How to get rid of armpit odor? Underarm bad smell remedies

People traveling in a public conveyance such as bus and train on a hot sunny day must have experienced the effect of the armpit odor.

Due to excessive sweat that accumulates in the area of armpit, the bacteria gets chance to breed and create such bad odor underarms. This is the time to get rid of the bad smell underarms with the help of home remedies.

People have been using variety of deodorant just after coming from the shower but does that last for a long time? Some branded and expensive deodorant works well as they keep your stay refresh throughout the day but the cheap and local ones are not so effective.

Rather these are very also quite harmful with the presence of chemical and cosmetics at the time of manufacturing the same. But, natural ways of staying away from armpit odor will be much more effective. Let us have a look at some of the natural ways to get rid of armpit bad smell.

Home remedies for armpit odor

Lemon to stop underarm bacteria growth

Lemon is a natural fruit but is acidic in nature thus on applying it over the area where bacteria have attacked, you can easily.

You can now take a lemon and cit it in two pieces. Take the smaller portion and apply it over the portion of your underarm where you have experienced the odor.

This will help balancing PH of your underarm skin effectively and restrict the bacterial growth. You must have noticed that the deodorant used by many people has lemon fragrance. Since lemon is really useful in removing the body odor, the cosmetic companies also uses the same.

Apple cider vinegar to avoid armpit odor

This vinegar is another natural product that will help remove the bacteria from the underarm portion of your skin. By now you must have realized that the ingredients that are sour in taste are useful in removing the body odor.

Apple cider vinegar is a strong antiseptic solution that will easily remove the effect of bacteria from skin layer. If you have toxin formed over your skin, this particular ingredient will be an ideal one.

You can take a spoon of apple cider vinegar in a container and then dip a cotton ball over it. That cotton ball must be applied over your underarm portion where you have a problem of body odor. If you have sensitive skin, dilute it in water and then apply it.

Holy basil

Take a hand full of holy basil and make a paste out of it with few drop of water in it. Since it is a natural herb that scents well, you will never have disappointment in applying it over the underarm portion.

You can also take 4-5 such leaves and chew it raw to get it juices inside your body. This will help to cure your body odor internally. Many people even like the taste of holy basil and thus they chew it effectively without any trouble.

Corn starch remedy for armpit odor

If you are suffering from the condition like you sweat too much, one of the effective remedy for this will be the corn starch.

Take little corn starch or dilute the corn flour that is available in powdered form. Now add a spoon of lemon juice over it. Now where you are getting ready to go for a shower, get yourself ready to apply this corn starch over your underarm portion.

After application keeps this over the portion of your underarm for 10 minutes. Thereafter you can wash it away completely. Since this helps in increasing the Ph level of your body you can stay away from bad odor.

Food to avoid to get rid of armpit odor

There are several foods that will increase your body odor which you definitely need to check and avoid. Following are some of them.

Avoid Cabbage

This  is the vegetable which contains sulphur which is broken down into the compounds. These compounds give rise to the odor of rancid butter.

With the effect of sweat and bacteria this gets transformed into body odor. The vegetable belonging to the same group and similar effect are Broccoli & Cauliflower, must be avoided in order to stop underarm odor.


People consumes fish due to its health benefits along with its taste. But, you need to avoid certain fishes that can give rise to excessive undesirable body odor. These are the sea water fishes that are salty in nature.

Avoid red meat to stop underarm smell

You must have heard about the variety of negative effect of the red meat.

You can consume it sometime in order to relish its taste, but in the long run regular consumption can give rise to the variety of health issues. The enzymes in your body react with the red meat and give rise to excessive bad odor.

Stop junk food to stop underarm bad smell

The dietitian and health experts have been invariably asking to avoid junk food not only for its increase in weight, rather it can also give rise to unusual body odor with the bacterial effect.

Broccoli and cauliflower

If you are fighting to control armpit odor you should stop taking vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. These cruciferous vegetables contain sulfur which is broken down to smelly compounds in the body through digestion. So, to control armpit odor, stay away from these vegetables.

Foods that can help in controlling armpit odor

Citrus fruits

For controlling armpit odor you should increase your intake of citrus fruits. Citrus fruits give a good dose of fiber to the body and the high amount of Vitamin C present in these fruits also help in flushing out the odor causing toxic elements quickly from the body.

So, include more oranges, grapefruits and other fruits from the citrus family in your daily diet for controlling armpit odor.

Wheat grass juice

For fighting armpit odor or body odor as a whole wheatgrass juice can be most effective.

Wheatgrass contains a lot of chlorophyll which has the ability to counteract body odor. You can easily prepare a glass of fresh wheatgrass juice and drink it once or twice in a day to control armpit odor considerably.

Aromatic herbs

Consuming herbs like rosemary, thyme, lavender, mint, sage and cilantro regularly in your diet can be effective to control armpit odor.

These herbs come with their own aroma and their essential oils not only helps in better digestion but are also believed to lower the problem of body odor. So, if you are suffering from strong armpit odor, include more of these aromatic herbs in your regular diet.


Celery is the other leafy vegetable that can be useful for controlling body odor. It has the ability to remove toxins from the body quickly which can effectively reduce body odor.

Apart from that, celery also contains vital vitamins and nutrients that promote better digestive health helping the body to get rid of toxins quickly.


Parsley is known for its purifying effects on the body. It has large amount of chlorophyll which helps in alkalizing the body.

Parsley helps in production of more red blood cells and it helps the body to get rid of toxins quickly. So, instead of using parsley only for garnishing your dishes, include more of it in your daily diet to fight armpit odor.