History of vitamins essential for the human body

It is a proven fact that various nutrients together make the human body work and brings on health benefits to the body. Unlike other nutrients, vitamins are not known to provide any significant energy or serve any structural function but they are still very essential for the human body. Also, Vitamin is an organic compound which is required by the Human body in limited amounts. Vitamins are said to have diverse biochemical functions which are very important for the human body. They help the body in different ways such as getting shiny hair, facial glow, etc. vitamins have a history of their essential uses in the human body which is discussed below for you to know and then implement them in your life:

For normal growth

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Vitamins are very essential for the normal growth of an individual. Even at the fetal level, certain amount of vitamins and minerals are needed for the growth of the fetus. Deficiency of these vitamins may damage the fetus or can develop a deficiency disease.

For healthy cells, tissues and organs

Vitamins are not only needed for normal growth. They are also needed for the health of the cells, tissues and organs which ultimately forms an organ system. Vitamins are also responsible for the development and repairing of the internal body.

Helps in mineral absorption

You may have studied in schools that we should always eat a balanced diet and form balanced diet means a diet that has all the necessary nutrients including Vitamin. Also having all the nutrients in a diet help each other to do their work in a much better way like vitamin helps the body to absorb mineral in a better way.

Shiny hair

Vitamins are also known to give you shiny hair which every girl wants. Vitamins are seen to be found in various hair care products which help in making your hair shinier than before.


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Vitamins are also known for their anti aging factors. Cosmetic products contain vitamins in good quantity to slow down your aging process and to make your skin look younger. It also repairs dead and damaged cells and rejuvenate your look.

Enhanced sperm production

Vitamins are also known to improve the quality of the semen along with the quantity. So, it is not something that only women should be looking forward to but you guys should also introduce Vitamin to your diet.

Curing anemia

Vitamins B12 are known to cure pernicious anemia and consuming Vitamin B12 in your food in certain amounts regularly will help you avoid the development of this problem. It is also very important for ladies and even at the fetal level to avoid the deficiency of the vitamin.

Works as an antioxidant

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid is known as antioxidant which is very useful for the body and is found in many processes foods.

Protein synthesis

Vitamin K is said to help in protein synthesis and also helps in bone-forming protein.

Protecting PUFA

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Vitamin E is known to be found in fat depots and cell membranes and are said to protect polyunsaturated fatty acids called PUFA from getting oxidative damage.

Cures sighting problems

Vitamins can help cure night blindness which is a very common problem if vitamin is not consumed in the proper ratio.

Immune system

Vitamins are also helpful in making up of a strong immune system. Your body will be much resilient to different diseases.

With such benefits of consuming vitamin in your diet, there are many other benefits which you will get to know about vitamins. Having a balanced diet with required amount of vitamin is very important as every nutrient is very important for the proper functioning of the body. Also, not consuming vitamin at earlier age may lead to serious illness at later years which can be very troublesome for you. So, having a balanced diet is very important and intake of vitamin is equally important. You should not miss the Vitamin intake as there are various effects and side effects of having and not having vitamins in your diet. Following a balanced diet is the only key to healthy body and healthy life.