Latest blouse designs for lehenga choli 2018

You can now get very fascinating and beautiful blouse designs which can be easily compiled with the type of lehenga you wish to wear on a wedding occasion. You can also take the examples from your favorite film actress in Bollywood film industries. Some movies with traditional value can be viewed with a variety of traditional dresses.

These movies are not just for the entertainment of people; rather it depicts the fashion trend running in the go. People can take advantage of such designs of blouses and costume and implement the same while dressing up.

Lehenga Choli is taken among one of the Indian fashion that should be encrypted with proper accessories. If you are having a desire to wear such wonderful collection of lehenga choli, choice of a blouse is important. You can now find the designer collection of blouse which will definitely suite your need.

Whether you need heavy blouse design or that of a sober variety will be your opinion. We are here to provide the best deal on the best fashion. Check out the best variety today and stay blessed with advanced innovative design.

Latest blouse designs for lehenga

Embroidery blouse design for lehenga

Top blouse designs for plain saree

The blouse piece will be there with the Lehenga set, but, you need to give your own design so that you look pretty. This blouse design is the  sleeve with the front cover till the neck. But, at the back the design becomes really interesting with vertical eye shape.

Quarter sleeves, boat neck blouse design for lehenga

Quarter sleeves, boat neck blouse design for lehenga

The lower part of the lehenga is made up of gorgeous blue color velvet fabric with heavy work at the lower portion. Both the chunni as well as blouse color are contrasted to the lehenga as it’s a beautiful light orange color.

The blouse is made of brocade with the sleeves just below the elbow. Any lady wearing this lehenga with this blouse design will look stunning.

Boat neck trendy blouse design for lehenga

Boat neck trendy blouse design for lehenga


Sleeveless blouse designs inspiration

The lady with short hair is also looking really gorgeous with the lehenga with light pink colored at the bottom and white color blouse on the top. The white color looks really amazing with the light pink color lower part of the Lehenga design.

The white color sleeveless blouse design is really beautiful with the top quote above the belly. You will be really looking gorgeous with the design of blouse with this type of Lehenga.

V neck full sleeve blouse design for lehenga

V neck full sleeve blouse design for lehenga

This is an unusual variety of Lehenga design which is not like other fancy variety. Since the color is pale white, the black color Lehenga blouse with the deep cut at the front looks really attractive. Like the lady, you also need to carry this lehenga along with the blouse really well to complement any occasion.

Simple blouse design for lehenga

Simple blouse design for lehenga

Blouse designs for net sarees

The white color blouse with light pink color piping looks really gorgeous on the lady model wearing it. The particular blouse can go well with both Lehenga as well as a sari.

A red color or pink color Lehenga would go really very well with this particular variety of blouses. Even a very gorgeous jewelry hook is placed at the back of the blouse opening to give a gorgeous look.

Modern blouse design for lehenga

Blouse design for Lehenga 6
Lady wearing white color lehenga looks stunning with the matching jewelry and blouse. The blouse design of the Lehenga creates a wonderful appeal of the lady which has the sleeve that just covers your elbow.

On the back the blouse is bonded with a thread which covers the back in Cris-cross direction. You can ask your tailor to get you this type of blouse for your favorite lehenga.

Sleeveless blouse design for lehenga

Sleeveless blouse design for lehenga


Top blouse designs for silk saris

An ideal blouse that goes well with lehenga is none other than those portrayed in this picture. The inner and front portion of the lehenga sari blouse is red or black color along with the jacket like appearance that stretches from the shoulder and closes in the front where the belly lies. Good zari work is associated with the blouse design which will make you look gorgeous.

Sleeveless, high neck blouse design for lehenga

Sleeveless, high neck blouse design for lehengaThe black color lehenga blouse design as portrayed in the picture is sleeveless with deep exposure throughout the clavicles.  You can also wear a light color blouse under this and treat this particular designer blouse as a jacket that is worn just above a collared blouse.

Orange and gold lehenga choli blouse

Orange and gold lehenga choli blouse


Blouse back designs with knot

Attractive variety of lehenga choli blouse will make you perfect in any occasions and functions. The blouse is long sleeve with v neck in the front. The embroidery is made with the orange thread over the golden blouse.

The lady is wearing it with attractive light gold color lehenga with combination dupatta. This gives a contemporary look to you.

Golden imperial variety blouse design


Golden imperial variety blouse design

The golden collection of the imperial lehenga looks really attractive when you wear it with the same color blouse. The entire work over the designer lehenga will be really fascinating.

The blouse covers you till the neck with two designs in a single blouse. One is transparent small dots at the top and the other is designed variety just at the bottom covering the hands.

Light purple lehenga with gorgeous blouse

Light purple lehenga with gorgeous blouse

Blouse back neck designs with patch work

The Lehenga has a very sweet color and also really sober in appearance. The blouse made for it is sleeveless and gordy. Over the light purple color blouse there are some golden work that is also having a glittering finish. The sleeveless variety of blouse will really look gorgeous if you wear it with a plain light color purple lehenga as shown over here.

Dark orange designer lehenga blouse

Dark orange designer lehenga blouseThe lehenga blouse as portrayed in this picture looks absolutely wonderful. It has golden embroidery with the metallic work.  The design of the blouse is little different as compared to others as it has a wonderful fitting with full sleeves and a knot on your neck.