Eye care tips during summer

Summer is finally here and it’s time we ensure that we protect our eyes from getting over exposed to the harmful UVA and UVB rays along with summertime risks.

Summer brings a lot of activities throughout the day. Kids enjoy vacation and parents take them for a trip filled with activities. Summer camps organized for different age groups at different levels have variety of games which has to be played during the summer camp sessions. Sun rays emit harmful UV rays which are really very harmful for your eyes. Just like skin, our eyes also require good protection from the harmful radiations from eyes. You may also suffer from eye cataract when you are over exposed to ultraviolet rays. There are varieties of ways through which you can protect your eyes and care them during summer. Wearing sunglasses is quite common among the tips.

Your eyes speak majority part of your facial beauty. The shapes, color and layout of each individual’s eye will be different. Some ladies get their eyes beautiful right from the time they are born whereas others have to make it look beautiful. Apart from putting makeup, you should care your eyes to keep it beautiful during summer. There is a tendency among many individuals to get redness, inflammation and dark circles under eye. This is quite common when you get out from home during the summer days. This article will speak about various tips that will help you keep beautiful eyes.

Summer care tips for beauty eyes

Use of chamomile tea

Tips to protect your eyes

In a boiling pot of water, add a bag of Chamomile Tea. Let it steep and then set it aside to cool. Once it has cooled apply it on your eyelids. They are extremely effective in taking care of your eyes. Do this everyday to relax and soothe your aching eyes.

Cotton balls

You might wonder why would we suggest you cotton balls. The reason being when dipped in chilled water these cotton balls will do magic for your eyes. Take all the stress you put them through. Before you go to bed do this for ten minutes and then go to sleep. It is effective in every way possible. You will enjoy a more sound and peaceful sleep. Don’t miss it out, guys.

The juice of cucumber

Yes, Cucumbers are a Godsend. You already know about putting slices of cucumber on your eyes, now try the juice of cucumber. Peel a medium sized cucumber and blend it in a mixer grinder. You can even use a grater. With the use of a muslin cloth, extract the juice of the cucumber. Dip clean cotton balls into it and squeeze out the excess juice. Place it over your closed eyelids for fifteen minutes everyday. You will see the magic happening.

Make yourself an eye-pack

For this we will be using tomatoes, turmeric, gram flour, and lime juice. Add tomato juice (one teaspoon) in a bowl. Continue to mix it with turmeric(one pinch), gram flour or besan(one teaspoon) and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Form a thick paste and apply it all over your eyes, gently. Concentrate on the dark and puffed areas of your eyes. After half an hour, wipe it off with moist cotton balls. Apply a lotion later on. Do this every alternative day for best results.

Beauty of almond oil and lime juice

Use both cold and hot compression on your eyelids for a few minutes. Mix together almond oil- one teaspoon and lime juice – half a teaspoon. Gently massage your eyes with this solution, every night before sleeping. Don’t use lemon juice more than it is needed.

Rose water’s care

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The power of rose water is well known to one and all. It takes care of your tired and stressed eyes. Your eyes will look rejuvenated after the use of this remedy. Soak a ball of cotton in this and apply it on your eyes. Leave it for a few minutes. The best remedy you can ever get.

Protection of eyes during swimming

Even when you are involved with swimming activities during summer season, your eyes might be affected. You might feel that cool water during summer is one of the best ways to get relief from hot and scorching sun rays. Since Chlorine is present I the pool of water, it can also affect your eyes recklessly. Along with your skin, your eye can also get hampered. You may also suffer from eye irritation with no protection while being present in the swimming pool. Goggles that are used while swimming must be worn. In order to reduce redness of your eyes, you need to wash the eyes with fresh water after coming out from the swimming pool.

Eye pack

People have been using variety of face packs for skin. They want to make their skin beautiful and glowing. But, people have hardly thought about caring their eyes. But, summer is the season when you must take good care of your eyes as well. Getting good eyes packs would be favorable enough to keep your eyes cool and in good shape. These are very simple and natural ways to provide a cooling effect on your eyes during summer. Just slice off cucumbers in round shape and place 2 slices over the eye top of each eye. Alternatively you can smash the cucumber and keep the juicy paste after closing your eyes.

Sound sleep

Sleeping for adequate time throughout the night will be a good option for providing relief to your eyes. After a long day of activities and job stress, it becomes important to take ample rest which is only possible if you can get a sound sleep. Do not stress your eyes in front of computer or television screen for long hours during night. Immediately try to sleep for at least 6-8 hours. Once you get up in the morning, you will get refreshed eyes with natural comfort of retina.

Stay away from cool air direction

Benefits of rose water for eye care

We all would like to stay in comfortable atmosphere during hot summer days. Air condition will be the best way that provides us with good comfort during this time. But, there must be some side effects as well. When you are sitting in an air conditioned room, you should not face in such direction where cool air is directly entering your eyes.

Vitamin A

For a long time, you have been hearing that Vitamin A is very beneficial for your eyes. During the summer season, it will be important to take adequate quantity of vitamin A in a natural way. The vegetables that contain vitamin A will be beneficial in this regard. If you don’t have Vitamin A rich vegetables, you need to take in artificial supplements or tablet. All types of yellow fruits, carrot as well as green vegetables would be ideal in this regard. You can also have nuts as the remedy.

Potatoes eye care tips

Most of us have not yet known that even potatoes work well in protecting eyes from heat and give a soothing touch. You can apply potatoes in two ways. Either peel it and get two slices or make a pulp out of it. Both should be applied over two eyes to get soothing effect while you take rest.

Green tea solution

You can get green tea easily in the market. Even people have become too cautious about their health. They have a healthy routine of tea. You have to make tea with the green tea leaves without sugar. Allow it to cool after sometime and then splash on your eyes. You can also apply soaked tea based over your eyes to reduce redness and dark circles.

Strawberry slices

Eye care tips for summer also include application of strawberry slices over eyes. Your eyes will look beautiful with the reduction of swelling under eye. You have to keep it for 20 minutes and then remove.

Drink water and splash water

Tips to avoid puffy eyes

Another very easy among summer eye care tips is drinking good quantity of water. This will remove wrinkles that are trying to grow under and over your eye muscles. In order to reduce in eyes and have a clarity view, you must splash water over your eyes several times. This will make your eyes look lovely in a natural way. Try drinking water and splash it over eyes.

Here are some tips on keeping your eyes safe this summer

  • Sport bigger shades. On the subject of UV security, think big. Go for sun glasses that has wraparound support frames and wide lenses.
  • Make sure that your certain your sunglasses provide correct UV protection. If the shades don’t offer you 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays then, they can be causing far more harm than benefit. And getting a UV protection glasses doesn’t mean that you would have to invest a huge amount there are of cheaper possibilities that give total UV security.
  • Wear a large sun hat or visor. While glasses undoubtedly are a great very first step, a wide brimmed hat will give you the extra protection you need to shade the eyes from the sun’s rays.
  • Sport sun shades on days where the temperature is way to high than the normal days. As on those days, UV rays may still reach your eye and cause harm.
  • Consider polarized lens. Since they reduce glare coming from reflective surfaces, polarized lens are great for water-based activities and operating.
  • Avoid midday sunshine. Stay at home or indoors whenever feasible especially mid-day when the effect of the sun and ultraviolet radiation exposure are at its maximum peak.
  • Have an additional pair of sunglasses available all the time. You never know when your glasses can get lost or even broken. Having an additional pair just in case will help you from being stranded without proper eye protection.
  • Be hydrated. It’s crucial to keep the eyes hydrated. Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water each day to avoid dehydrated eye and skin.
  • During outdoor activities such as riding bike or bicycle, viewing fireworks or even hiking, be sure you protect the eyes as needed to avoid eye injuries.
  • Be sure to not to apply sunblock too near to the eyes as it can certainly enter affect your vision and result in irritation.