Latest blouse designs for net sarees

Net sarees have been a popular trend in the fashion world for the last couple of years, and the trend is here to stay. The gorgeous and sleek look of the net sarees coupled with the light weight makes them a popular choice of fashionistas, celebrities and fashion designers. Another thing about net sarees that make it a preferred choice for many women is the ease of wearing and carrying it.

These sarees look most stylish and can give any women a beautiful and gracious look. Net sarees are also available in extensive color, type and design making it one of the most preferred options for party and wedding wear.

25Half- net blouse design with one side floral work

Latest blouse designs for silk sarees

This beautiful blouse has a round neck that covers till the collarbone. While the lower part and sleeves of the blouse are solid, the part, covering the upper chest is made from same color net material. Heavy floral maggam work along with mirrors is present covering one side of the blouse.

24Sleeveless net blouse design with intricate thread work

This net blouse design can be most stylish when paired properly with a net saree. The maximum part of this blouse is made from white net material which is thoroughly covered with intricate, black colored thread work in the lower region. The work reduces as it approaches the neck.

23Halter neck back net

Latest kalamkari blouse designs

This is another latest and unique blouse design for net sarees. This halter neck blouse has a net lace made back design that runs through the middle and joins through buttons. The solid sides of the blouse make the lower part of the blouse. Pair this up with a simple net saree to look most stylish.

22Mid-joined back halter neck blouse design for net sarees

This blouse does not use the net material, but it makes a perfect match to wear with the net sarees. It has halter neck and the back has a really unique design. Use of designed lace at the borders has given this blouse a completely different appearance.

21Half-half net blouse with intricate floral work

Simple blouse designs

The upper body of this blouse till the neckline and the sleeves are made from net material while the lower part of the blouse is solid. The intricate multi colored floral work on the net part of the design gives it the signature look. Also note the all-over work on the body.

20High neck mid open back blouse design

This blouse design has solid high collar covered with silver zari and the waist strap is also solid. Rest of the back and the sleeves are made from net and the blouse is clasped at the collar and waist.The middle opening at the back gives it a trendy touch.

19air hostess mid-sleeve net blouse design

Best blouse designs

This gorgeous blouse has net made sleeves and the back opening is also covered with the same transparent net material. Heavy zari work on both the sides and on the waist strap gives it a unique look. Pair this up with a net saree to get the perfect look.

18Self-floral design half-half net blouse

This blouse is ideal for net sarees. The blouse has a high neck with bead works and a solid waistline. The back as well as the sleeves is made from self-designed net which gives it a gorgeous and stylish appearance.

17Net-covered back opening short sleeve blouse

Latest Blouse designs collection

If you are looking for a trendy blouse design to pair up with your net saree, this one can be a perfect match. The blouse has heavy, beaded round neckline and the solid material makes a “U” cut opening at the back, which is then covered with see through net material with floral patch work. The sleeves are also made of net.

16“U” neck floral patch work blouse for net sarees

This gorgeous blouse has a deep ‘U’ shaped back cut highlighted through floral patchwork. Most part of the back cut is covered with a semi-transparent material that leaves a small “u” neck shaped opening at the back.

The sleeves are mid-length and they include heavy worked borders. Heavy patchwork on the semi-transparent material gives this blouse the unique look.

15Heavy all over embroidered blouse design for net sarees

Beautiful wedding saree blouse designs collections

This unique blouse design can add glamour to any net saree. The blouse has all body covering heavy embroidered work in multiple colors. The sleeves are mid-length and the neckline ends just below the collar bone. The blouse has a small front slit at the neckline.

14Mid opening blouse design for net sarees

This blouse uses the net material intelligently in combination with the solid material for a unique look. The waist strap is solid and back opening widens as the sides approaches towards the waist strap. The blouse has lace tying up design and can be perfect for net sarees to get the right look.

13High neck front slit short sleeve blouse design

Halter neck blouse designs

This blouse design has a high neck made of the same solid material which has been used to make the lower front of the blouse. The upper part of the blouse that joins with the collar is made from a self-designed net material. The front opening following the neck, gives this blouse a unique look.

12Halter neck half-half net blouse with front opening

This stylish net blouse has halter neck design and the net material joins directly with the collar. The opening at the front coupled with the self- design of the solid material used to make the lower part of the blouse gives it a stylish look. This blouse can be paired with any net saree for any occasions and even for day time parties.

11Heavy worked solid blouse with triangular front opening

Boat neck blouse designs

This beautiful blouse has all over heavy works which gives it a unique look. The sleeves are short and extend only for an inch after the shoulder. The neck is high and round.

The unique part in this blouse design is the front cut, which makes a triangular opening with the sweetheart cutting of the blouse. This blouse can be ideal for pairing with a net saree.

10Net blouse back design for net sarees

This blouse has a solid material based heavily worked design that makes more or less a “U” shape back cut that narrows near the shoulders. The net material starts from where the solid material ends and it covers the back cut in a round shape and finally ends at the shoulder line. The blouse has lace fastener near the neck. This blouse design can look gorgeous with any net saree.

9Half-half net blouse with all over thread work

Embellished saree blouse designs

This beautiful blouse can make a perfect pair with any net saree. The blouse is made from half-net and half silk material. There is a round back opening and the two sides are fastened together at the top with lace. Intricate multi colored tread work on the net gives this blouse the unique look.

8High neck transparent blouse back design for net sarees

This blouse design comes with a thick collar and the waist strap of the blouse is also quite thick. The rest of the back is covered with see-through material that comes with running buttons through the middle. Pair this up with any net saree and dazzle in the crowd.

7Puff sleeve blouse with net back cover and sleeves

Princess cut blouse designs collection

In this puff blouse design the net material has been used intelligently. There is intricate multicolored maggam work tracing the “U” back neck cut and the opening created by the back neck design is covered with net material to finish in air hostess neck. The sleeves are made from net and they are puffed to get a different look.

6Golden lace blouse design for net sarees

This unique blouse is made from golden colored lace with all over floral self-design. The lining and padding of the blouse covers the blouse body while the area around the neck and the shoulder straps are transparent. The blouse is sleeveless and has wide but shallow round neck and back buttons.

5Sequin puff sleeved blouse design for net sarees

Sabyasachi blouse designs

This beautiful blouse comes with all over heavy sequin work which makes it really gorgeous. The sweetheart neck design and puffed short sleeves complete the look. This blouse can look extraordinary when paired with a net saree.

4Embroidered net and silk blouse design for net sarees

This beautiful half-net half solid blouse has a very classy look to it and it makes a perfect bridal or party wear.

The blouse has air hostess neck. The upper part of the blouse is made from intricately embroidered transparent net material and the lower part is made from solid cream colored silk material.

The mid opening at the back at the joining of the two materials completes the look. This blouse design is perfect for pairing with net sarees.

3Sleeveless brocade blouse with netted back

Mirror work blouse designs

This sleeveless boat neck blouse has a unique back design. The transparent net material used to cover the whole of the back has unique temple shaped self- design which gives the blouse a completely different look.

The waist strap of the blouse is made from brocade material and the sleeves has inward curved pattern at the back. This is an ideal blouse design for net sarees.

2Multicolor sequined blouse with solid and sheer material

This blouse uses both solid and sheer material at the front and at the back. The solid lower part is intricately sequined in multicolor while the upper sheer section is devoid of any type of work and is completely plain.

The blouse has short sleeves and a unique back neck design that compliments the overall look. This blouse can make a stylish option for pairing with any net saree.

1Sheer blouse design with all over work

Low back blouse designs collection

Sheer blouses are always a good choice to be paired with net sarees and if the sheer blouse has all over work like this one, it can actually add a lot not only to your looks but also to the saree itself.

The intricate floral vine work with thread and zari spreads for the whole of the back of the blouse but do not cover it fully, which adds even more to the overall look. The central heavy design is surely the other point of attraction.

However, no matter how beautiful a net saree is in itself, it needs a proper blouse to pair with for the best look. Net sarees are transparent and you can pair them up with the most gorgeous blouses without making the blouse to hide behind the saree. Here is a list of blouse designs for net sarees to help you choose the latest blouse designs for net sarees with ease,