How to treat eyelid cysts / eyelid bump / chalazion at home

The eyes and the eyelids are the most sensitive parts of the human body.  There is irritation in the eyes with the slightest infection which can cause several eye problems and the most common cyst is a bump on the eyelid. Cysts can develop around the eyelid as a result of inflammation or blockage of the oil glands.

There are several types of eyelid cysts which cause swelling in a small area of the eyelid.Some infection or insect bite can cause this infection.  Most of these cysts heal on their own but some of them require medical treatments through antibiotics or surgery. If the infection  around the eye is left untreated for long, there is the risk of it affecting the vision.

People face different types of disorders in their eyes. One of the common problems related to eyes is known as Eyelid cysts. This is a particular type of disorder which is also known as chalazion. Cysts are firm and solid lump filled with fluid which occurs when the eye glands are blocked. Eye will not produce regular secretion once it is blocked. The causes of eyelid cysts can be many. Some of the major causes include excessive rubbing of eyes, lack of hygiene, use of excess makeup etc.

Bumps and cysts over the eyelid have different varieties. Some have a big bump over the eyelid and lower portion with infectious outline. Whereas another group of people have the formation with a different looks. Some have different type of inflammation whereas others come with a vivid look. If there is a major hurt on your eye, this can easily give rise to a bump with inflammation. Some are formed over your eyelid without any pain. Those are normally known as a type of wart. Clogged blood circulation can be another reason behind it. But, all these can be solved with some simple home remedies.

Types of eyelid cysts

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  • Style is the most common form of eyelid cyst. It is a boil on the oil glands caused by severe infection.  It is swollen bump that becomes red and is very painful. It normally lasts for about two days but an ophthalmologist must be consulted if it persists for long.
  • Chalazia is a lump on the eyelid that develops if a stye is left untreated for long. The bacteria deposit solidifies under the eyelid and forms a lump. This lump is normally chalazia not infectious and is neither painful nor tender.  It can last  from 2-3 months and then disappear. In case it does not cure on its own surgical removal may be required.
  • Sweat Gland Cysts are shiny, transparent and round lump formed around the tear ducts. This kind of cyst requires medical attention as it can be dangerous leading to basal cell carcinoma.
  • The three Keratosis cysts are actinic, keratosis pilaris.and seborrheic
  • Inclusion Cysts are white cysts  filled with fluid with  a swelling of the eyelid.   There is no pain and it is normally found harmless, but it is better to consult an eye doctor for it.

Symptoms of eyelid cysts

Getting swelling in eyes is a major symptom of getting the cysts in the eyelid. But, other symptoms related to this disorder include:

  • Itchiness in eyes
  • Increase in tearing
  • Crusting in the eye
  • Watery or mucus discharge from the eye
  • Lumps on the  eyelid or around the eyes.
  • Tender skin around the eye.
  • Redness of  the eye
  • Itching  in and around the eyes.
  • Eyes become sensitive to light.
  • Pain around the eyes
  • Swelling of the eyelid

There are many ways of winning over this situation. Some home remedies will easily get the cyst subsidize. The natural treatment is the best way to eradicate the problem of eyelid cysts.

Causes of eyelid cysts

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Exposure to dust, dirt and bacteria from the environment settles in and around the eyes. These deposits lead to the formation of lumps or cysts.

  • The eye duct and eye glands  when blocked with dust and dirt can develop the cysts
  • Infection from Staph bacteria
  • Poor hygiene is the primary cause of this problem.
  • Dirty contact lenses can create infection in the eyes.
  • Some cosmetics containing harsh chemicals can cause irritation and infection in and around the eye.
  • When makeup is left overnight and not cleaned there is a risk of infection.
  • Rubbing the eyes with dirty unwashed hands is also the cause of development of eyelid cyst.

Home remedies to eradicate eyelid cysts


Since water is readily available at home, your natural remedy will be confined to the utility of water. First of all you must clean your eye very well with cold water in order to eradicate dirt and dust particles. If you have some medicated soap or an antiseptic liquid, warm compress application is also good for your eye. The warm compression can heal the cysts effectively.

Rose water and honey

Honey will be readily available at your kitchen. Rosewater is another ingredient which is used by most of the women to get lovely skin. A perfect combination of rosewater and honey will be effective for removing the eyelid cyst.


If you can wash your eyes with the cold milk, it will give you a soothing effect to your eyes as well as the cyst. The evaporated milk helps in a wonderful way to heal the eyelid cysts quite faster.

Tea bags

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Another way of curing the eyelid cysts is none other than the tea bags. You must apply the tea bag in your eyes for around 5-10 minutes. Herbal tea bags are popularly available in the market. It is also possible to use the chilled chamomile tea.

Breast milk

It is a natural treatment procedure for removing the eye cysts. It is not so easy to get the breast milk if you don’t have pregnant lady at your home. But, if you know some pregnant lady, breast milk is a wonderful treatment procedure for eyelid cyst. You can add few drops of the milk on your eyelid.

Onion juice

If you are suffering from eyelid cysts, drops of onion juice will be effective. This is a quick remedy for the cyst in eye. You can cut few onions and get it squeeze in a mixer and get the juice on your eyelid.

If you want to avoid eyelid cysts before it occurs, there are many ways to prevent it. You must consume the diet rich in flax seeds oil, fruits and vegetables to avoid cysts in your eyelid.

An eyelid cyst usually heals on its own and here are some  remedies to make it heal faster.

  • Alum water is effective in treating bumps developed on the eyelid.  Give a compress on the eyes with alum water prepared by soaking few alum granules in a bowl of water.
  • Soak  some fresh parsley in a cup of boiling water and let  the water cool.  Place a cloth  dipped in this water over the eyes  for 15 minutes.  It helps in reducing the swelling on the eyes.
  • A popular home remedy for eye cysts is to apply guava leaves over the eyes.  Soak these leaves in hot boiling water and wrap them in a dry cloth. The redness pain and swelling will instantly reduce by placing this cloth over the eyes.
  • Acacia leaves help   to get rid of the chalazion cyst in a natural manner. Boil the leaves in water and keep it aside. Dip a clean cloth in this water and compress  the eyelid .
  • Stay away from eye makeup when there is infection in the eye.
  • Cleanliness with high level of hygiene is required. Sharing of clothes especially towels with others can lead to infection and can also spread infection to others.
  • Keep the hands clean and germ free by using a good antiseptic hand wash

Home remedies for eyelid cysts/ bump etc

Reject old makeup

You must have been using the makeups that are old enough. Even you are having a habit of using single makeup years after year. This is the time for you to throw away the old makeups and adopt the new varieties. The old variety must be a breeding place of bacteria which can in turn develop eyelid cysts or bump.

Apple cider vinegar

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If you have the formation of eyelid cysts over your eye, it is important for you to stay little cautious. The home remedies like apple cider vinegar will be great enough to give you a wonderful result. If there is any type of inflammation caused to your eyelid due to infection, this apple cider vinegar will reduce the same. You need to take a cup of hot water and add few spoons of apple cider vinegar in it. Now, use a cotton ball and dip it over the solution and apply over your eyelid.

Salicylic acid

This is a wonderful ingredient which is now well used in variety of cosmetic manufacturing companies. This will effectively treat the lump and warts like cyst over your eye. This can be applied if you have a cyst over your eye. Try this once in a day and see the result. You can use it with cotton ball and apply over the area of eyelid and see difference.