Latest wedding embroidery blouse designs 2018

Weddings are a grand occasion in India. The glamour, the glitz, the shine and the pomp make it a starry affair. And, who remains at the centre of this? Of course, the elegant bride.

Everything needs to be perfect on her most awaited day. So, we have come up with a wide range of choices that you can select for your big night. Blouses are as important as any other item needed to make you look good. So, don’t make the mistake of overlooking at the one item that can make or break your saree.

Gorgeous Blouse in pink

Wedding blouse designs

If you need something magnificent for your big night, then choose this beautiful blouse in fuchsia.

The use of golden and white sequins on the blouse make for an exciting look. Wear this on your wedding day and your look will be sorted out. The use of the vibrant shade of pink makes it one of a kind.

Egyptian blue blouse with back design

Flaunt the beauty of this designer blouse that takes care of your look when it comes to your front as well as back side. The use of decorative golden peacock heads on the back of the blouse gives it a unique and authentic touch. The blouse is designed out of pure silk with elaborate designs on the arm.

Heavy work of maggam on blouse

Heavy maggam work blouse designs

Maggam is something that you can’t miss out on if it is your wedding that we are talking about here.

Look at this elegant work of maggam in a variety of colours that blends beautifully with the rose-pink shade of the blouse. The sleeves of the blouse are kept small to flaunt the upper arm bracelet of the new bride.

Purple and Green stone work on blouse

How graceful are you going to look when you put on this amazing blouse? The work of stone covers the arms of the blouse and the slight work done on the hem of the blouse can’t be missed out either. This is perfect because the shade of the blouse and that of the maggam blend perfectly together.

Golden yellow blouse with maggam work

Trending maggam work designs on sarees

Another design that will put the bride right under the limelight of glory is this one. Check out the intricate design done on the arm and the similar design that is carried out on the backside of the blouse.

This is an impressive design for every bride who wants to capture the essence of tradition in her looks.

Dual colour blouse with maggam work

The blend of rich oxford blue colour with brick pink shade makes for an amazing choice when it comes to your wedding. To add further beauty to the blouse it is covered in heavy work done with maggam. The entire arm of the blouse will flaunt the intricate work of art.

Hot pink wedding blouse with multi-coloured stones

Latest saree blouse patterns

A bride will only look mesmerizing when she is dressed up in the most vibrant colours. Take a look at this blouse and you will understand what it is we are talking about here.

Can you see the delicate work done on the hem of the blouse using multi-coloured stones? The rest of the blouse has the subtle work of maggam and the border of the blouse shows some more heavy work done with zari.

Green blouse with floral patterns

Another blouse design for brides is this one. Look at the beauty of the emerald shade of green in the blouse that is covered with floral patterns in gold. The similar work of maggam on the entire blouse makes it a simple yet unique piece of beauty. The glory of your saree is about to increase with the touch of this blouse.

Maggam and Beads work on violet shade

To look different, you have to dress up in a different manner. This blouse will take care of your look with the violet shade that flaunts the heavy maggam work on the backside of the blouse.

Don’t miss out on the beads that cover the entire body of the blouse. The arms of the blouse are also covered in golden floral work which adds to its further glory.

Mix of fuschia and yellow on bridal blouse

Latest blouse back designs collection

Look radiant with this blouse design that is different from every other design that we talked about. What makes this blouse a work of art is the combination of fuschia and yellow shade.

The arms have the touch of yellow which goes perfectly well with the traditional gold jewellery and similar shade of wedding saree.

Hot pink wedding blouse with maggam work

The long sleeve of this blouse is the first feature that should be taken into consideration while describing the beauty of the blouse. Now take a look at the floral patterns and leaf motifs done with golden maggam on the blouse. Doesn’t it look heavenly enough for your big night? Of course, it does.

Crimson red wedding blouse with zari

Another favorite colour that makes a bride look stunning is the crimson red shade. The use of golden zari on the hem of the blouse and the use of maggam work in the same shade makes up for an exciting look. Pair it with your golden jewellery and you will look stunning.

Royal blue blouse with golden maggam work

Best latest designer blouse collection

The rich shade of royal blue will be a perfect contrast for your light-coloured wedding saree. The touch of golden maggam design on the entire blouse gives it the feel it needs to look suitable for a bride.

Your wedding day is something that you have eagerly awaited your entire life for. Don’t let it go away without looking prepossessing. Keep in mind the beauty that a blouse can add to your attire.