Guava benefits for skin, hair and health care

Guava is a common fruit in Indian households. The easy availability of this fruit in most parts of the country often makes us overlook the great health benefits this fruit can offer. A guava is not less healthy than an apple and it can always make one of the healthiest fresh fruits in your platter. The fruit is not only good for health, but also used as beauty care with guava.

Apart from the fruit itself, the guava leaves also have some amazing medicinal properties and they have been used in treating a number of conditions and skin problems since ancient times. So, go through the skin care tips with guava for quick results.

Guava is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C as well as minerals like copper, manganese and magnesium. Guava also has a number of cancer fighting flavoring and petrochemicals that can be the key for a good health care benefits of guava.

Though it might sound unbelievable, but according to the fact sheet, a guava has more Vitamin C than an orange and the potassium content of guava can beat that of banana which is always preferred for its high potassium content.

In this article we will present a detailed idea about the top benefits of guava for skin, hair and health care.

Benefits of Guava for skin care

Guavas can help keep the Skin Hydrated

Health benefits of drinking guava juice

Our skin cells are made up of water majorly, and when our body does not have enough water, most of our organs refuse to function well.

In the same vein, if our skin layers do not get enough water that’s needed, the skin layer becomes dry and flaky; these dry skin layers boosts wrinkling.

Guava is an outstanding fruit that contains a lot of water which can help to keep our skin hydrated.  Hydrated skin cells are necessary for the development of new skin cells.

Guavas are Natural Skin Toners

Guavas are rich in astringent properties which are known for keeping the skin layer free of blemishes and acne. Guava can help tighten up skin muscles thereby improving skin texture and restoring the lost elasticity of the skin.

Benefits of guava leaves for hair care

Guava has Antibacterial Properties

The antibacterial properties of guava will help your hair steer clear of infections. Guava leaves are active against blackheads that are caused by the clogging of hair roots by inactive skin cells. Guavas are very potent in treating scalp infections and can also be used to soothe the scalp.

Promotes Healthier Hair

Guava leaves possess active vitamins that can enhance collagen production which is versatile in boosting hair growth. A paste made from guava leaves and honey can also be very useful in treating hair split ends. Guavas also possess antioxidants that can help protect your hair from damage.

How to use Guava leaves extract on your hair

Boil 5-8 guava leaves in one liter of water, filter out the fluid and wait for it to cool. Wash your hair and towel dry until it’s almost dry. Apply the guava liquid solution, massage well and make sure the solution sits saturates the hair tips as well. Leave the mixture in your hair for 2 hours or for as long as you wish, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Benefits of guava for health care

Guava can fight cancer

Beauty & nutrition benefits of guava

Guava is rich in antioxidants that can help in fighting cancer and abnormal growths in the body. It contains lycopene in sufficient amount, which is a well-known agent for fighting prostate and breast cancer.

Apart from lycopene, guava combines nutrients like Vitamin C, flavoring, beta-carotene, Cryptographic and lute in that helps in fighting the free radicals providing protection against cancer. These antioxidants can even be effective to induce apoptosis or cell death in the cancerous growth and hence can reduce the risk of cancer by many folds.

Guava boosts the immunity

Uses of guava are one of the best fruits around that it has maximum Vitamin C content along with Vitamin A and other nutrients that are vital for a strong immunity. A good immunity can easily save you from regular common infections and can be the best way to lead a disease free life.

By including 1 guava in your daily diet you can actually make sure that your immune system is at its pick which will free you from the daily worries of common cough, cold and fever. The health care benefits of guava results in increase of immunity system.

Guava for a better heart health

Guava can promote overall cardiovascular health.  Guava has high fiber content which helps in absorbing the bad cholesterol from the body, increasing the percentage of good cholesterol in the system. The fruit is hypoglycemic in nature which also helps in controlling the cholesterol levels in the blood.

The high amount of potassium present in guava ensures a better heart health and can prevent heart attacks. So, if you have cardiovascular problems or if you have been suffering from high pressure, including guava in your daily diet can be a wise choice.

Promotes digestive health

Guava has high fiber content that helps in better digestion and also treats digestive problems like constipation effectively.  The seeds of guava are considered as natural laxative that work as a cleanser for the digestive system and can be effective even to treat infections of the digestive system.

The high amount of insoluble fibers present in guava promotes movement of the bowel from colon and also promotes the absorption of nutrients in the gut. A healthy digestive system is important for a healthy life and guava is a real boon for your digestive system.

Can treat diabetes

Use of the guava leaves for treating diabetes has long been a part of the folk medicine. Studies have also found that the skinned fruit of guava as well as the leaves might be effective to lower the blood sugar levels by promoting the absorption of sucrose and maltose in the body.

In Japan, tea made from the dried guava leaves has been used for treating diabetes since ancient times. Peeled guava is also used as a treatment for diabetes in many other parts of the world.

Promotes eyesight

Guava has good Vitamin A content which can be very helpful for promoting better eye sight. Consumption of guava regularly reduces the risk of conditions like night blindness. It also deters the formation of cataract in the eyes and can be effective for preventing muscular degeneration.

Guava makes an ideal fruit for children as well as for elderly as it helps in the development as well as the maintenance of the visual systems and eyesight. Eyesight is one of the health care benefits of guava.

Helps in better cognitive functions

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Guava has B vitamins. It is particularly rich in niacin and pyrimidine which are known for promoting blood circulation in the brain helping the brain to work better. The B vitamins also help in releasing stress, which naturally improves the cognitive abilities.

The magnesium present in guava helps in the relaxation of nerves and muscles. Guava can be effective to promote the production of feel good hormone in the brain, which can be very helpful for treating conditions like mood swings and anxiety.

Guava the right fruit for pregnancy

Guava contains folic acid, which performs an important role in the neural development of the baby. Deficiency of folic acid in the body of the expecting mother can lead to the improper neural development of the child which can even lead to early miscarriage.

Folic acid helps in building the neural system of the fetus and ensures a safe and healthy pregnancy. So, for pregnant women, taking guava regularly is a healthy choice.

Guava leaves for toothache and healthy gums

Guava leaves are known for their potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They can quickly treat tooth infections giving relief in tooth ache. Guava leaves are also healthy for the gums and they are known for curing gum conditions like pyorrhea. It can also be effective to cure swollen gums and can promote an overall better oral hygiene.

Benefits of guava for skin care

Fights signs of skin aging

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Beauty care with guava is due to the presence of highly potent antioxidants like Vitamin A and C. These antioxidants reduce the effects of free radicals on the skin and control the signs of premature aging including formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

The lycopene present in guava protects the skin from the harmful environmental agents ensuring an overall better skin health. This is one of the beauty care guava tips to get rid of anti-aging skin.

Skin care tips with guava to treat acne

Guava leaves have natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make them ideal for treating skin infections including pimples and acne. Uses of guava include in the treatment of minor skin infections and skin allergies.

Protects skin from UV radiation

If you are tired of trying all beauty products that are available in the market, then don’t be late to try these beauty care guava tips for skin fairness. The lycopene present in guava is known as an effective agent for protecting the skin from UV radiation. One should protect from the sun especially in summer as it is very hot and your skin may get damaged. You should try this beauty care with guava to get naturally glowing skin.

Benefits of guava leaves for hair care

Best fruits to control hair fall

Guava leaves are believed to be effective in stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth. A concoction or a pack made from guava leaves can be used on the scalp to get the benefits.

Eating guava supplies a number of vitamins and minerals to the body and the unique constituent of this fruit also promotes better absorption of nutrients from the food. Proper absorption of nutrients can easily treat hair and scalp problems. You should try this tip of guava leaves for hair care to get long and thin hair.