How to tint eyebrows? What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting refers to the process of getting lush looking eyebrows by changing or coloring them. This can be done by using a special shade or variety of shades. Brow tinting enhances all the other facial features. This process can be temporary and done daily or semi -permanent which can be done in the salon. Semi-permanent eyebrow tinting is easier than the daily using of eyebrow pencils and powders. The tinted bow gels give a more natural look and helps in getting rid of the daily hassle of applying temporary brow tints.

Types of eyebrow tints

Tips to remove wrinkles between eyebrows

There are two types of eyebrow tints. Each has their good points and bad points. Selection should be made according to one’s own requirement and taste.

  1. Temporary eyebrow tinting: It is a process done daily like using the eye makeup, eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara. These eyebrow tints are found in the form of gels and liquids in different colors. They help in creating a defined look. They are applied with an applicator and can be washed off easily before going to bed with the help of a make-up remover.
  2. Semi-permanent eyebrow tinting: It is best for people who do not know how to apply temporary eyebrow tints and want something that would last longer. Semi–permanent tinting stays for some time and then fades away slowly. It can be done at home, but it is better to get it done by professionals.

Ways to choose eyebrow tints

  • There are several factors to be taken into account to choose the right eyebrow tint in order to go for one that will compliment with the other facial features and color of the hair.
  • Choose a color that is slightly subtle than the color of the hair. The color of the hair should be one shade lighter than the color of the hair to give it closer to the original eyebrow colors
  • People with darker hair should choose darker eyebrow tints while those with lighter hair go for lighter shades. Wrong choice will ruin the looks.
  • Blonde-haired women should not use very black brow tints, as it will create a sharp contrast.
  • One must ensure whether one wants temporary or semi-permanent eyebrow tint.

Steps for semi-permanent eyebrow tints 

  •  It is important to shape the eyebrows one day before you tinting your eyebrows. This can be done by waxing, tweezing, trimming or threading.
  •  Wash your face with lukewarm water and a mild facial cleaner. Dry the eyebrows by patting them with a soft cloth.
  • Different manufacturers might have different instructions for preparing the eyebrow tint. They should be followed using the instructions given on the kit.
  • Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the eyes with a cotton swab but not on the eyebrows. This thin coat will help in removing the extra color that is not required.
  • Use a brow brush or an applicator to apply the eyebrow tint by starting from the inner end of the eye to the outward area.
  •  Let the tint set for the recommended time given in the instructions.
  • Now use a cotton swab to remove the extra tint around the eyebrows.
  •  Finally, clean the face with a mild facial cleanser and remove all the tint and petroleum jelly and then apply some moisturizer.

Side effects, danger and risks of eyebrow tints and precautions

  • Common side effects and risks of eyebrow tinting include eye skin irritation, inflammation of tissues around the area and skin rashes. Some people may experience swelling, inflammation and in some worst but rare cases it can cause blindness.
  • The eyebrow tinting side effects may vary from person to person. It is better to take an allergy test by applying a small patch on the neck or inner arm and observe the reaction for 24 hours.
  • The side effects of eyebrow tints cab n are reduced by choosing vegetable based tints which are less harsh on the skin.
  • There are less chances of any reaction if the process is done in the salon by experienced professionals as they know the safest way to apply the tint.
  • Lubricating eye drops or saline water can be used to rinse the eyes after the process of tinting.


You can get an exceptional look if you follow the instructions and choose the correct eyebrow tint and follow the advice, tips, and precautions of using the tints.