Eyelash extensions – How to use, Pros & cons

No one is perfect in looks, appearance and attitude. Yet, people wishes to stay perfect especially when they are facing the mass. Many people have born with very little or thin eyelashes which are hardly visible.

Women are very cautious about their looks and wish to make them nearly perfect in every means. Eyelash extensions are now available in the market that provides a magical look to all those individuals who have fewer eyelashes.

If you have longer lashes, its helps in maintaining an image that you are young. Today, market is flooded with eye ashes from different brands that have different design as well as look.

Selection of eyelashes

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If you are going to get eyelash for your eye, it will be important to choose the one which will suit with your eye and image. Since eyelashes are stick with a gum like fluid, it becomes really important to get the eyelash that has good quality gum that cannot damage your skin.

Whether you will get longer eyelashes or not depends on your family genes, it is equally important for you to get the eyelashes that are natural looking in appearance.

If you have thin hair and eyebrows and suddenly if people view long and dense eyelashes, it will be very unnatural. Thus, you need to get those eyelashes which will suit your image.

Eyelashes which you have got originally cannot grow the way hair does. Some factors are also responsible for the re-growth period of your eyelashes. Even after a period of time individuals can’t be in a state to stimulate the growth of eyelashes.

Thus, eyelash extension would be in a great use. The artificial eyelashes that has natural appearance will easily give you enhanced look. Brands like Flutter Habit offers products that will fill in the needs of your beautiful face. These are some of the most recommended products if you have issues with your natural eyelashes.

How to use eyelashes?

It is very important to know the technique through which eyelashes can be used. Since synthetic material is used in making artificial eyelash extension, it is very important to check whether it is safe to be place over your skin.

The medicated adhesive must be used in the eyelashes to put in over the eyes to get a spectacular and natural looking eyelash. If you go to an experienced person, placing the eyelash extension over your eyelid will take a period of just one hour.

But, if you an inexperienced person and wish to apply the eyelash extension, it might take as long as 3 hours time for the complete procedure.

The synthetic eyelashes will stay intact with the same adhesive for the period of 2 to 3 weeks. You may also get a home kit that will help you with the instruction for how to use the eyelashes extension perfectly.

Steps for using eyelash extension

  • Buy a kit of eyelash extension

You can get this kit from cosmetic stores where different types of beauty products are found. This kit is likely to include eyelashes of different sizes, adhesive, tweezers, adhesive removing tool and eyelash brush.

  • Clean the eyelashes

Just after buying the eyelashes you cannot just put it over your eye. It becomes very important to wash the eyelashes you possess naturally before using it. Just after washing it, allow the eyelashes to dry.

  • Covering the bottom of lashes

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The eyelashes which you have got from the market will be having a gel pad at the bottom of it that allows padding down the lashes that is placed downwards.

You need to mark that; whenever the eyelid is closed white color will be placed against the upper lashes. It helps in visibility.

  • Squeeze the glue

You need to use the glue very carefully as excessive glue can make the thing messed up. Little bit of glue will be appropriate for the total setup.

  • Make use of tweezers

You will definitely have tweezers in your eyelash extension kit. You need to start the procedure with the inner corner of the eye.

You have to take the synthetic lashes and gently brush them. Now slowly place the eyelash extension over the natural one the gap will be 1 to 2 mm from the eyelid.

  • Continue the same to other eye

You have just 10 second time in hand before the glue dries out completely. You need to take this time in mind and place the eyelash extension over the other eye also. After placing the eyelashes wait for 10 seconds till it dries.

Where to get eyelashes?

These eyelashes are very popular among the celebrities and people belonging to fashion world. By following these people even normal and ordinary women are adopting their style.

The eyelash manufacturing companies are aware of this fact and they are constantly increasing the production of eyelashes in retail stores, super markets and even in sole proprietorship cosmetic stores.

You can visit all of these stores and get the eyelashes according to your wish. Today, Ecommerce websites are also growing and competing with one another with regards to sale of different products.

You can now get the eyelashes at the online ecommerce stores. You can also order it online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Advantage and disadvantage of eyelash extension cannot be closed in a single article. But, a brief layout of pros and cons will be effective for the users.

Pros of eyelash extensions

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  • It adds beauty to your eye and changes your facial appearance
  • Synthetic eyelashes are very light in weight, thus can be put on without any discomfort
  • These comes with variety of sizes that fits the requirements of each individual
  • You can get it for both dramatic and casual looks
  • It does not require any regular maintenance
  • Once put on, it lasts for a longer period of time
  • If you are busy women with both professional and home assignment, this will be the best one for you
  • You do not need to use mascara if you have eyelashes

Cons of eyelash extensions

  • It is quite expensive
  • It can be very sensitive to your eye
  • For some people it can show allergic reaction
  • It is not suitable for those who have thin skin
  • If you are putting this eyelash, oil based makeup must be avoided
  • As soon as the lash extensions are fixed, it will be really difficult to make them out completely. It will keep on sticking