Latest Halter neck blouse designs 2020

If you are trying to give a stylish look to your blouse, a halter neck can be a perfect pick. While it might not be the best choice of the traditionalists it is certainly one of the favorite blouse designs of the top notch designers. Halter neck blouse has a different taste that gives a sleek look to any saree.

It can be ideal for occasions, parties and weddings and they can be paired with any type of sarees. Check out the next collection to take a look at some of the best halter neck blouse front and back designs.

28Backless, halter neck blouse

Embellished saree blouse designs

Have a look at this halter neck blouse design that is a perfect choice to add in your wardrobe to make your collection impressive for an adorable look.

27Halter neck with a big key-hole

Looking different and unique is a quite common want among women. And, wearing this different halter neck blouse can full fill all the needs of looking Diva.

26Cross strings at the back

Halter neck is an ultimate blouse design that adorns your look, and the cross strings make it more than adorable and beautiful to enhance your personality.

25With heavy maggam work

Princess cut blouse designs collection

Halter neck and heavy maggam work blouse is the best combination ever to add the spices of attraction in your beauty. The different halter neck blouse design is ready, what are you waiting to do? Try it once for an appealing charm.

24Stripy beads with halter neck

Wearing sari means a traditional look. But, wearing a halter neck blouse with sari means a Diva with the beautiful blend of modernity and tradition. And, adding this blouse design to your collection will allow you to enjoy this beautiful blend.

23Halter neck with princess cut

Be a princess and amaze the people with your stunning look. When wearing this beautiful princess cut blouse with a halter neck and get ready to rock the floor.

22With stonework

Sabyasachi blouse designs

Shine like a star whether it’s the night or the day with your stunning appearance. That is adorned with the perfect outfit as wearing this beautiful stonework, halter neck blouse with your favorite sari.

21Printed halter neck blouse with thin straps

This flattering halter neck blouse has wider neck cut and paired with the thin straps it gives a very stylish and modern look.

The blouse has been made from all over printed material and is not too long at the bottom either. This blouse can be paired with chiffon or net sarees and can be perfect for occasional wear.

20Halter neck blouse with net

This blouse uses a solid and gorgeous golden material with self-work to cover the lower part of the blouse while the upper chest part is made from transparent white material.

The neck is solid, slim and is made from the gorgeous golden material. The point to note in this design is that here the blouse has really short length. This blouse can be best paired with net saree to look your best in parties.

19Vintage pattern silk halter neck blouse

Mirror work blouse designs

If you are looking to opt for a vintage style in a special occasion, this halter neck blouse design can be ideal for you to pick.

This blouse is made from all over worked silk material and the thing to note here is the length of the blouse which is quite long. The slit just below the neckline matches perfectly with the overall taste of the blouse.

18With bi-color

This blouse has a solid finish and uses two different materials to get the gorgeous look. Here the material used in the body of the blouse and to make the slim straps is contrasting.

The neck cut is wider and the length is also less. This blouse can be perfectly paired with silk, chiffon or net sarees to look your best.

17Printed blouse design with tussle

This perfect and stylish halter neck blouse is made from an all over printed material which covers the whole body. The blouse has been attached at the neck with tussle which gives it a modern look.

This completely open shoulder halter neck blouse can be paired with any silk, chiffon or even cotton sarees. It can make a perfect wear for parties and occasions.

16Round collar copper-golden blouse

Low back blouse designs collection

This halter neck blouse design has a round collar that attaches at the back. The solid blouse has a more covering design and can look stylish when paired with the right saree.

Intricate work has been done covering the collar and also on the sides of the sleeves and the waistline to accentuate the look. This blouse can be ideal for night time parties and can easily make you the central point of attention.

15With colorful thread work

This beautiful halter neck blouse has a thicker neck with copper sequin work which adds a gorgeous look to the blouse.

Apart from that the multicolored thread work covering the whole body of the blouse gives it a unique look. The work has a temple pattern and reduces in breadth as it approaches the neckline.

14Golden blouse design with halter neck

This halter neck blouse design is typical and what make it stand unique are the slim shoulder straps and the richly worked material of the blouse. This blouse has all over same work in golden.

While the straps are slim, the neck cut is not much wide which makes the front neckline look even more stylish. Pair this blouse with a net saree to look best.

13Designer blouse

Simple blouse designs

This solid black blouse is a classic example of the halter neck pattern. Here the whole blouse is made from the same solid material, the shoulder straps start as much thicker and they narrow down near the neck.

The front cut is narrower and the length of the blouse also ends just above the waist. Pair this blouse with any type of saree for any occasion or even as a casual wear.

12Halter neck blouse with net and front opening

If you are looking out for a very stylish design in halter neck blouse, this one can make a good option. However, this blouse might not be the best choice of traditionalists but it surely looks fabulous when paired with the right saree.

Here the black material with floral thread work is transparent and a golden lining has been used at the lower section, while the upper part is without the inner lining. The front opening is quite low and the neck has velvet. This blouse can be paired with chiffon, net as well as cotton sarees.

11Bejeweled halter neck blouse design

This halter neck blouse uses a double shaded material and the use of sequin around the neck gives it a gorgeous look.

The shoulder straps are slim but short and the neck cut is not broad here, which is unique to this design. This blouse can be paired with net and chiffon sarees and can be a good option for evening parties and weddings.

10With floral applique

Transparent long sleeve blouse designs

This richly worked peach pink halter neck blouse has a very elegant look to it. The collar of the blouse looks absolutely unique and the all over intricate floral vine work with golden and pink threads and zari gives this blouse a luxurious look.

You can pair this blouse with any silk, chiffon, or net saree to look best. This blouse is ideal for parties.

9With golden zari and net

This halter neck blouse looks absolutely gorgeous and can be paired with a wide range of sarees to get a stunning look. The use of golden thread work on a light golden material has given this blouse a unique taste.

The other thing to note in this design is that here only the collar and the front part has a solid base, the other parts of the blouse is transparent.

8With knots and clasps

This back design is pretty simple and yet it looks very stylish. Here the shoulder straps of the blouse have been tied at the back of the neck with laces and the back part of the blouse is quite wide due to the enough length of the blouse. Clasps have been used at the middle of the back to join the two sides.

7Back open

Printed blouse designs collection

This halter neck blouse design is unique and stylish. Here the neckline clasps at the middle and the two slim straps coming out of the collar meets with a waist strap which includes intricate floral work with multicolor threads.

This halter neck blouse design is quite different than the usual lot and it can be paired with a chiffon or net saree to get a modern look.

6Halter neck back open blouse design

This back open design can look very stylish with a halter neck blouse. Here the two sides of the blouse have been clasped together at the middle of the slim waist strap and at the neck belt.

This back open design can look perfect with any silk, chiffon or net sarees and can be ideal for parties and other night time occasions.

5Zari Halter neck

This is another typical halter neck blouse back design which looks gorgeous and stylish. Here the neck has been clasped with tassels and the slim waist strap is clasped at the middle with hooks.

The use of golden zari to border the back opening and the shoulder line completes the look. This blouse can be nicely paired with silk sarees and they can be the right choice for parties.

4With low back

Latest blouse designs for back

This low back design looks absolutely stunning. Here slim straps come out of the neckline and it attaches with the waist strap under the arms, giving the blouse a stylish backless look. This blouse can be paired with silk, chiffon and net sarees for parties and weddings.

3Jeweled velvet blouse design

This gorgeous black velvet blouse has a very stylish look to it. The unique thing about this design is that instead of using cloth or laces, a kundan neckpiece has been used for making the neckline.

The bigger stone at the middle looks absolutely gorgeous. The neck piece has been tied at the back of the neck with tassels and the shoulder straps meet each other at the middle with narrow endings.

2With back knot

Latest blouse designs with patch work

This black halter neck blouse has thicker shoulder straps which narrow down close to the neck. The front cut is round and it is not wide. The other thing to note in this design is that two materials of same color have been joined at the lower part to add to the length below.

In the back, the blouse neck has a perfect bow knot and the sides have been clasped as the middle.

1With mirrors and kutch work

This gorgeous halter neck blouse has all over kutch work done with bright shades of threads and the use of mirror work in-between accentuates the look perfectly. The back design of this blouse is also unique.

Here four separate strips come out of the back of the collar. While the ones at the sides joins with the blouse at the front the two middle strips joins with the inverted waist strap.

This blouse not only has a unique design but also a unique color combination which makes it looks very gorgeous. The clasps are present at the collar and on the waist strap. Get this blouse design and you will never again say that wearing saree is boring.