Healthy foods & Supplements

It doesn’t matter what diet plan you have, as long as it balances a reasonable mix of lean protein, good carbohydrates, plenty of vegetables and healthy oils too. The oil aspect is something that few people understand clearly.

A certain amount of oil is needed in the body for proper functioning. It’s a little like the old saying about everything in moderation and not having excess. It’s possible to avoid major health issues by keeping to this simple idea, but it’s not easy to pull off.

Here are some health food and supplement suggestions that should be present in your current eating plan.

Giving your energy a boost

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A naturally occurring part of both butter and currently popular coconut oil is medium chain triglycerides. These are chemicals that have been found to give your body a pep in its step and are useful in the morning with a cup of coffee.

For someone trying to get off caffeine, this might be a naturally-occurring alternative to adjust into over time too.

Quest Nutrition has produced Quest MCT Powder, which synthesizes the medium chain triglycerides to make them easily consumable in convenient pill form.

These are utilized by the human body faster than the alternative long-chain triglycerides, and often give a burst of energy just when it is needed.

Getting enough good oils

One of the reasons that low-fat diets fail so frequently is that the human body needs a certain amount of good oils for proper functioning. When the body is starved of oils on a low-fat diet, the cravings do not go away. It can cause overeating, which is why low-fat diets aren’t ideal in many cases.

Healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil instead of vegetable oil provide a healthy dose of the necessary oil the body requires without causing a problem for the arteries. Clogging up the arteries with saturated fats is a leading cause of cardiac arrest and long-term heart problems. Even discounting saturated fats, a high level of several types of cholesterol from fried foods is a major concern and something to minimize for optimal health.

Going nuts for nuts

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Eating a small handful of nuts is a good option for people who do not have known nut allergies (if you’re unsure, check with your physician first). Nuts contain a good dose of soluble fiber, protein, and fats that are healthy for the heart. Blood sugar levels get a stabilizing factor when we consume more fibrous food and it helps people already diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. The monounsaturated fats present in nuts reduces LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) and the omega-3 present isn’t bad either.

Walnuts and almonds and even peanuts are good for you. It’s best that they aren’t in the packet with salt added or roasted or honey-coated. They’re also a non-messy office snack too (bring your toothpick).

For any diet to work, you must be able to stick to the plan. That doesn’t mean suffering for the sake of weight loss. A diet is more of an eating plan, which should be easily sustainable over a few months or years without causing major discomfort. This way, will you stick to it.