Home remedies for Eyelid cysts / eyelid bump / chalazion

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People face different types of disorders in their eyes. One of the common problems related to eyes is known as Eyelid cysts. This is a particular type of disorder which is also known as chalazion. Cysts are firm and solid lump filled with fluid which occurs when the eye glands are blocked. Eye will not produce regular secretion once it is blocked. The causes of eyelid cysts can be many. Some of the major causes include excessive rubbing of eyes, lack of hygiene, use of excess makeup etc.

Symptoms of Eyelid cysts

Getting swelling in eyes is a major symptom of getting the cysts in the eyelid. But, other symptoms related to this disorder include:

  • Itchiness in eyes
  • Increase in tearing
  • Crusting in the eye

There are many ways of winning over this situation. Some home remedies will easily get the cyst subsidize. The natural treatment is the best way to eradicate the problem of eyelid cysts.

Home remedies to eradicate eyelid cysts


Since water is readily available at home, your natural remedy will be confined to the utility of water. First of all you must clean your eye very well with cold water in order to eradicate dirt and dust particles. If you have some medicated soap or an antiseptic liquid, warm compress application is also good for your eye. The warm compression can heal the cysts effectively.

Rose water and honey

Honey will be readily available at your kitchen. Rosewater is another ingredient which is used by most of the women to get lovely skin. A perfect combination of rosewater and honey will be effective for removing the eyelid cyst.


If you can wash your eyes with the cold milk, it will give you a soothing effect to your eyes as well as the cyst. The evaporated milk helps in a wonderful way to heal the eyelid cysts quite faster.

Tea bags

Another way of curing the eyelid cysts is none other than the tea bags. You must apply the tea bag in your eyes for around 5-10 minutes. Herbal tea bags are popularly available in the market. It is also possible to use the chilled chamomile tea.

Breast milk

It is a natural treatment procedure for removing the eye cysts. It is not so easy to get the breast milk if you don’t have pregnant lady at your home. But, if you know some pregnant lady, breast milk is a wonderful treatment procedure for eyelid cyst. You can add few drops of the milk on your eyelid.

 Onion juice

If you are suffering from eyelid cysts, drops of onion juice will be effective. This is a quick remedy for the cyst in eye. You can cut few onions and get it squeeze in a mixer and get the juice on your eyelid.

If you want to avoid eyelid cysts before it occurs, there are many ways to prevent it. You must consume the diet rich in flax seeds oil, fruits and vegetables to avoid cysts in your eyelid.

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