Top skin tightening / body firming oils for your body

Oil massage is an ancient ayurvedic regime – the long-established healing system – that should be done almost every day. If you are aspiring to know about oils that help tighten your skin then there is a lot our mother nature has to offer not just on tightening standpoint but also maintain a healthy you out of your hectic life and busy schedules.

In general, post-pregnancy many women experience their lower/upper abdomen-sagging or cry over a heavy grown buttocks, thighs and love handles that are real hard to handle.

Aging – we all age over time – sagging skin is irreparable but can be controlled – oils are here for rescue. When you are happy and relaxed from inside, there is a hormone called “Oxytocin” released in your body that enhances immunity, fitness overall and positive effect on your mood and behavior. Oil massage is the ultimate technique to stay youthful inside out.

Post oil massage

Benefits of lavender oil for body & skin

Why am I discussing this topic before is just to make sure you don’t use any kind of harsh or even glycerin soaps, post oil treatments that does no good to your skin. Make sure you use a good home made scrub made of:

  • 2 cups horse gram flour
  • 1 cup besan or chick peas flour
  • 1 cup green gram
  • ½ cup rice flour

Store this scrub in a container and use post massage treatment to remove that excess oil and bacteria out from the pores leaving your skin glowy and moisturized for at least 3 days. The benefits of using this scrub post your massage session is to be experienced.

If you are not much into scrubs – use a wet towel cloth to rub off excess oil off the skin and then take shower.

Collagen – the structural protein behind youthful skin acts as a support to keep that skin held tight and supple is the backbone to any skin tightening techniques. Repair your collagen layer with these below listed skin tightening oils.

Sesame oil

Slow down premature aging with sesame oil!!!

Sesame oil is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory oil bestowed with loads of antioxidants like vitamin A and E to protect the skin from cell damage caused by bodily toxins. The medium weight nature of this oil helps maintain the flow for the massage.

The greatness of sesame oil lies in its use, it suits every body type. You will be able to see the difference in no time. Post pregnancy your abdomen, sides, buttocks, thighs tend to discolor and look ugly. Blackish marks, swollen and saggy abdomen makes us feel low for the day. Regular massage with sesame helps you wash out that pigmentation and bring back that bubbly abdomen back into shape.

Sesame oil is one of the best oils that is the reason its first in the list – bestowed by nature to use. Massage with sesame oil on face to give your face a lift and get rid of toxins blocked in your pores. Warm some oil above body temperature and apply it your whole body and face or targeted areas and rub for about 15 minutes. Wash it off with the scrub mentioned above.


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Castor oil

How to get relief with massage oils

Say no to Botox treatments!!

Castor oil is quiet heavy, warm and soothing besides being anti-inflammatory. It works marvel in tightening your whole body at the root level and so is nerve calming thus eliminates mental exhaustion relieving fatigue. Castor oil is one such oil that is widely available and relatively inexpensive natural oil to penetrate deep into the skin layers and soothe the muscle tissues.

You can reverse your aging by giving that extra support to collage under skin to stay firm and slow down skin’s aging speed.

Almond oil

Cheap and easy skin tightening at home..

We already are very familiar with the benefits almonds nourishes us. Almond oil is magical oil loaded with rich moisturizing qualities and Vitamin E that repairs and replenishes skin cells helping you get rid of stretch marks, saggy abdomen, love handles, body pigmentation and a lot more. Renew your skin with a few drops of almond oil and rub it on to your targeted areas soft and slow.

Mustard oil

Go easy – you have all in one for your skin – mustard oil

Wonder many villages in north India still use Mustard oil to prepare dishes and this is the trick that’s working to maintain a healthy body.

Most of the north Indian families use mustard oil on a daily basis in winter and monsoon seasons as a regular massage to get rid of cracked and dry skin. Unlike, south Indians who are more into sesame and coconut oils for cooking and massages.

Nevertheless, no oil is less. Use oil that suits your skin and grows in your region. I would like to also share a word for good that eat food and spices that are grown in your region for a healthy you. Coconuts are mostly grown in south due to the favorable climatic conditions. Using coconut oil in food or massages, by generic suits you to stand in those climatic conditions. I have seen most of the people get lured to the foreign brands of oils or food habits. I say – use the traditional forms to treat the problem from roots.

Mustard oil is antibacterial, antifungal loaded with loads of Vitamin E that fight against free radical damage from UV rays and pollution – thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles contributing to tightening of skin.

Heat the mustard oil along with some ajwain (carom seeds) and 3 garlic pods to work on your whole body to relieve joint pains, loose belly, saggy skin under arms, thighs and what not – use it on your whole body to tighten the skin.

Olive oil

Body care tips for women

Live – lively with olive oil..

Olive oil is one of the most commonly used rejuvenating skin tightening oils known for its anti-oxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to nourish that loose skin.

Olive oil is very light in nature so never heat this oil as it loses its special properties. Apply live oil to your face or body and rub evenly to distribute the heat and reinforce the nerve fibers that are connected to the hair follicles and calm the entire nervous system to strengthen the muscle tissues.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a multi-function low allergic and gentle oil that is great for skin, hair, teeth and in cooking too. This versatile oil is one of the most commonly used by massage therapists for its low absorbability and maximum moisturizing qualities.

Do you even know – coconut oil is blended with anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial that can be even used as a handy body lotion, lip balm, sun screen and as a hair conditioner.

The queen of oils – coconut with the king being sesame oil – use coconut oil on saggy breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and that under repair stretch marks and feel the results.

Aromatherapy essential oils

I agree the above listed oil may not smell good but adding excessive essential oils to the above listed carrier oils may lead to allergic reactions.

Oils are the last considered but the most powerful essentials you need to get control over sagging skin. Hope you fall in love with this massage oils now and then!! This topic on Skin tightening oils for the body is surfed by post-pregnancy women or ageing people to have a look on things they can carry off but I say guys please share this article with your friends and loved ones – to help them stay in good shape, size and happy from inside. Try it and see yourself!!