Causes of premature greying hair & remedies

Usually we expect grey hair in people after crossing 45 or 50 years of age. But, if the graying takes place before this age, we would obvious term it to be premature greying.

How to reduce white hair naturally at young age? What cause hair to go white? Today due to pollution and artificial way of hair styling, people are getting gray hair even when they have not crossed 30 years of age.

What causes your hair turn grey? Most people feel really sad and irritated due to this hair whitening effect on a very young age.

Even due to lack of nutrition in hair, whitening of hair takes place before age. As we all known that, hair is an appendage of the skin.

It is also composed of various kinds of cell which is available in the outer layer of the skin. Sebum is an oily substance which is secreted by the sebaceous gland and is a good source of nutrition.

This brings blackness, luster and glow in hair. But sometimes this nutrition does not get into the root of each hair that gives rise to hair fall and grey hair.

Why do you get gray hair at young age? Causes and reasons of premature graying of hair.

Causes of premature graying hair

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How to cure greying of hair at young age? There is not only one reason behind which greying of hair prematurely takes place. What causes white hair at young age? The reasons are:

Mental worries and stress

Is stress and mental worries are the cause for gray hair or premature white hair? Today, individuals are no more having peaceful life like their ancestor.

Competition in the work field has turned up to boost up the crises in the job field.

Today, you need to work really hard and meet your deadline in no time. But, while doing this you are quite likely to get variety of mental worries.

This can be one of the main reasons behind greying of hair before age.

Faulty diet or poor nutrition

Does poor nutrition or faulty diet is the cause for white hair or gray hair? Some people might not have known that diet is also one of the reasons behind greying of hair.

Your hair needs adequate quantity of iodine, vitamin B, copper and iron. If you do not have such nutrients and vitamins in your diet, this will vigorously help you get greying of hair in no time.

Unclean scalp

Reasons for grey hair or white hair. Unclean scalp is the cause of premature hair graying.

Some people also have unclean condition of hair which is not just they are careless to keep their hair unclean; rather it is due to their hereditary problem.

These people who have hereditary unclean condition of hair are quite likely to get affected through the grey hair problems.

It is very essential for them to go for regular wash as well as shampooing of hair.


Today, people are no more satisfied with a particular type of hairstyle, rather they wishes to get different styles and looks to complement different occasions.

But while presenting themselves in a beautiful way they unknowingly damage their hair which again gives rise to greying of hair.

Premature grey hair remedies

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is the natural home remedy for curing white hair / gray hair.

Indian Gooseberry is a wonderful ingredient that has been used by Indian for years to treat various damaging hair conditions.

Premature greying in hair can be prevented through the application of Indian gooseberry.

It is also regarded as a wonderful and valuable hair tonic which is enriches valuable herbal ingredients. It is a best home remedy for white hair.

  • First of all, you need to cut the fruit in pieces and then dry it adequately.
  • Now you have to boil this in coconut oil and let it boil till the oil becomes dark.
  • The dark oil so formed is really very advantageous for stopping premature greying of hair.

Ribbed gourd

Amazing natural home remedy for white hair. You can now easily get ribbed gourd at home or in your kitchen. This ingredient is also known as Jhina in Hindi.

You can now boil this herb in coconut oil and get a wonderful remedy to eradicate greying of hair. You need to cut the particular vegetable and get it dried in shade.

Now soak it in coconut oil for a period of three to four days. The oil should be boiled and then apply it over the scalp of individual to avoid blackened of hair. Grey hair treatment with ribbed gourd.

Amaranth juice

Home remedies for gray hair. In order to eradicate hair disorder, you need to apply Amaranth. You need to get the fresh juice of this vegetable so that treating premature grey hair will be really effective.

Curry leaves is also one of the wonderful ingredients to help preventing unnatural greying of hair. You can also gain vitality and strength to the hair roots.