Top beauty and nutrition benefits of guava

Guava is a fruit that has number of health benefits. Even you can get variety of beauty benefits after consuming guava. It is associated with myriad of tiny and hard seeds placed at the centre. This is a variety of seasonal tropical fruit which is widely available in Indian market. If you have high cholesterol and triglyceride, the best way to lower it in a natural way is to consume guava. It has a wonderful flavor and taste that is refreshing for human being. Apart from it you can get variety of beauty benefits that will keep your skin glowing. Guava is loaded with nutrition and rich source of vitamins. You can get daily requirement of vitamin C in your body with a single guava fruit.

Health benefits of guava

Eye sight

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Vitamin A and retinal are the key points for the good eye sight. Guava consists of retinal and will improves the eye sight.

Fiber rich

Guava’s are rich in fiber content which is main to decrease the blood sugar levels. It also cleanses the digestive system and balances the bowel movement.

High potassium

Potassium in guavas normalize the blood pressure levels and decreases the risk factor of hypertension. You can find the same amounts of potassium in guava and banana.

Good for thyroid gland

The traces of copper in guava will promote for the good functioning of the thyroid gland and eliminates the health which are associated with it.

Absorption power

The compound manganese in the guava improves the level of body absorption power and helps to get all the nutrients and proteins.

Nervous relaxation

Guava which are rich in magnesium helps to function as a nervous relaxant. It relaxes the muscle and nerves of the body and boost the energy.

Cough and cold

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During change of season, people suffer from cough and cold. Every time it is not recommended to have medicines and antibiotics. This will reduce your immunity level. Instead you can go for natural way, i.e consumption of guava. This will help you stay away from cough and cold.


If you have the problem of constipation, it will be resolved with the guava intake. But make sure that the guava is completely ripe. If the guava is little raw that can give you adverse effect. But, the ripe guava is a wonderful remedy for stop constipation for individual.

Good for brain health

You can get better brain with the regular consumption of guava. Since it has vitamin B3 and B6, your brain health will be widely improved. This will increase blood flow in your brain and regularize the brain function. Stimulating the cognitive function is also done with the help of guava. It is also having vitamin B6 which will provide great nutrient for nerve and brain. Thus, you can get a wider focus of your brain and sharpen your logical sense.

Beauty benefits of guava

Skin color

The vitamin K present in the guava treats the skin from uneven color and discoloration. In the reduction of dark circles, acne irritation  and patchiness the vitamin k is the main vitamin and is rich in guava.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C present in the guava improves the production of collagen which intern  improves the skin firmness. With the help of the same collagen anti-aging can be reduced.


Blend the leaves of guava with water and scrub it gently on the blackheads area. Try the same for two times a week to watch the clear and blackheads free skin.

Hair care

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To dull down the hair fall, boil the guava leaves in water and allow it to reach the room temperature. After that, apply it over the scalp and massage it.

Glowing skin

Guava has wonderful property which can provide adequate vitamin C to your skin which in turn will help your skin glowing and attractive. You don’t need any chemicals and cosmetics to apply on your skin. You can stay natural with cosmetic free and consume guava on a regular basis.

Weight loss

Today, most of the people are very cautious about their body shape. They want to stay presentable in front of the crowd. It is only possible only if you can reduce some weight of yours. People try of variety of exercise and diet chart in order to stay fit. But only few seem to have worked. You can now try out consuming guava which will help losing weight of yours.

Improving skin tone

You can now get improved skin tone with the help of guava consumption on a regular basis. The extract of Guava is used in many beauty products to make the skin tone brighter and attractive. If you can consume guava on a regular basis, no one can stop you get attractive skin.