How to get rid of cellulite – Fight cellulite with fat burning foods

Cellulite occurs when fat cells gather and expand underneath the skin of your body, pushing against tissues and causes a bumpy appearance on the thighs, hips and arms. Cellulite can wreak havoc on your self-confidence and can look unappealing to most people. If you are experiencing cellulite and looking for a natural way to get rid of it, adding certain types of food and drinks to your diet can help reduce it. Here are some of the best fat burning foods that can help you get rid of cellulite.

Fat burning foods to help reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin


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Salmon is very rich in antioxidants and can break down and disrupt the accumulated fat cells in the cellulite formation in your body. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can help to suppress the appetite and can help to reduce inflammation as well as strengthening the fibers and tissues in the skin. This helps to reduce the toxin build-up in blood vessels and can help boost circulation in the body, enabling the waste that is trapped within the tissues which are the agents that push against the skin to get filtered out.

Sunflower seed

Sunflower seeds are some of the best sources of proteins with the least levels of fat. They are extremely nutritious, being rich in vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc and potassium. Vitamin B6 is a great ingredient to promote smoother skin by helping to metabolize the proteins that are the building blocks helping to repair and strengthen connective tissues. It can act as a natural diuretic, which helps to remove any excessive water and bloating in the body which can increase the visibility of cellulite.

Cayenne pepper and chilies

Cayenne peppers are rich in Vitamin B6 which is a key ingredient that can help to restore and fortify connective tissues in the skin and can help to reduce the dimpled effect. Capsaicin, present in chilies and hot peppers can help boost the metabolism by 25% for over three hours post consumption. This can help to aid fat loss by allowing your body to burn off calories more efficiently. It can also boost blood flow and flush out toxins from the body as well as reduce any fat deposits present under the connecting tissues.


Blueberries and blackberries can boost collagen creation and help to generate skin tissues to help improve the texture and tone of the skin. They also contain antioxidants which can break down the fat surrounding the connective tissues to reduce the lumpy look.

Apple cider vinegar

With a high content of potassium, calcium and magnesium which can flush out toxins to reduce the retention of water near the thighs and the stomach to reduce bloating. It can help to reduce and flush out toxins form the body as well, helping to reverse stress hormones, detox the liver and balance the production of estrogen in the body to reverse and reduce cellulite. It can also burn fat.

Green tea

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Epigallocatechin gallate in green tea has been proven to boost metabolism and burning of fat. This can reduce the expansion of the fat cells. The caffeine can help dehydrate fat and flush out toxins, though unlike coffee, it does not contain so much caffeine as to cause dehydration and subsequent bloating.

Olive oil

Olive oil can help to provide your body with unsaturated fats and polyphenols which can positively affect the thyroid and keep it healthy to help boost metabolism and skin building cells to reduce the expansion of the cells and thicken the skin to reduce the appearance of cells.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate and cocoa in particular is an amazing source of antioxidants which helps to break down the fat deposit in the cellulite and helps improve the functioning of cells including skin-building ones. Caffeine can help dehydrate the fat under the skin and even out the surface.


Saffron can provide anti-inflammatory benefits to prevent the expansion of fat cells. Saffron helps suppress appetite and can help reduce cellulite by helping tone the muscles. It can help to boost circulation and make your skin look stronger and smoother.

With these natural remedies, you can achieve the smooth, even skin you have always wanted and rock that short dress or bikini with confidence!