How to gain flawless skin with amazing juices?

Beauty has always been measured by a person’s glowing and flawless skin, and to get the beautiful looking healthy skin is possible only if we look after what we are eating. Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to cosmetics, face packs, anti-aging products but these products looks after only the external skin which means only half of the skin care is looked after. Skin also needs many different nutrients to function efficiently such as vitamins and minerals which can be taken from fruits and vegetable and also it will slow down the aging of the skin.

  • The easy method for having pure nutrition on a daily basis is juicing which rejuvenates and hydrates the skin from inside.
  • Juicing is considered to be better than eating the whole fruit or vegetable as the nutrients enters the bloodstream directly.
  • Liver’s proper functioning is also related to healthy skin as raw juice of fruits and vegetables helps in the removal of toxins and chemicals and also in liver regeneration.
  • It is good have juice daily in the mid-morning or evening. A juice detox diet can be followed for 3 days every month.

Mango, cucumber and spinach smoothie

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A smoothie rich in vitamin A is the key to naturally glowing skin. Cures made in home should include mangoes which are having antioxidants which reduce pigmentation and age spots, and all other signs of skin aging. Skin tan can be removed with the help of Vitamin A present mangoes giving a glowing skin. Cucumber improves skin complexion and also removes freckles while spinach can detox the system and helps in purification of blood, thus reduction in the breaking out of pimples and acne.


  • Mango- ½ Cup
  • Cucumber – 1
  • Spinach – Handful

Peel the cucumber along with the mango, mash the flesh of the ripe mango and also chop off the spinach and mix it all in a food processor. Pour it in a tall glass and enjoy it.

Cantaloupes, carrots and celery smoothie

This is known as the Triple C smoothie which is rich in antioxidants such a Vitamin C and beta carotene. Cantaloupes hydrating power helps in the maintenance of the youthful elasticity which the skin has and also keep it soft. The folic acid in the cantaloupes helps in skin regeneration while Vitamin C increases the production of collagen which has anti-aging properties. Formation of wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced with the help of high Vitamin A and C content in carrots along with correcting unequal skin tone. Celery is good for removal of toxins.


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  • Cantaloupe Slices – 3 to 4
  • Carrots – 3
  • Celery Stalk – 2

Chop the celery and cut the cantaloupes and carrots into medium in size cubes and mix it all in a food processor along with ½ cup of water.

Lettuce, mint and cucumber smoothie

Green smoothie improves skin complexion and keeps the skin soft and supple. Lettuce is important for a flawless skin diet as only 6 leaves of it contains a large amount of Vitamin A which helps in skin cell regeneration. Potassium in lettuce improves the oxygen circulation inside the skin and supplies it to the cells. Mint cleanses the skin and reduces the breaking out of pimples and acne.


  • Cucumbers – 3
  • Romaine Lettuce – 1 small head
  • Mint leaves – A handful
  • Lemon Juice – 2 tablespoon

Chop the cucumber after peeling it and mix it in a food processor along with lettuce and mint leaves adding ½ cup of water. After blending it well add the lemon juice and pour it in a tall glass and enjoy with ice cubes.

Apple, strawberry and kale smoothie

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Juice of strawberry is a rich source of ellagic acid, folate and Vitamin C, all three have inflammatory properties which neutralizes damage of cells due to free radicals which mainly causes aging of skin, age spots and wrinkles. It also protects the skin from UV rays of the sun which can cause skin cancer. Apple helps in cleansing and softening of skin and gives a skin a flawless appearance. Kale which is rich in Vitamin A and K helps in prevention of dry and flaky skin, a major reason for premature skin aging.


  • Apple – 1
  • Strawberries – 2 cups
  • Kale – 6 leaves

Chop the strawberries and also the kale, take the seeds out from the apple. Mix it all in a food processor along with 1/4th cup of water. Pour it in a tall glass and enjoy.

Orange, broccoli and water cress smoothie

Oranges which is rich in Vitamin C improves the skin tone and brighten up the skin. It helps in the restoration of collagen in the skin which supports the structure of cells and keeps the skin youthful preventing wrinkle and sagging. Broccoli is loaded with antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E which increases production of collagen and also protects the cell membranes of the skin against damages occurring due to the UV rays. Watercress is another name for face lift. It is rich in beta carotene and helps in preventing skin aging.


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  • Oranges – 3
  • Broccoli – 1 cup
  • Watercress – 1 handful

Peel the oranges, chop the water cress, take 1 cup of chopped broccoli and mix it all in the food processor till it forms a smooth paste. Enjoy by serving it in a tall glass.

Beets, cucumber and red apple smoothie

Juice of beetroot is a natural cure for wrinkles and aging of skin. It is also rich in folate, carotenoids and Vitamin A thus helps in the overall improvement of the health of the skin and also increases the blood flow. Lycopene which is also present in juice of beetroot prevents sagging of skin and maintains elasticity of skin. This smoothie is considered to be the best remedy for a flawless and healthy skin.


  • Beet Roots – 2
  • Red Apple – 1
  • Cucumber – 1

Wash the beetroot and peel it along with the cucumbers, chop both of them along with the apples and mix it in the food processor adding ½ cup of water. Enjoy it by sprinkling chia seed powder on the top.

Sweet potato, spinach and ginger smoothie

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The yellow or orange flesh of the potato is rich in beta-carotene which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties protecting the cells from oxidative stress. It is also loaded with Vitamin B6, C and D which is beneficial for the skin health overall. Ginger juice helps in removal of toxins from the blood, increases circulation of blood and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, also it improves skin tone and treats hyperpigmentation and dark spots.


  • Sweet Potato – 2
  • Spinach – A handful
  • Ginger – 1 inch piece

Chop the spinach, wash and peel the sweet potato then cut into medium cubes. Add all the ingredients in food processor with ½ cup of water. Serve in a serving mug and enjoy.

Pineapple, cucumber and parsley smoothie

Vitamin C in the pineapple helps in cleansing of skin and reduces acne and pimples. It also has antioxidants which can neutralize cell damage. Parsley which has Vitamin C and K are vital for collagen production and maintaining elasticity of skin. Beta carotene which is present in parsley heals dry and flaky skin and controls sebum production, reducing acne and pimples.


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  • Pineapple – 1 cup
  • Parsley – A handful
  • Cucumber – 1

Chop the pineapple, cucumber and parsley and mix it in a food processor adding ½ cup of water. Pour in a tall serving glass and enjoy.

Cabbage, cucumber and carrots smoothie

Cabbage being rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene and selenium, preserves the youthfulness of the skin and also being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent prevents cell damage due to free radicals and oxidative stress.  This smoothie is a natural anti-aging smoothie.


  • Cabbage leaves – 6 (large)
  • Carrots – 2
  • Cucumber – 1

First wash and then chop the cucumbers, cabbage leaves and carrots and mix all of it adding ½ cup of water in a food processor. Add a dash a of lemon juice and enjoy.

Pear, lemon and cucumber smoothie

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Pears are rich source of dietary fibers which controls sugar spikes that damages collages, thus maintaining the youthfulness of the skin. It also keeps the skin texture smooth and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fickles and age spots. Also the vitamin C in it fights the free radicals. Lemon juice keeps the skin radiant and glowing by removal of toxins, harmful chemicals and impurities from the blood.


  • Pears – 2 (large)
  • Cucumber – 1
  • Lemon – 1

Peel the pears and remove the seeds, then chop it in to medium size cubes and also chop the cucumber. Mix the cucumber and pear in a food processor and add the juice of lemon and blend. Serve in a tall glass and enjoy.