How to get flat belly – Diet plan & tips

A gradual increase in the belly ultimately expresses the amount of fat increasing in your body.

Lack of exercise to the body, irregular body movements, having a bad diet that is contained with the high fats and low proteins will all give rise to a big fat belly. So here are few tips for the men and women who are thriving to get a flat belly.

Everyone has an aim to have a flat as well as attractive belly with the spectacular well shaped body. But, it becomes really difficult to get such a beautiful body shape. There is some diet plan as well as exercise that will help you get a wonderful build and well shaped body.

Let’s find out a well accomplished diet plan that will help you get a very attractive and flat tummy. The tips will also give you a beautiful body with tones waist along with hips to suit your requirement.

All men and women dream of slim and flat tummy. Most of them try many ways to achieve this goal. But unfortunately there are many persons who are still trying to overcome the problem of having a bulging stomach giving the appearance of a pot.

There are several theories, programs, tips and ideas to lose the belly fat. One must adapt a routine that is not very harsh, difficult and impractical.

Remember diet, lifestyle, nature of work, childbirth, exercise and also certain diseases contribute to the deposit of the fat round the belly.

Healthy fats

Food to reduce stomach bloating

Monounsaturated fatty acids and plant dependent fats are found in the foods includes: Avocado, natural oils, dark chocolates, olives and seeds.

The mentioned food items will give you nutritional fats and helps in the prevention growth of the heart and chronic related problems. A study also proved that these ingredients will at the hardest to gain the flat belly.

Variety of oils

Peanut or Canola oil for the stir fries, Use flaxseed oil for salad but take care to not use in cooking, Use olive oil for the pan fry, Use soya bean, safflower and sunflower oils for the cooking purpose.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts contains very extreme proteins and they are useful for the physical and mental health fitness. Consider Almonds, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, roasted peanuts, macadamia nuts, peanut butter, dry roasted cashew nuts. While coming to the seeds you can opt pumpkin seeds that are roasted and, sunflower seeds.

Do exercise

Concentrate on the smarter exercises rather than the exercise that hard enough. Simple and smart exercises will relieve you from the stress and this subsequently helps in the decrease of the weight and promotes flat belly.

Low fats

How to get rid of cellulite on stomach

Organic almond milk, Organic butter/ full fat yogurt and red grape wine are few products that gives you full vitamins and proteins without disturbing your calories count.

Take fibre

Eat wholemeal bread in the snacks time when you feel hungry in the evenings, it contains fibre and works good for the digestive system.

Avoid them

caffeine, processed foods, alcohol and refined sugar substances are composed with the fat contents and they rise up the fats in the body. So, these are not recommended for those who are urging for the flat belly.

Quick breakfast

Have your breakfast within an hour out from the bed, if you are hurry and don’t have the time to get the breakfast, then eat fruits and nuts.

Avoid eating heavy meals in the evening times

while before going to your bed don’t take the big meals and prefer low diet. As it’s not a good notion for the digestive system and weight too.

Fish oil

Supplements of fish oil will dump the fat and promotes the needed fatty acids.

Drink plenty of water

Drink at least eight glasses of water daily, if you can’t drink more than a glass at single time divide it and drink. Carry a water bottle always with you to escape from the hydration problem.

Decrease the amount of sodium

Use little amount of salt in your daily foods, soups, meat and in snacks. Prefer using spices and herbs first while you are cooking rather than giving top place to salt. It is recommended stay away from the packed or parceled and canned food items.

Tips to get a flat stomach

  • Insulin level in the body must be kept even because lower blood sugar will help to keep the stomach flat.
  • Food must be chewed properly in the mouth because digestion of the food starts in the mouth. Bloating is said to be best prevented by proper chewing of the food. Eating food quickly can also take in air into the stomach and lead to a bloated stomach.
  • Avoid eating in between meals as plays an important role in making the tummy bigger.
  • Exercise and walking as a daily routine is the best method to keep a flat tummy.
  • Breathe from the stomach while pulling it up to the shoulders at times instead of breathing from the chest. This helps to throw out the toxins from the body.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water during the day but avoid drinking water with the meals. Drink one hour after taking the meals.
  • Lack of sleep or too much of sleep tends to gain weight around the stomach. Never sleep after a heavy meal as it instantly makes the stomach bloat. Less sleep leads to increase of appetite and affects the level of insulin which leads to weight gain. Too much sleep makes the body lethargic and heavy. Sleeping well is a good way to keep the tummy flat.
  • Breakfast should be taken at least one hour after getting up from bed as it helps in making the insulin steady and bad cholesterol level low. But do not skip breakfast as it leads to overeating later during the day.
  • Eat the evening meals two hours before sleeping to get rid of stomach fat.
  • Mental stress leads to increase of appetite which in turn leads to accumulation of extra fat around the belly and waistline. One must try to overcome stress by going for a walk, listening to music and trying to do meditation if possible.

Food for a flat tummy

How to reduce bloating stomach

  • Studies have revealed that the body needs a protein snack like cheese, almonds or protein bar in the afternoon between 3-4 pm which they have termed as a magic hour to eat.Eating at this time boosts metabolism and regulates the blood sugar of the body.
  • Avoid sugar because it will keep the insulin level low and the glucagon level high which is a hormone that helps to maintain a flat tummy.
  • Fibre intake must be increased to a certain level in the daily diet in order to regulate the bowels. Excess of fibre can also result in a bloated belly.
  • Meat eggs and chicken gives energy without bloating the stomach. Mutton on the other hand is packed with calories and will help in weight gain.
  • Increase the intake of green fruits and vegetables as they help to get rid of the toxins from the body. Reduce the consumption of potatoes, mangoes, and too many dry fruits. Instead concentrate on spinach, cabbage, blueberries, watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes.
  • Junk foods named as pizza, pasta noodles, cakes and pastries are high in calories and processed carbohydrates which remain the main cause to put weight on the tummy. Give up all these foods and substitute them with peanuts, walnuts, canola oil,soybeans and almonds which help to flatten the stomach.
  • Pastries cakes and biscuits made from refined flour must be replaced with brown rice, whole wheat bread, fruits and vegetables.
  • Packaged fruit juices, aerated drinks and also alcoholic drinks are packed with calories. Minimise their intake as far as possible. Reduce the intake of coffee and tea and increase green tea in the daily routine.

Exercises to flatten and tone the stomach

Exercises to lose belly fat

  • Aerobic exercises and other abdomen muscle exercise are best to tone the abdomen muscles. Walk up the stairs instead of using the lift.
  • Squatting is the best exercise to flatten the tummy.
  • Jogging, running and walking come under the cardiovascular exercises. They are also beneficial for flattening the tummy.

Ways to get flat belly, tummy and stomach

Choice of magic time

Some people have a misconception that consuming the light food can take them stay away from fat and flat belly. But, nobody cares about the time when they are consuming the meal.

But, in order to stay in good shape, you also need to get the best time that will help you boost energy and body metabolism. For example you need to have the snacks between 3pm to 4pm that has protein content.

Stretching ball

Along with the diet, you also need to have a good exercising schedule. Yes, the stretching ball is one of the tools for your exercise that will help you get a magical body shape.

You can get a wonderful stability of your body balance once you go ahead with the exercise and the ball is used in this regard. You can go ahead with the numerous exercises with this stability ball.

Consume good fats

Best flat belly tips for women

Your belly fat is one of the reasons behind the getting bulky stomach. Some people have an opinion that consuming fat can increase the bulk in stomach. But, this is not a true fact always.

Rather, it is never a true fat. Even in order to stay fit and in shape you need to consume good amount of fat. There is something called as a good fat and a bad fat. The good fat is what you require for your body to stay healthy remove the bad fat by replacing the same.