Food to reduce stomach bloating

Every one experienced this problem sometimes or the other after a heavy dinner or having an intense meal in a wedding party. Bloating is any swelling or increase of diameter in abdominal area which may cause pain in abdomen accompanied with stomach growling. You feel your stomach is full and inflated due to gas in the gastrointestinal track. Pains due to bloating are intense and cause stomach to cramp and sometimes mistaken as heart pain when it occurs in upper left side of chest. Gas and bloating are signs that there is indigestion in our system.

The lack of proper care about the food list in the daily routine subscribing to many health issues. Among the many, stomach bloating is a major problem in this hustle bustle lifestyle, it entails the discomfort and make you unable to concentrate on anything if the gas is too much.

Stomach bloating arises due to improper digestion, water deposition in between cells, heavy gas accumulation, formation of acid and so on. An eye on the proper diet will ease your discomfort. Here is a list of food items that fight with stomach bloating.


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Irritable bowel syndrome, over eating, lactose and certain food intolerances, constipation, aerophagia (air swallowing), food allergy and partial bowel obstruction are some of the causes of bloating. Large abdominal tumours, ovarian cancer, megacolon a dilated colon are some rare causes. Deficient water intake causes bloating as it aides digestion and supports body’s daily function. Building up of fat cells restricts the digestive system to work properly. People with lactose intolerance experience this problem more often. Burping is the body’s natural system to remove gas from stomach through mouth and in that process eliminates the pain and discomfort.

Food to reduce stomach bloating

Lemon with warm water

Some of us tend to give up the liquids during the bloated stomach. But the rich true is that, liquids are more essential in the such times, especially the mixture of lemon and warm water. Mix two tablespoon of lemon juice with a glass of warm water and then drink it up. It keeps your bloating stomach from screaming. For the better results try it in the early morning on the empty stomach.

Fiber food

Food enriched with fiber helps in the perfect digestion of the food, there by the bloating will be gradually suppressed. you can find high fiber amounts in the food items like cucumber, asparagus, beans and many more.


One of the basic step to curb the bloating problem with the help of the yogurt is to get the probiotic yogurt. It consists of good bacteria namely lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, they alleviate the bloating stomach problem by inducing proper digestion in the stomach. Get the yogurt that is plain, low-fat and sugar free for the perfect results.


Bloating always don’t hit just due to because of gas, some times excess amount of sodium could the reason for the belly bloating. The excess sodium content which is present in the processed and restaurant food takes the shelter of water in the body and leads to bloating. On the other hand balancing the potassium amount in the body balances the overall sodium-potassium level, so banana is your ultimate choice to get the rich quantity of potassium. Toss it in your salad or in the morning break fast oatmeal to get the ideal relief.


If you are already affected with the bloating problem, then cucumber is your belly savior. Munch few pieces of cucumber, the high water and fiber amount present in the cucumber stimulates the digestion and increases the urination, which in turn reduces the bloating sensation.

Herbal tea

Some studies have proved that peppermint can activate the anti-pain channel in the stomach, through which there will be reduction in the inflammation. For instant relief sip a cup of peppermint tea, it will gives relaxation and keep the digestive system in the tract along with the normal muscle contractions.


According to some studies, raw papaya consists of white-milky substance named papain. The fruit becomes laxative when it turned to ripe and aids in perfect movements of the bowels. Though you don’t get it whenever you want but it is one rich fruit with many benefits. So try to eat the fresh papaya slices or sip in the way of juice.


One medium banana contains 3 gms of fibre and 422 milligrams of potassium which is 8-10% and 9% of adequate intake of fibre and potassium for adult human being. Its soften stool and speeding up the process. Gradually fibre intake is to be increased to reduce stomach bloating.


This is a green stalk that helps in digestion and regulates bowel of the human body. The regular bowels help in controlling intestinal gas and reduce fluid contention in the intestines. Celery contains a lot of water and this helps in clearing the toxins of the body. This veggie is therefore good for keeping away bloating

Spinach and lettuce

How to reduce bloating stomach

Leafy greenslike spinach, lettuce and kale are low calorie food with fibre. Properly cooked spinach and lettuce do wonders to your digestive system. Fibre intake combat and prevent bloating.


Raw strawberries have high fibre content and rich in vitamin c which improves immunity, fight bloating and improves digestion. It can be eaten in breakfast or in afternoon salad.


This is a juicy fruit that is filled with water. This has got 92 % of water in it and so acts as a diuretic for the human body. This fruit also contains a lot of potassium and helps in balancing sodium with the potassium of watermelon. This is the basis of reducing bloating. You can also try a mix of rosemary, lemon and cucumber with watermelon and drink this to keep away bloating instantly.


Yogurt with active cultures gives way to lactobacillus and another bifidobacterium   that is also called good bacteria. The good bacteria that you want from yogurt should be in the digestive tract. This is for the better digestive system which prevents bloating. Best yogurt is the low fat one mixed with fresh fruit. You can also eat it without fruits if you do not like it with fruits.


Certain carbohydrates, are either indigestible or only partially digested in the intestine, so they cause gas buildup and therefore bloating. Rice and rice flour are better than starches such as wheat, oat and corns as it is fully digested giving small chance to form gas.

Peppermint tea that is anti-spasm relief

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You can drink herbal teas or peppermint tea to get rid of bloating. This can ease off the digestive tract and you will have a tract that is not bogged down with muscle cramps. This happens for the herbal tea soothes any inflammation in the tract.

Some general precautions

You must also avoid foods like canned juice or soups, salad dressings that are available in bottles and sauces of different types. These contain high sodium and increases chances for bloating. Avoid eating carbohydrates for it attracts water retention in the body. Eat more proteins that will keep bloating under control. Eat a lot of sugar free desserts if you want to avoid bloating. Sugar helps in building up of gas. Foods with low sugar can help in digestion in a better way. A lot of green vegetables and beans are good for keeping away bloating. Whole grains and fiber supplements are also good for digestion and reduce bloating.