Latest maggam work blouse designs 2019

Traditional blouses might not be everyone’s choice but the beautiful works that traditional blouses have like maggam designs are worth to choose. They look grandeur and bring out the charm and beauty of Indian designs. These designs can be very intricate and can be ravishing and imperial.

Maggam work is one of the famous intricate Indian embroideries. There are innumerable designs and can also be changed or variation of the designs can also be made. If you have decided on a traditional look for your functions, here are a few of the most beautiful and picked out designs for you to decide the design and pattern for your blouse.

48Silk blouse with peacock design

This maggam work silk bridal blouse with well defined maggam work stands out with a beautiful beaded border on the round neckline. The peacock design on the border of elbow length sleeve compliments the bodywork of the blouse.

47Silk maggam work blouse with mango design

The maggam work on the border of the square back cut and elbow length sleeves looks very traditional and the bird motif and design on the arms looks exceptional.

46Bridal blouse with flower and leafy golden maggam work

The short sleeves wedding blouse with golden maggam work with simple neckline and low back cut with dori will make any bride a happy bride. The white stones studded in between designs look grandeur.

45Maggam work silk blouse with lotus border

Studded border along the neck and low back cut with a dori and elbow length sleeves with a band of studded stones and a pink gem in between and lotus border makes it a unique design.

44Long sleeved maggam work wedding blouse

Heavily embroidered maggam work with square-cut on the back and front along with studded flower relics on the entire blouse and elbow length sleeves is perfection. Flower creeper design with studded stones makes for impeccable design.

43Maggam work blouse with kundan stone design

Maggam work silk blouse with flower relic design made with kundan stones and golden maggan work as a border to long sleeves and neckline looks wonderful. A normal neckline will look good with low U cut and a dori at the back.

42Round cut work maggam design blouse

The round cut work blouse with birds on it is one of the famous maggan designs. Leafy creeper design on the blouse and golden maggan work border on the entire blouse looks chic.

41Golden bead studded maggam blouse

Heavy beautiful border of studded golden beads on the back and the round neckline is fascinating. The beautiful patchwork of maggam at the center of elbow length blouse and slanted striped Jardosi design is very classy.

40Elegant Golden maggam work blouse

The elbow length silk blouse with flower creeper maggam work and a broad border of animal maggam motif work is simple and classy. Round neck and deep or square cut or pot shape cut at the back would look wonderful.

39Checkered Zardosi maggam work bridal blouse

Checkered work all throughout the elbow length sleeves with a beautiful design at the center. The border of the round neckline is flower designed and looks incredible and the back is low cut with dori.

38Luxurious golden blouse

Golden blouses with such a traditional design cannot get prettier. The drop cut back and boat neck is adorned with beautiful golden creeper maggam design. The border of the elbow has a charm of its own because of the half flower design done with beads.

37Jeweler design maggam blouse

Jeweler style beaded maggam work is spaced particularly well and the peacock design on the border with normal cut neckline and backline looks rich.

36Flower and mango maggam design wedding blouse

This beautiful chic blouse with flower creeper design and a border of mango design on the elbow length blouse with piping on the border of the U shaped neckline is exquisite. The back design could have a low cut shape of any kind.

35Kundan stone studded blouse

Elbow length sleeve with maggam work with a gold piping border on square cut neckline is opulent. The flower creeper design with Kundan stone embedded in the design highlights the richness of the blouse.

34Mirror work blouse with maggam design

Checked zari work on the blouse with studs on the squares and mirror work on the squared cut back with silver maggam work on the border looks so chic. The dori and the latkans add to the glamour.

33Maggam work wedding silk blouse with flower work

Beautiful red silk blouse with low and wide princess cut with elbow length sleeves with broad golden maggam work. This design screams elegance!!!

32Pink princess cut back blouse

Short sleeved maggam work blouse with mirror work on the borders of the princess cut back and on the sleeves. The lotus and the leafy creeper maggam work looks stunning.

31Exquisite maggam work blouse with peacock border

The design of maggam work on the blouse looks stunning. The low back square cut and normal neckline would be suitable. The broad and intricate peacock motif on the border of the sleeve makes this blouse a one in a million.

30Maggam work silk blouse with golden work

You cannot deny that this short-sleeved blouse is a mix of simplicity and elegance. The broad golden border work along with the intricate maggam work designs on the entire body of the blouse makes look so good. The U cut back looks good on everyone!

29Funky traditional maggam work blouse

This blouse even though traditional in its design looks funky. Thanks to the mix and match of different colors. The design on the short sleeve with such a unique design on the border and body of the blouse looks beautiful.

28Blouse with zari border and maggam work

Broad zari border on the sleeve, pot cut back neck design with a flowery maggam blouse and checkered design on the half of the elbow length sleeve makes this design exclusive.

27Broad checkered blouse with bird motif

Maggam work on each box of the big checkered blouse with zari border on the entire blouse is one of a kind. The neckline can be round or a princess cut and the designs on the back also can vary.

26Creeper design maggam work

Golden colored leafy creeper design on short sleeves and low cut back makes this blouse very different. The dori and latkans bring out the overall appeal.

25Short sleeved maggam work bridal blouse

The intricate maggam work and beautiful multicolored design in the middle of the short sleeve look very different and grand. The broad deep round neckline compliments the golden border.

24Jewel design maggam work with Pearl dori

Well, this blouse is absolute royalty!!!! The square cut on the blouse, pearl dori and tassel looks stunning! The bracelet length sleeves are rare and the maggam work on the end border along with the jewelry design on the arm looks distinguished and beautiful!

23Maggam work blouse with long sleeves

Looking for a blouse for haldi functions??? This elbow length sleeved, low cut round back with a dori and a princess cut neckline with the beautiful maggam work of green studs and red design would leave people in wonder!

22Silk blouse with intricate maggam work

If intricate and heavy embroidery is your choice then this design will not disappoint you. The intricate design on the round neck blouse with beautiful maggam work and elbow length sleeves makes it one of a kind.

21Kundan design on sheer back

Look at this gem-studded Kundan styled boat neck blouse with a beautiful drop design on the sheer cloth! The short sleeves with studded maggam work on the border compliment the pink blouse.

20Purple blouse with art of women on the back

Look at this beauty!!! The women design with pearl embroidery and amazing maggam work on the elbow-length sleeves looks classic. The selling point is the hangings on the shoulder of the blouse and the multicolored border on the boat neck of the blouse.

19Orange blouse with red zari and maggam work

This blouse with zari border attached to its bracelet length sleeves and beautiful creeper and coin maggam work all over the blouse is not something you see everyday. It is very indo-western. The drop cut at the back and boat neck is also appealing.

18Pink blouse with bride-groom design

This is another design if you are interested in checkered blouses which are very much in fashion this year. The bride and groom figures in maggam work look exquisite and blend very well with the blouse pattern. The low round cut on the back and neckline suits the pattern of the blouse.

17Kundan and maggam work short sleeved wedding blouse

This blouse has a very different pattern. The color combination along with the design on the high cut square cut back is very unusual and pretty. The stone maggam work on the entire short sleeve make for a perfect combination of plain space and intricate work.

16Intricate maggam design blouse

The design around the low square cut on the back and the border of the short sleeve looks intricate and stunning. It is a simple cut but one that is eye-catching.

15Golden zari border with maggam work

This design is rather offbeat! The complete golden zari border on the elbow-length sleeves along with intricate designs on the shoulder and arms of the razorback make simple and clean. If you do not want to much work and yet stay fashionable, this blouse would be perfect!

14Lotus maggam work blouse

The design on this pattern is distinctive owing to the short sleeve with maggam work in such a different pattern and the lotus design on one side of the blouse makes it distinguished!

13Zari and maggam work blouse with sleeve work

Silver zari bottom with square neck and dori with heavy maggam work on the elbow length sleeves and round neckline. If you want to show off workings on the sleeves, this might be a perfect fit!

12Jewelry on the elbow design

This is also a simple design but the fish scale border with maggam embroidery on the back and an outline on the square neck and round neckline looks fantastic. The jewelry addition to the sleeves is just the perfect icing on the cake.

11Chic blouse with maggam work

This is the classiest blouse with maggam work that you can possibly find. The beautiful silver embroidery of birds and leaf creeper on the body and elbow length sleeves looks delicate and pleasant on the eyes. You can wear this with silk sarees or chiffon and georgette plain sarees.

10Jewel cut maggam work blouse

High neck blouses with jewelry design are very in this season. The drop cut on the back adds to the charm. The beautiful maggam work on the elbow length sleeves and body is one of a kind. This design will suit anyone with a long slender neck!

9Velvet blouse with golden maggam work

This design is so beautiful that it should be an instant selection. The velvet blouse with heavy maggam work on the entire body and lotus design adorned on the wide V neck and short sleeves look incredible.

8Maggam work blouse with mango creeper design

If you are looking for a blouse with mango embroidery, think no more! This maggam design is simple, unique and can be modified according to the waves and designs on your saree. The short sleeves and square back but and dori with beautiful tassels will complete the look.

7Classic blouse with intricate maggam embroidery

Maggam work for this blouse is impeccably done. The flower design on the neckline back cut and the elbow sleeves’ end with contrast to four petal flower giving the impression of checkered design makes this design a favorite.

6Flower creeper maggam design on blouse

The deep U cut and the intricate maggam work on the short sleeve is alluring. The designs on the back of the blouse are very aesthetic to look at. If you want a simple maggam design, this design should be it!

5Razor back with intricate maggam work

This razorback cut blouse looks absolutely exquisite. The beaded maggam work around the border of the neck and short sleeve and the beautiful design on the rest of the blouse is stunning!

4Contrast blouse with heavy maggam work on sleeves

This beautiful maggam work on the elbow length sleeves and extended work on the right hand side of the slit back blouse is different and smart looking. The boat neck is a trend and the piping on the neckline gives it the right look.

3Blouse with detailed flower maggam work

This is a classic design and it can never go wrong. The low back cut with elbow length sleeves has silver maggam work and a border with golden piping on the sides. The flower creeper design is stunning.

2Pastel colored blouse with golden maggam work

If you are a fan of pastels then this design is ideal. Short sleeves and low U cuts never go out of fashion. The flowery maggam work of golden and white and kundan stone border make it an obvious choice.

1Silk blouse with heavy maggam work

This blouse is designed with expertise and beauty. The U cut blouse and elbow length blouse has extremely intricate maggam work. The dori with flowery design tassel adds to the charm.