Top skin tightening / body firming oils for your body

We all are growing old over time; our skin doesn’t look like the youthful skin or a skin that is naturally beautiful. A sagging skin is not beyond repair but it can be controlled and be repaired if it is in its initial stages. You know what keeps your skin firm and tight is your mood, yes you read it right. If you always been in a happy cheerful mood, your skin will look cheerful too. The maintenance is the big deal, and for that, you need to eat healthy food, perform exercises daily and drink plenty of water.

Age old principles

If you go by the ancient habits, then the only best cure for a sagging skin is Oil massage. An Herbal and Ayurvedic way to tighten your skin and keep the firmness on permanently if and only if it is combined with a proper diet and exercising habits, one also needs to avoid smoking or drinking habits. An oil massage with the perfect oil of benefits is not only going to add firmness to your skin but also adds glamour and a natural fair look. 

Neutral and viscous liquid: Oils

Amazing flower oils for body massage

Oil treatments are the most powerful treatments which can be easily done by you at home itself, and are widely available in the market and before you begin an oil massage routine, you have to keep in mind to scrub your body well as then the treatment will do good to your skin, but only the ones which are homemade or a natural herbal scrub.

Below is the list of oils that will be beneficial in adding firmness to your skin, such as:- 

Fenugreek seeds oil

It is an effective oil for women, who are breastfeeding. Take some oil and heat it until it turns lukewarm. Then, take some oil and apply it on your breast. Massage the oil well. This will reduce the sagging breast. You must apply this age-old home remedy to make your skin tight and firm. By adding minerals which are important to make you cells come together and improve the elasticity for your skin, fenugreek seeds are just the best home remedy.

Avocado oil

Collagen reduces the firmness of the body due to slow processing. Avocado oil contains omega 3, which is a fatty acid and revives the collagen under your skin. Use this oil to massage on the affected oil. This will result in the skin pores to quickly show the results.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is similar to human body oil. It helps to get rid of the acne problems or the pimple cracks, without leaving any scar on the skin. This mild flavoured essential oil will totally freshen up the air and exude an essence of nourishing and bleaching properties. This will wear off the tanned skin and help in absorbing the nutrient enriched jojoba oil.

Grape seed oil

It is rich in vitamin E and contains essentials oils as well. Since, it is an effective oil, and also rarely available. You can apply it only on the affected areas, where you want to tighten the skin. Make sure that you massage in circular motion for maximum penetration of the oils.

Rosemary oil

Take a tablespoon of rosemary oil and half a cucumber. Intermix the two ingredients and make a smooth liquid out of it. Then, apply the same on your skin for maximum benefit. This is surely to help you brighten your skin complexion and tighten your body.

Vitamin E capsules

How to get relief with massage oils

Take a strip of vitamin E capsules. Strip one capsule and remove the oil from the capsule. Apply it on your skin and let it stay for 15-20 minutes or you could also let it stay overnight. This clears the skin and tightens it as well.

Fish oil capsules

Fish oil contains omega 3, which is a fatty acid. It contains various properties to brighten and lighten the skin complexion. Take a capsule and remove the oils. Then, apply it on your face once every other day, in circular motion to ganter maximum benefits.

Primrose oil

Primrose oil can be found easily in any medical store. Take a few drops of primrose and massage it on your face and neck in circular motion. This helps the oil in penetrating deep inside the skin and leave it overnight. Apply it every night and you will be able to see visible benefits.

Argan oil

Argan oil is an essential oil and has almost all the benefits to lighten and brighten the skin. This can be used on a daily basis or you could also use it as a replace of any hand cream. It is easily absorbable and when used as body lotion, can surely show visible changes on the skin. This aromatic essential oil is know to be a good source of Vitamin E which is extremely amazing for skin’s glow and health. Regular application of dime sized argan oil helps in enhancing the complexion, moisture level, clears the pigmentation and removes tanning.

Egg white and Honey

Egg white and honey face pack is a famous grandma’s home remedy to clear skin. Take the egg white and mix it well with honey. Then, apply the face mask on your face and wash it with water as and when it dries off. Apply this twice a week and you will be able to see the benefits.

Banana mask

Take a bowl and a ripe banana. Smash the banana well and add some lemon juice to it. Intermix the ingredients and apply it in circular motion on your neck and skin. Leave it on your face till it dries off completely and then rinse it with lukewarm water.

Clay mask

Benefits of lavender oil for body care

Take two tablespoon of green clay and mix some powdered milk with water. Mix the mixture well and apply it smoothly on your face. Make sure that you don’t rub it on your face, just pat dry the pack and them remove it with cold water. Clay mask is considered to be the pure form of using the deposited sand from the surface of the Earth which is freshly dug and baked. The high on nutrients clay is believed to be very fertile an helps in enriching the skin from within.

Coffee grounds

Take 1/4th cup of ground coffee and add same amount of brown sugar. Then table some olive oil or coconut oil and add them with cinnamon into the mixture. Mix the ingredients well and apply it on your face. This mixture gives you essential benefits and must be applied at least once every week.

Witch hazel

Take witch hazel solution and apply it with cotton on your face. Pat the solution well so that it spreads evenly on the skin. Let the solution dry for 15-20 minutes and then, remove it with cole water.


Alum is a good solution to get rid of all the dark spots or skin loosening issues of the sin. Take a piece of alum with water and apply it on your face. Keep it for 20 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. It will make your skin firm and tight.

Multani mitti

Take 2 tablespoon of fuller’s earth or multani mitti and add some honey with rosewater to the mixture. Mix all the constituents well to make a paste. Then, apply the pack on your face and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Wash it off with clear cold water. Fuller’s earth or multani mitti is rich in magnesium which helps in removing the acne and pimples from your skin which helps in lightening the skin. It further detoxifies your skin and will bring the natural glow.


Papaya is a skin whitening fruit and helps to remove the blemishes and aid the skin problems. This can be used to tighten the skin as well. Take a bowl and add few pieces of ripe papaya and 1-2 tablespoon of rice flour. Mix the ingredients well and apply it gently on your face. Let it stay till it dries up completely and wash it off with cold or lukewarm water.

Sesame oil

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This oil contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E to protect your skin from cell damages which usually occur because of the harmful toxins that are released by our body. This oil has no after effects and suits any skin type. It has been very useful to bring back the lost firmness and is generally used by women post pregnancy. Massage it Warm on the body and keep it for 15 minutes. 

Almond oil

This oil is widely available at home and isn’t much of a costly item. It contains Vitamin E and moisturizing elements to replenish the skin and the damaged tissues and cells. With its daily usage, be assured to get a renewed skin. 

Castor oil

A heavy oil with marvelous qualities isn’t just going to add firmness to your skin at the root level but also helps get over stress and a fatigue relieving formula. It is a little costly and acts as a soothing agent for any skin type. 

Olive oil

The most commonly used skin tightening oil is an Olive Oil. A massage done using an Olive Oil works to strengthen the muscle tissues and nourishes the sagging skin. It is famous for its antioxidants and omega-3. 

Mustard oil

An ancient used method is massaging one’s skin with mustard oil especially during winters to get rid of cracked and sagging skin. It has Vitamin E to fight away the harmful UV rays and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Coconut oil

A widely used oil with versatile qualities, suits all types of skin because of its moisturizing and anti-bacterial features, very beneficial for a skin that lacks firmness.

One from the beauty aisle: Oils/Product at stores

History of vitamins essential for the human body

Women have a tendency to instantly agree for skin care products which are widely available in the market promising you a complete change to your skin, which rarely happens and even if it does by chance it doesn’t really last long. But to help you find the right product among so many, listed below are a few skin care products for your body along with their features which have really been beneficial to so many women: –

  • Nivea Firming Body Oil
  • Marula Firming Botanical Body Oil
  • Neroli Essential Oil
  • SPIEZIA Body Oil
  • NUBO Anti-Ageing Body Oil

Even the best oils available at the stores have all the above mentioned natural oils as their ingredients. So, choose wisely and choose something that fits best to your skin type and gives good results. Wave Goodbye to sagging skin, Say Hello to newfound firmness.