Winter skin care tips for men, women – How to get rid of winter skin?

Our skin won’t be in the same nature in all the seasons, to protect it from every varying season, your skin care habits and living style needed to be changed. Let us see some tips to be followed in the winter season.

The weather change affects your skin very much. Especially, winter when the weather is cold and dry the moisture inside the skin and decomposes very quickly. The skin is much more exposed to bacteria and germs and your skin becomes dull, dark, and loses its original color. There are many ways to protect your skin with this article.

One of the best mantra to get rid of the skin dryness during winter will be moisturizing of skin repeatedly. Different people have different ways of getting themselves moisturized. You need to have a proper protection over your skin tone so that the extreme temperature of the winter will not be able to touch you ever after. Let us find out some ways to get rid of winter skin for both men and women. This article will speak all about it.

Best tips to follow during the winter to protect skin

Moisturize immediately after bathing

Homemade winter packs

After you bath make it a point to apply your moisturizer immediately. Your skin is in need of moisture all the time especially after you take a shower. This helps the skin seal the moisture when you come out after a shower. This is so because dampness helps sealing moisture and our skin is sufficiently damp after we bath.

Change your cleanser in winter

Always make sure that you use a more hydrating and moisturizing cleanser during the winters as cleansers are generally very dry and deprive your skin of all the moisture. Using a more hydrating cleanser will help the skin regain its moisture back. Also, do not leave it dry for more than 30 seconds after you wash your face off. Use a moisturizer immediately.

Deep cleanse your face at night

When the nights are extremely cold just use a face wipe your skin with a facial toner. This helps in freshening up the skin without damaging the skin’s lipid cover. The lipid cover keeps your skin moisturized and does let the moisture evaporate. Always remember to clean your skin properly before going to bed.

Use enzymes to peel away flakiness

If one’s skin is dry it is due the increased number of dead cells. The dry skin also prevents the moisture to get in your skin. Thus, in this case one can go for enzyme peeling for about two times a week. This process works chemically and eats up all the dry cells of your skin without affecting your skin in any other way.

Treat your skin with AHA and Vitamin- C

During winters it is very common that your skin feels tired and dull. It is then when you need to treat it with Vitamin C. In the daytime, before the sun gets too strong just apply a face peel with Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Treatment with AHA is only possible during the winters as doing it in summer will lead to pigmentation of your skin.

Apply an Antioxidant serum

Winter is the perfect time to use serums for skin care. One exception is that it must be alcohol free. Antioxidant serum can be used all round the year but first one must apply a Vitamin C formula as a first layer on the skin. The composition of both will help in reducing sun spots and premature fine lines. Also, use a sunscreen at the end.

DIY masks for winter skin care

One of the best products that you can simply make at home with relative ease is a DIY hydrating face mask. They can really help you get the much-needed moisture when your skin is being stripped of it. Using natural moisturizing agents like honey, aloe vera, avocados, yogurts, bananas or oils like jojoba or olive oils to make a paste or cream and leaving on for around 10-30 minutes can give you lasting hydration. These masks are also free of any harsh chemicals, so they are actually healthier than store-bought versions.

Avoid toxins, Allergens or Irritants

If you suffer from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, any allergen or irritant may trigger your skin and cause a flare up. In the winters, since the skin loses moisture, it becomes more fragile, so try to avoid any fabrics that may irritate the skin. Wash your clothes in mild cleansers instead of detergents laden with chemicals and use a fabric softener for added softness.

Cracked heels

Best tips for dry skin

Most of us know the pain that accompanies dry, cracked heels that is a part and parcel of winter. If untreated, these cracks may turn extremely painful and can even start bleeding. While lighter foot lotions may feel good enough for the summers, they are basically ineffective in the winters. For store bought lotions, try ones that are laden with glycerin or petroleum jelly. Exfoliating is a key step to ensure that you get the dead skin off your feet and enable the moisturization to soak into your skin faster.

If you are looking for a DIY foot treatment, a good way to go is to soak your feet in warm water for around 15 minutes, scrub with pumice stone to get rid of excess dead skin. Apply a good quality apricot cream and tie a piece of gauze around the heels like a bandage and leave on all night. Repeat daily for a week to get the best results.


Humidifiers can be a great investment if you have dry skin during the winter as they can add the moisture back into the air in your home and prevent the lack of moisture from drying out your skin further. Invest in multiple small humidifiers throughout the home to get an even dispersion of moisture in the air.

Reduce the frequency of using masks

If your skin is feeling dry and itchy, avoid using any type of masks, peels or toners and astringents that have an alcohol base as they can make your skin drier by absorbing vital oils from your skin. Using a cleansing milk, mild cleansers and alcohol-free toners are better options as well as deep hydration masks can help to reduce the drying out of skin. Use them less often to keep your skin happy and hydrated.

Say no to extremely hot baths

While it does feel incredible to soak in a really hot bath after being in the freezing cold, it can actually do harm by breaking down lipid barriers of the skin to cause a loss of moisture in the skin. Take short baths in lukewarm water instead. Additionally, adding baking soda or oatmeal to a bath can relieve dry, itchy skin.

Time to additional dresses

Home remedies for moisturizing dry skin

Invest some amount of gloves to wear them whenever you feel like the chill is more. The moisture levels of the skin become weak with the decrease in the temperature, to protect it you need to do it. Wearing a skin scarf around the face is more crucial as the cold winds might theft your hydration. At the same time wear a hat to make you feel warm and also to protect your hair.

Protection from sun in winter

Though the season is leading by cold temperatures, the sun may play with your skin and damage it. In the day time, stick your skin with sun blocks like titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Also add ultraviolet rays, blocking eye shades to prevent the wrinkles.

Regulate the blood circulation protection in winter

In the winter, it is natural that the blood is circulation is slow. To regulate it, go for dry brushing. For this take the help of a long handled and natural bristle brush. Start brushing feet and follow the upward direction. Give gentle strokes on sensitive areas and circular motions on the stomach and abdomen. After you finished doing with brush take a shower

Bathing precautions in winter for better skin

In the winter skin becomes drier and dry. So, it’s necessary to abandon the usage of soaps. Soaps will take out the moisture and leads to itchy skin. Use moisturizing body washes or homemade bath powders. You can use besan to wash your skin, it adds moisture to the skin.

If your skin is too sensitive then apply coconut oil before going to shower, it will work as a natural cleanser. People pertaining to oil skin can take the help of aloe vera. After the step out from the shower, apply good moisturizer to the whole body.

Natural hair conditioner during winter

Best moisturizes for dry skin

Apply just a few drops of coconut oil to your scalp and cover with shower cap and wrap the head with a towel. The natural body temperature will increase the oil’s ability and turns it to perform as a natural conditioner. After 15 to 20 minutes, rinse off hair normally.

Moisturize for winter skin care

Cold winds and air are not good for skin and hair. Use emollients like jojoba, sweet almond oil to promote the moisture. While you are outing lock the moisture with the help of coconut oil or Shea butter. Pick the products that contain nicotinamide or B3, they help to regulate epidermal lipogenesis and moisturizes the skin when it is dull.

Food habits during winter

Be sure to add your diet with omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Fat soluble vitamins A, D, and E also play a vital role for healthy skin. Drink up to 8 glasses of water as water hydrates your body very well.

Be sensitive for winter skin care

Skin problems like dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema become worse in the winter season. To get rid of the season irritations, always pat the skin after a shower and sleep in silks. Put on natural fabrics like cotton. Soothe skin from the Calendula or cucumber extracts. Use cleansing milks that are contained with aloe vera and camomile.

Identify your skin type

Face creams for dry skin

Winter is a problem for dry skin people. So, it is better to find out the skin type. You need to identify which product works for your skin and makes your skin smooth. Skin care types such as shiny, oily, skin to dry and tight with the majority of falling somewhere between the middle. It is often dealing with a combination of the two. At an extreme, there are certain skin types that play vital role which products will work for you to best protect yourself this winter.

Eye care is an important task during winter

The skin around your eye is the most important area. It has a huge effect on whether we look healthy and refreshed or tired. So, we are even more likely to see dark circles appearing under eyes due to lack of sufficient sleep, stress, tiredness. It is better to think about taking an extra bit of care. Eye roll can be a bit more expensive but last a long time. The cold ball is used to roll that helps to reduce swelling around the eyes in the morning. Select the product that best suits and protects skin that gives your eyes with an extra spark.

Drinking a sufficient amount of water

Water is the best thrown around in the summer is to take a high amount of water. This is an easy process to keep your skin hydrated. It also helps to remove toxins present in your body. We desire to drink cold water during summer, but when the cold weather sets to opt for a tea and coffee the water cooler becomes. It is a distant memory. Water is the best hidden product that helps in grooming guide and keeps you hydrated that will provide your skin with essential vitamins and minerals that needed to look healthy and happy this winter.