Winter body care tips for men and women

Dryness of skin is faced by both male and female during winter season. During the summer seasons, humidity in the air remains. Thus, even if we seat, out body retain enough moisture to protect our skin from dryness. During the winter months, people suffer from skin conditions like raw face, dryness, itchy skin, itchy skin etc.

Thus, you have to choose the skin care products wisely during the winter months. This is not only true for ladies; rather men also face the same problem.

Both men and women need to have proper care and maintenance about their body. Beauty is not only a concern for women these days. Also men are too much concerned about their get up and presentation. During winter our skin tends to become really dry and dull. The roughness out our skin is also realized in the due course. The cosmetic manufacturing companies are here with variety of products that will protect your skin during winter. You can easily go ahead and avail the same. Alternatively there are natural remedies as well.

Winter body care tips

Benefits of lavender oil for body & skin care

  • Apply the natural moisturizer to maintained toned skin
  • Even if hot baths are preferable during the winter months, it affects the skin of both male and female. Since, it absorbs moisture from the skin, leaves the skin dry and clasped.
  • Do not take long bath or frequent bath in winter
  • You must apply the petroleum jelly in your skin areas where crack can appear
  • Before going to bed, apply almond oil to your face
  • Protect your skin from winter wind. Try to cover wide portion of your skin with cloth or woolen cloth.

Lips care during winter for men and women

  • You must definitely apply lip care balms in order to protect your lips from the harsh weather condition
  • If possible, use the home made lips scrubs or exfoliate so that the dead skins are removed from your lips
  • Drink lot of water in order to stay hydrated
  • Many people have a habit of licking their lips with the view that they are providing a moisturizing effect. But, this is absolutely a wrong concept. This leads to dryness of the lips immediately and provides damaged and cracked lips. Thus, individuals must avoid licking lips.

Foot care tips for men and women

  • Majority of people during the winter months faces the problem of cracked heels. You can get some homemade recipes to care your heals
  • You must take a bowl with Luke warm water, place the lemon mix and dip your entire feet for 30 minutes. Now, rub your feet with stone or any other rough surface so that the dead skin layers moves away from the feet.
  • Apply petroleum jelly or other winter care cream in your heels
  • Wear soaks after applying the cream so that your feet do not get exposed to the air.
  • Use creams for cracked heels that has got urea, lanolin and other such emollients for healing the dryness.
  • Keep your feet covered with shoes that allow free air movement within. Soft heels of the shoes make sure that your feet are taken good care of.

Hair care tips in winter for both men and women

Winter hair care tips for dry hair

  • Damaged hair and split ends of hair can be easily observed during the winter months as the extreme cold make the hair very dull and dry. It is important to take care of hair.
  • Dandruff is mostly seen during the winter months. The best way to eradicate the dandruff will be through the application of fresh lemon in the root of hair skin before washing it.
  • You must avoid too much of hair bath as it can make your dry and clumsy
  • Massage your hair with natural oils so that it enters the skin layers.
  • Use coconut oil or almond oil to nourish your hair. Apply a hot towel after you anoint your scalp. This helps in oil penetrating your scalp.
  • Apply conditioner to your hair so that it will not blow and gather dust.
  • Wear a scarf or a hat to protect the hair from winter cold and dryness.
  • Hot water is not good for your scalp too as it helps you in losing the natural oil from your hair.
  • Use less blow dryers, hair spray and curling irons as these weaken the hair. Dry your hair naturally and then go out of doors. These will help in maintaining the normal strength of your hair shafts.
  • Using Tea tree oil is good for keeping the hair free of drying scales and fungal infections.

Caring for your nails

  • Winter winds are dry and saps the moisture from nails. Apply olive oil for keeping them soft and to avoid tears or breaks.
  • Women can apply nail polish on the nails to keep them from getting rough.
  • Biotin rich food or food that is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids is good for keeping away dryness.
  • Smear your nails with moisturizer before going to bed. The oil works whole night to give you softer nails in the morning.

General care for your body

Skin care tips for teenage girls

Make sure of your skin type and use the skin care products accordingly. The creams and lotions should contain lanolin to protect your skin. You must moisturize more in winter. Make it regular habit to apply cream before going to bed. Moisturizers work overnight for keeping you hydrated and soft. Oil based products will retain more moisture for your body. Use sun screen when going out at the sun glare can damage your skin more in winter. Broad spectrum sun protection is the best for you. Wear gloves on your hands to keep them warm and covered from dry weather.  Never use wet socks or gloves in winter. The central heating brings in hot air but humidifiers are ones that allows moisture in the air they blow in. Use more humidifiers in your home. Avoid using harsh face masks or masks that needs peeling off from your face.  Toners that removes oil is also to be avoided. Keep your feet free of cracks by exfoliating. Apply creams that can keep your feet soft and free of cracks. Eat food that are easily digested and has got a lot of vitamin C, E and A. The nuts and other fatty acids are good for winter.

Winter care tips for men and women

Avoid too much showers

During winter we have a tendency to take bath in warm water. But, if you take too much of bath or use geyser to take bath with warm water, this will make your skin dry.  During winter already your skin remains dry due to the extreme weather condition. You don’t have to get sweat as the moisture in the air is too less. Thus, one of the ways to stay free from dryness during the winter will be through avoiding of hot showers repeatedly.

Shea butter remedy

You need to make your skin moisturized during the winter season. One of the ways of doing so will be through the shea butter. You can easily get the products available in the market that is rich with shea butter. Now, it is also possible to have a natural creamy moisturizer with shea butter. After getting it in your air tight container, you can easily use it on a regular basis to avail winter benefit. You need to apply it over your body and hands to reduce the effect of dry skin.

Strawberry lip balm

Best lip care tips for women

Strawberry is one of the tasty and juicy fruits that is available in the fruit store. You must have it in every season as it is loaded with vitamin C. You can easily get wonderful skin tone with strawberry remedy. You can get strawberry lip balm in the market that has made used of the strawberry extract. But you can also make it right at home with the natural fruit. But you need a complete apparatus to do it. If you think this is taking a long time, it is good to invest on a lip balm that is a reputed brand. Let the product be expensive but do not compromise the quality.