half petal that is shaded, worked on with leaves and is a caricature on its own. Then follow the anklets of leaves with a central circular flower design with beautifully rising leaf that end up the design on the legs. In stark contrast is the finger design which has smaller flowers with fine details. This one feels like jewelry in leg.

Thick lines and strong pattern for brides

Thick lines and strong pattern for brides

These are latest designs with thick lines and strong curls. The fingers are decorated with small dots and paisley. The half circle and dots complete the feet.

Designs done in two colors for effects

Designs done in two colors for effects

This design has got two colors. The primary color is used to complete the feet and there is a small part around the ankle. This is done in different color. The complete effect is pleasing for the eye.

Designs aligned at the side for better looks

Designs aligned at the side for better looks

This design is done at the side of the feet. The area that faces out is done with the designs. There are circles and arches for pleasing effect.

Shading creates grace for the feet


Best mehndi designs for legs

The designs are done with simple half circles and paisleys and are shaded with a lighter hue. This makes the effect more gorgeous and stunning. The designs run towards the knees.

Curls create magic for the feet

Curls create magic for the feet

The feet are done with different sizes of curls and nettings. The lines are thinner and the design brings out a lacey effect for the eye.

Simple design with less space gives huge impact


Feet look better and cleaner with this simple design. There are gorgeous dresses and jewelry for the bride and the simple feet design will attract attention.

Creative design with glitters and short patterns


Best flower mehndi designs for legs

People love to look at the dress of the bride but since this design is so simple and takes a very less space to complete, this will look attractive for the bride.

Floral design with dual colors


The design is done with softer hues added to the strong shades and lines. The total effect combines the contrast and brings out the gorgeous outcome matching a bride.

Bridal feet with motifs of peacock: Feet of the bride is done with clean designs and less hassles in the pattern. The whole effect is of a peacock or a dragon that is considered good for a bride in the Asian countries.

Gorgeous design with shapes and curves

Gorgeous design with shapes and curves

Easy circle mehndi designs

Designs done in the same pattern in the hands and the legs. The colors are dark and light brown and the petals add feminine quality to the designs. The dark outline is an added effect in this pattern.

Triangular shape done diagonally in hands and feet

Triangular shape done diagonally in hands and feet

The shape of the design is triangular and is done with petal of flowers and soft tendrils. The hands and feet are done in same pattern and look a lot different than the regular bridal designs.

Reddish mehandi designs


Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

The reddish mehandi designs are from the Indian origin. These are bridal designs suitable with the gowns and dresses for the bride. The red color is mostly used in the dresses of the bride and hence the reddish mehandi adds elegance to the total effect.

Black mehandi used with floral patterns


The pattern is completely different and innovative. The designs in floral pattern give effect of black and white board. The brides will love this pattern as it is very innovative and completely

Designs matching  jewelry

Indian-Mehndi-Designs-for-Bridal (3)

New mehndi designs for feet

This design matches the jewelry for the feet. There are circular designs in the middle of both the feet and there are nettings done with small arches near the finger. The nails are decorated with crystals that add to the glitter of the bride and the whole effect is dazzling for the viewers.

Designs for feet with care and contrast

Designs for feet with care and contrast

This design is again done in contrast coloring. The darker brown lines are touched with light brown shade and there are red dots in the middle of the floral patterns. The paisley are done with boldness that creates artistic value for the bride.

These designs are good for bridal wear and can also be worn to any celebrations. The legs must be pampered with a little care so that the whole design can be done with flourish. Designs that are for smaller or larger area both will compliment your total dressing up.

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