Best winter skin care tips for women

You may have stunning look with some skin care treatment. In every period, you have to do alteration to your skin care schedule. With the arrival of winter your skin becomes too dry. This makes your skin unattractive and dull. There are variety of tips that will help you get beautiful skin. The chilly weather backed by the steamy wind will make your skin really miserable. Even your hair will be affected due to this.

But every lady wishes to look beautiful even in winter season. This is the time to get some winter care tips. It will make your skin complexion better.

You may not take much care of your skin during summer as this is the season when your skin penetrates sweat. As a result moisture gets retained. But winter is completely diverse. But, winter is the season when you should take extra care of your skin. As the moisture in your skin layer remains too less. Thus, your coating becomes dry. If you have very sensitive skin, the trouble becomes too nasty.

Symptoms of dry skin

There are symptoms through which you will be able to find out the severity of dry skin. Some of the symptoms include the redness over the skin layer. Some flakes over the skin too will be visible. You must have seen flaky dandruff over your scalp. Even your skin will appear absolutely like that.

Winter skin care tips

Moisture and moisturizer

Winter face packs for skin care

Winters tend to make your skin dry and cracked. It happens due to the lack of moisture in the air, hence it is essential to keep your skin moisturized at all times. It is even more important to choose your moisturizer carefully since not every skin is the same.


There is a saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Similarly, it is better to keep your skin protected from the cold. Try using gloves and scarves at all times in winter, especially if you are going out. Also, remember to apply sunscreen because the winter sun can be harmful as well.

Water is a saver

People have a tendency to forget about the benefits of water. Water keeps the body healthy. Drinking lots of water are very important for skin care during winter season. It helps your body stay hydrated and also provides strength to fight damages to the skin.

Fruit juice

Winters are written as beautiful and it is even the favourite season for some people. With the snow and everything, the season can be described as good, but one can simply not ignore the damages it brings on the skin. Fruits such as pomegranates are very helpful for the skin. Pomegranates have antioxidants in it which helps in healing the skin damage.


Best homemade winter face packs

The winters demand more attention to the skin. Gentle exfoliation helps in removing the old skin cells and revealing the fresh skin. It brings out the glow on the face and also takes away a major part of any skin damage.

Natural masks

Home remedies and natural masks have always proved to be very effective for skin care. Make face masks out of natural ingredients such as fruits, flour etc. and give your skin the natural glow from within.

Go for a creamy cleanser

Cleaning your face on a regular basis is really important. Dirt and carbon forming over the face layer can be washed away with the cleanser. If you have applied makeup on your face to get the party mood, this too can be removed with the cleanser once you come back home.

You should not sleep with the makeup on your face as this will restrict the evolving of new cells. Use a cleanser everyday before going to bed.

Slater around the sunscreen

People have an opinion that if there is a sky full of cloud, they won’t need sunscreen to protect their skin. But this will be a wrong concept. Even the experts says that sun will cause damage to your skin layer regardless of the cloud in the sky.

You should definitely use the sunscreen on your skin even if this is a winter season. You need to use some cream with broad spectrum. This should be used 30 minutes before you go out.

Apply cream to the skin

Best moisturizes for dry skin

Your skin requires extra moisture during winter. Apply the cream that will last for the full day. Do this just after the bath.

You should also use the moisturizing face mask. There will be tendency that your skin will become dry repeatedly. All you have to do is get a moisturizer handy. Use this moisturizer every time whenever you have dry skin tone.

Care your palms

It is not only your facial skin which you need to care. Your hand palm also plays an important role in day to day life. The skin associated with your palm is thinner in layer as compared to other skin. Thus, the area will be much dry and cannot hold enough moisture. You should wear gloves to protect your palms. Also try to get the woolen gloves.

Moisturize before bed

Moisturizing is the main mantra for you with the arrival of winter. It will be really tough to stay away from the dry skin if you get yourself moisturized only for once. It is important to apply the moisturizer when you are going to bed. Make a deep moisturizing coat as you won’t get up in the next 7-8 hours at night.

Suspend super-hot bath

Since it is winter you will definitely enjoy the hot bath. But this is again not good for your skin. Rather this is one of the reasons why people gets wrinkles over their skin layer. You may get hold of lukewarm water. But it should not be more than it. This will fight with your skin’s lipid boundary. As a result you skin will not get moisturized.

Keep your skin clean

Face creams for dry skin

You will get many products that are loaded with alcohol. Rather you can say those are rich in alcohol. It is really important for you to avoid those products.

Your skin which has once cleaned up will be again caught up with dust and scaly skin layer. Thus, it is always better to avail the alcohol free merchandise.

Care your hand, foot and hips

Your hand, foot and hips should be equally cared along with other parts. There are many homemade products that you can avail. The natural remedies such as tea tree oil, shea butter, glycerin, nutritional oil etc should be applied. You have to apply such natural moisturizer and wear the gloves to cover the moisture all over.

Caring feets

It is very important to care your feet too. Winter is the season when you can get appearance of cracked heels. It is really very shameful when you wear back open sandal and the cracked feet is visible. Even when your relatives or friends gets in touch with you and see your cracked feet, it becomes very uncomfortable for you.

All you have to do is take out the dead skin layer from your heels with the help of pumice stone. But before that soak your feet in lukewarm water and little bit of body soap. Then rinse off and apply the moisturizer.

Fluid intake

Beauty tips for glowing skin

During winter your body needs a lot of water and fluid. If you don’t wish to have enough water, compensate the same with the fluid. You can have juices and non alcoholic beverages during the winter.

The main problem with the winter is the dryness that caused to your skin. Since your body lacks moisture, the dryness and discomfort feeling will be always present. It is important for you to intake good amount of fluids during winter to stay rejuvenated. Even your skin will remain really healthy.

Vitamin C

Women are really cautious about their skin. They wish to stay beautiful always. But during winter their skin becomes dull and shrieked. Even after using very expensive variety of moisturizer the shrieking of skin and wrinkles will be common.

This is because your skin lacks moisture and you are going to stay confined to the vitamin C. But when your body does not get adequate amount of vitamin C, it brings a lot of disappointment and side effects. You can also get cold attack due to lack of vitamin C.

Toning of skin

Normally people wash face with a face wash and then applies moisturizers. They don’t know that their skin also need some space to breathe in. You need to apply a toner right after the cleaning of face.

Once the dead skin is removed you need to clear the portion and let the skin pores open widely. You must take a cotton ball and spray the toner in it. Now apply the toner over your skin. You will feel how well the skin pores gets opened and starts breathing. This is required in all season especially winter.

No petroleum jelly

How to use multani mitti for dry skin

It is really important to avoid the use of petroleum jelly. But this is really harmful for your skin. You should never apply this petroleum jelly over your hand, face and neck.

You must go for a winter care lotion for your entire body and a winter care cream that will compensate your entire roughness that has formed all over your skin.

Skin care for dry skin

Milk for dry skin

Milk is a wonderful form of moisturizer especially when you have dry skin. There are different ways of using it. First of all you have to take a small container full of raw milk. Now dip a cotton cloth in it and apply over your skin. Do this several times and wait for some time, Then you can wash away. Alternatively you can also get a bath with milk to get well moisturized skin tone.

Olive oil for dry skin

When winter arrives, we have a habit of applying oil over the skin. This keeps our skin well moisturized. This is a very good habit. But, if you are using any other boil to massage your skin, use the olive oil in this respect.  It will be good if you can massage your whole body with olive oil just before going to bath.


Ayurvedic skin care tips for winter

Humidifiers are one of the great option when winter arrives. If you still don’t have a humidifier, this is the time to keep it handy.

If you have dry skin, this will be a mandate as the particular too will be keeping your skin healthy. This will penetrate to spread moisture in the environment where dry air persists. If your skin is too dry, this will be a wonderful remedy. Placement of few small humidifiers around your home will be great.