Latest plain saree blouse designs 2019

If you are tired of wearing very heavy sarees, these days, make some changes in your daily wear. Get some plain saris from the market and wear it on a regular basis to surprise your friends and relatives. You can get very attractive blouses that go well with plain sari.

You can either get a printed blouse that has the background color same as that of the particular plain sari or go for blouses that is associated with dense thread work throughout the back and sleeves of the hands.  Some people have an impression that blouse needs to be plain.

But, the designer blouse concept has totally changed the thought of such people. There are varieties of blouse designs such that some are printed, some have thread works, and some have fascinating laces and so on. You can choose any one according to your desire.

The plain sarees are very well in fashion these days. A gorgeous designer blouse will be associated with the plain saree with a very gorgeous jewelry to complement the look. Let us find out the variety of blouse that goes really well with the plain saree. Today the fashion trend is established in such a way that people are adopting the blouse little gorgeous to wear with the plain saree. There is no more need of getting the exact matching color and texture for plain saree. The contrasting and different type of blouse will look actually wonderful.

Top blouse designs for plain sari

Two strapped blouse with halter neck

Two strapped blouse with halter neck

Blouse back neck designs with patch work

You may love to put on sleeveless blouse on all seasons. To be more innovative in your fashion, you may try out this design. You will surely be the hottest figure in the party.Two narrow straps remain attached to your neck’s back portion. Lightweight chiffon or silk sarees go best with this blouse.

One-Sided off-shoulder blouse

Those, who like to look slightly bolder, this blouse design is best. The satin and silk saree goes best with this blouse. With this design, you will have the sleeve on one of your sides. You can create bun as your hairstyle, and it helps you in showing off your shoulder.

Blouse fabric, embroidered with pearls and leather

Blouse fabric, embroidered with pearls and leatherEmbroidery work is very common in blouses. However, it is the use of pearl and leather that has made the blouse more sophisticated. Light, airy saree is the best option that goes with this blouse.

Bell sleeved blouse

This is the best choice as your party outfit. The customized bell sleeves and different motifs can create an amazing look. You may couple it with a saree of contrasting color. However, you have to look for a vibrant hued saree. Make a balance of all design elements in this blouse.

Corset style blouse

Corset style blouse designIt is another offbeat design, used for blouse. Corset blouse style will make your look much sexier. You can make the front section highly embellished. There are tie-ups just at the rear portion of the blouse.

Silk blouse having a ruffled neck

Silk blouse having a ruffled neck

Blouse back neck designs with stone work

You can better have this design with a gorgeous red blouse. Make it more attractive with a golden colored embroidery work. The ruffled neck adds a unique touch to this silk blouse. You may choose a jute saree or a zari saree to pair with it.

Emerald brocade work blouse

Emerald brocade work blouse

Everything about this statement look and cute Shraddha is absolute delightful. We’re so much crushing for the much-trendy brocade work blouse designs that are flooding the market recently with sequined borders and solid colors that are an added visual treat to Indian women. We’re in awe with the graceful champagne sheer saree that is draped with the classic blouse to reflect the ostentatious style factor by the hot actress.

Shimmery champagne rose sheer net blouse

Shimmery champagne rose sheer net blouse

Straight from the runway, Yami epitomizes beauty at its peak. Sheer net backs complimented with shimmery glitters and ethereal color combination that are going to transport you into another parallel universe, we bet. Turn heads all the way to midnight as you pair this scintillating blouse with a plain saree preferably in rose or champagne color to coordinate it well. Also, you can pair it with the trendy maxi skirt to look drop dead gorgeous with statement drops and high pulled up ponytail.

Boat neck cut out sexy monochrome printed blouse

Boat neck cut out sexy monochrome printed blouse

Kareena is here to teach us how to floor men at fancy soirees with the abstract printed silk designer saree draped on her voluptuous figure sported with the statement and eye-catching boat neck monochrome printed blouse. The cuts and color of the blouse adds to its enthralling appeal. Look at the beautiful design and dimension that is further adding a layer of slayer to this diva’s look.

Pink embroidered with zari work blouse

Pink embroidered with zari work blouse

Take a dip in the holy sea of Indian culture as you adorn the beauty of the rooted land. Embroidered with zari work that is authentic Indian handicraft seamlessly pinned on the silk blouse is furthering effervescence and adding grace to the otherwise plain silk saree. The lady gleaming with joy is indeed worth million-dollar bucks as she smilingly brace ethnic style like a true blue Indian. This is a surefire wedding season must-have.

Mint embroidered aari work blouse

Mint embroidered aari work blouse

Latest and trending blouse back neck designs

What embarks the royal ancestry of the flamboyance class is perfectly represented by gorgeous Esha Gupta in this stunning mint embroidered aari work blouse design with her rose sheer net. You can easily flaunt this blouse with a stunning designer saree at a king size big fat Indian wedding and strike a voguish affair with eternal class and avant garde style.

Hot black sheer mesh blouse

Hot black sheer mesh blouse

Drape your gorgeous color of any solid or pastel hued design with this uber-hot black mesh blouse sans straps. This will be paired with silicon bra or bralette. The plunging neckline of this amazing blouse offers a lot of skin show and ravishing appeal to your persona. So, if you’re a fashion risqué lover, this one is a safe bet for you.

Cream embroidered long sleeves royal blouse

Cream embroidered long sleeves royal blouse

Embrace royalty like a lavish and luxe lover with this cream embroidered full-sleeves blouse with sequinned borders to notch up the style statement. You can easily team this stunning piece with a wonderful saree to stand out and drop jaws. The extraordinary weaves and fabric will add lustre and dazzle to your minimal plain saree look.

Net blouse for plain saree


You are going to have an exclusive design for the plain saree.  The blue plain saree looks really attractive with the little grayish variety of the net blouse design.  Look at the back side of the blouse; it is having the horizontal stripes. The strings over the shoulder are really amazing to create a knot. This will be really amazing for a casual view.

Black and white printed blouse


You can see the saree which your favorite celebrity is wearing. The pink color plain saree is now compensated with the blouse design that has black color at the front and the sleeves are having white colors along with the pink and black flowers. Since the sleeves have pink color flowers, it will compensate well the pink color plain saree that has black and pink border.

Black three quarter blouse with puff


The model is wearing the sea green color saree with the black color thin border. The glitters are also associated with the black color saree border. Black color blouse that is having bright color stitch work look attractive with this saree.  You can look really gorgeous as the blouse design is really attractive which goes really well with the sea green saree combination.

Black base with floral design


Sleeveless blouse designs inspiration

The model is wearing the white color saree with the golden and black color border. Normally people would go for same color blouse. But, let us try something different so that you look unique and different all the way. The blouse is made up of silk and the colorful flowers are portrayed over the blouse. The blouse looks plain and simple but the combination is really perfect. Even the knot is placed with the tied down over the shoulder.

Black net blouse with half opaque cloth


Look at this blouse design which is having net and see through appearance over the sleeves and also over the neck and the front portion. The saree draped with it is having combination of pink and black border. The plain saree looks really elegant and sophisticated when the particular blouse is combined with the same.  The lace is also is also portrayed above the chest. You can also go for a party with this attire.

Blue net blouse with plain saree


The silk or garden saree of totally blue color goes really well with the blouse design. The net blouse is having great look. It can be stated as party well attire. You can try this today to make yourself really attractive. This is one of the simple varieties of blouse design that works really well.  The blouse is one of the celebrity style design which you can enjoy.

Black net blouse with front opaque with gold design


She is your favorite celebrity who has been acting and participating in the reality show. Most of us are following the dress and costume worn by our favorite celebrity.  This is an exclusive sleeveless blouse that is also having the net design. The back portion is having total net and the front is having net along with the black and gold color opaque cloth. You can try this on an exclusive party.

Yellow beauty blouse with no sleeves


It is a boat neck blouse design with the color yellow. The sari is plain with yellow color stripe in horizontal way. The georgette or chiffon material saree can be compensated well with the yellow color blouse that is brasso variation. Different variety of light and dark color yellow cloth is pasted here and there all over the blouse. It looks really attractive.

Black elegant net blouse


It is again going to be a great design if the lady is not willing to go for exclusively simple variety of blouse with the saree that is been worn. The light color plain saree is having a black border. Also the blouse so formed is made with the net all over.  The back portion and the sleeves are see-through. But the chest portion is covered well.  You can wear it with different types of saris.

Celebrity style black blouse


Blouse designs for net saris

The blouse that is portrayed in this picture is very simple but the combination with which it is portrayed looks really great.  You may not wear this blouse with these types of plain saris. You can take out any other color and make a contrasting view. Since it is black color, any type of color will absolutely work well. You can now make your own style statement to compensate.

Quarter sleeve blouse design

Quarter sleeve blouse design

The very attractive film star of Bollywood cinema Sonali Bendre is in her casual look when she is wearing a plain blue sari with flower border. Look at the blouse she is wearing with the sari. The background of the blouse is a darker shade than that of sari along with the plain blouse. Thread work of different colors throughout the border of the sari. If she would have worn same color plain blouse with this sari, she would have looked really pale. But, the particular designer blouse has added value to her attire.

Sleeveless blouse design

Sleeveless blouse design

Gorgeous sea green color plain sari with black and the golden thin border looks really stunning on the model when she is wearing it with very attractive designer sleeveless blouse. The blouse is sleeveless but throughout its neck very attractive golden embroidery is marked with some gaps in the middle of skin exposure. The black color designer blouse is one of its kind to make the lady look very attractive.

Simple work blouse design with back open


Fresh splash of bright yellow and red color saree is looking stunning on the lady with the designer blouse with embroidery and mirror work. The inspiration of the blouse design is received from Rajasthani style dresses. Since the blouse has a variety of colors within, you can easily wear this with the plain saris of green, orange and blue as well as pink.

Blouse designs for plain sari

Blouse designs for plain sari

Lady in the picture has dressed up in a casual way with a light plain sari draped in a casual way and hairstyle with messy appearance. The designer blouse she is wearing is totally contrasted to the sari and the jewelry is having a perfect match with the particular blouse design. The style of designer blouse which she is wearing has been inspired from the tribal along with the jewelry.

Trendy blouse design

Blouse design for plain sari 5

The actress is wearing a plain sari with dual colors one at the top appears to be yellow and the other a lighter shade of red on the lower side. The sari also has a golden border to make it look different. Look at the blouse design which she has tried with the particular sari. It is a printed blouse with silk fabric with little exposure between shoulder and chest at two extreme corners. You can also try this blouse design to look as stunning as the actress.

Plain blouse design

Plain blouse design

Top blouse designs for silk saris

Dark pink color plain sari which has nothing such as borders work, etc., is accompanied by the designer blouse of the same color. If you don’t want to go for a designer blouse to work throughout, these plain blouses can also be one of your options. But, you need to have different color blouse for different saris in this regard.

Sleeveless blouse design

Sleeveless blouse design

Priyanka Chopra is looking very attractive with the plain olive green sari. Look at the blouse she is wearing, it’s very different from other types of designer blouse, but she is looking really hot with the dress. The blouse is neither contrast nor matching but the design of the blouse is so attractive that it suits the image of the lady as well as the plain sari which she is wearing.

Printed blouse for plain saree


The model wearing the plain saree in this picture is looking really gorgeous. The beauty of the saree is boosted with the variety of printed blouse that she is wearing. The blouse with the white background with blue and pink flowers looks really gorgeous. The boat neck design blouse has back open with two threads at the back to hold the blouse from the shoulder.

Top style printed blouse


The women is wearing the plain saree of orange color in a very different style. Also the blouse design is quite different from the mass. Rather, it is none among the conventional fashion. If you see the blouse separately, it will look exactly like a top which you can wear with jeans. However it is in trend and can be worn with plain saree.

Print below plain blouse


Blouse back designs with knot

This is totally a plain blouse with white color background. Only the waist part of the saree is having some flower prints. Since the plain saree which she is wearing is pink color. The match making is done with the blouse that has flower at the base portion. The piping is made with the pink color cloth in order to create a perfect match.

Blouse for blue plain saree


As you can see in the image the blouse is having the long sleeve with the neck covered design. This is having the white color background with some big circles in straight line and also some zig zag covering the whole blouse. It looks really attractive as it goes absolutely well when you are wearing it with a skirt or a jeans. Even for saree this can become a wonder to establish. All your friends and relatives will envy you.

Golden blouse with transparent sleeves for simple sarees

If you are wearing a simple saree, you can easily pair it up with a golden embroidered blouse with transparent sleeves as shown in the picture above. Here the blouse has intricate work with the same golden color on the chest and also on the shoulders. The sleeves are three quarter in length and being made with transparent material adds extensively to the elegant look of the saree.

High neck blouse for simple sarees

High neck blouse can give you a stylish and smart look. You can easily pair high neck blouses in different colors and contrast with any type of simple sarees.This high neck blouse has a slit at the front and the contrasting color on the shoulders and at the end of the sleeves gives the design a completely different look.

Printed silk blouse for modest sarees

Here the body of the blouse has been made with a printed material while the sleeves are devoid of any prints. The floral design on the body makes the blouse stand out, while the contrasting border at the end of the longer sleeves gives the blouse a new dimension. Pair this up with any simple synthetic or silk saree and you are sure to look your best.

Intricately worked heavy blouse for simple saree

Pairing a simple looking saree with an intricately worked heavy blouse is a latest trend that can easily make you stand out in the crowd of a party or occasion. Here the blouse paired with the simple, thin border saree, has intricate allover work on the body while the sleeves are devoid of any work. The three quarter sleeves of the blouse hugs the skin closely and creates the illusion of a sleeveless blouse.

Full sleeve net blouse for modest saree

Check out this full sleeve net blouse in black which can be easily paired with any modest saree to get the best look. The chest part and the shoulder of the blouse have been made with net material that also has embroidery work with the same color. The sleeves are long and devoid of any work. The pleats created by the long sleeves of the blouse on the wrist add to the overall look.

Jacket neck blouse for simple sarees

Jacket neck blouses are becoming popular nowadays. The neck design of this blouse is something that falls in middle of a jacket collar and high neck. The curved pattern of the neck cut near the shoulder and the long sleeves of the blouse with a heavy border gives it the right look. You can easily pair up blouse of this design with any simple saree to look beautiful.

Unique embroidered blouse for light sarees

The beauty of this blouse lies in the uniquely embroidered design on the body of the blouse. The blouse has a round neck. The design and fit of the sleeves need to be noticed separately as it adds heavily to the overall look. The fit is loose near the shoulder and becomes more fitting towards the lower part. The length of the sleeves is made of transparent material. This blouse looks really stylish.

Stylish blouse design for light sarees

If you are looking out for a fresh and stylish blouse design to be paired with a light chiffon saree, check out this one. Here the blouse has a unique body design and the latkans hanging from the neck looks really gorgeous. The blouse has long transparent sleeves. To look special even in a modest saree, you can surely try out this blouse design.