How to do scalp massage yourself

Scalp massages free us from tension in the scalp zone. It stimulates our mental function and strengthens the root of our hair. It is one of the best ways to circulate the blood in our scalp zone, and it can be regularly followed for adding nutrition to your hair and roots.

We might often crave to go to salons and spas for some time of relaxation. But it is not always readily available or easily affordable. You might also need some quick remedy for headaches when you are absolutely out of human reach!

Giving yourself a quick scalp massage is convenient and it releases tensions very quickly! This article will give you step by step ideas to massage your scalp, both with and without oil. Follow these simple tricks and promote better health.

Dry Massage

  • The best part about this is that it can be done anytime and anywhere. All you need is your fingers and these simple tricks:
  • Take a comfortable seat where you have less distractions and you can concentrate on yourself. You can also watch TV or listen to some slow music while you start off with this method.
  • Place fingers of both your hands on the forehead. There shout come together in the center line of the forehead. Rest your thumbs on temples and you will get support.
  • Exert pressure and do it firmly. Press and release quite a few times.
  • Now shift the fingers a little up on your forehead and near your hairline.
  • Raise the thumbs along with them. Repeat press and release movement here.
  • Move this position up to your scalp, little by little. Repeat the press and release movement.

Oil Massage

Massaging with oil is when you want to get ready for a bath. It is not usually linked with quick fixes, when you have headaches. But if you do come across such conditions, and you are at home, you can surely opt for oil massages over the dry ones.

Pick any essential oil that suits your hair. Like, if you have dandruff you should choose lavender or tea-tree oil. You can use peppermint or rosemary oil for hair loss. If you have very dry tresses, you can choose rose or chamomile oil. Prepare the massage oil and add drops of these essential oils. The main oil should be olive, almond or coconut oil. With every tablespoon of oil you use add two drops of essential oil.

  • Brush your hair to detangle it. Tilt your hair upside-down and brush for better circulation.
  • If you have long tresses, start from the tips where it is prone to breakage.
  • Use big paddled brushes which are best for long hair. If you go for the natural bristle brushes then they would be apt for all types of hair.
  • Take a small amount of the oil mix on your fingers. Start massaging in circular motions near the temples. Move the fingers over your scalp and start massaging.
  • Add as much as oil your tresses need, while you lightly swift through them. For your scalp, you need to exert pressure to promote improvement in the roots.
  • Keep adding more oil as and when you need.
  • Take strands part by part, and then firmly hold it. Pull it and then release. This will promote better blood circulation.
  • After you have used up all the oil use a warm towel and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and then conditioner it.

If you have very dry hair you can leave your oily overnight. Go for a rinse in the morning and then condition it too. You might have to wash it twice while shampooing due to excess grease. Massage well while shampooing, so that the strands get the oil properly. If you repeat this on every alternatively day, you will have a stress-free life and a better hair health!


  • A good scalp massage can ward off headache at any moment!
  • After taking a rinse
  • Add some cold water to improve circulation, after every shampoo rinse.
  • Ask for parental help, if you are not yet 18.
  • Choose proper essential oils and make sure you hair will suit it. You should not have allergic reactions which due to their application.
  • All types of oils are almost good for the hair. They can make your hair grow for 2-4 inches within a short span of time.
  • Don’t apply shampoo everyday.
  • Scalp massages should be slow and light. The pressure you exert is alright, but that should come with releases and not continuity.