How to treat the bloated belly

Bloating of stomach can be one of the typical conditions faced by people in the earth. Individuals really feel uncomfortable when they face this situation.  There are many causes fort this trouble. You might think 10 times before leaving your home once you have such bloating problem.

Today people suffer from variety of negative health conditions. Gas formation is a very common problem these days. The problem in digestion can give rise to bloated belly. Doctors can prescribe variety of medicines and treatment. But have you ever thought about the home remedies? Yes, there are varieties of home remedies that can treat bloated belly. Some people get really messed up with the serious problem of bloating. This is really common during summer when people bug up with their improper food habit. Your grandmother must have provided you with some tips that will easily eradicate your problem of bloating. Let us find out some of those household remedies.

Some of the causes include:

  • Irritation in bowel
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Flatulence

There are many ways of treating the problem of bloated belly. You can visit a physician’s chamber and find out the ways of treating this problem. He might provide medicines to get quick relief from this situation. But, some people might get some side effects due to the medicines. The best way will be to go for natural treatment.

Preventing bloating

Best flat belly tips for women

  • You should consume means only when you are hungry
  • You must allow the food that you have consumed previously to digest properly before consuming the next meal.  You do not need to consume meal before 3 hours of one meal
  • If you are having typical gas problem, avoiding fruits after meals will be preferable
  • You must chew each and every food particles while consuming meals. You should not talk while consuming meals. Just swallowing the food particles will cause indigestion and will give rise to bloating.
  • You must also chew ginger with some lemon juice 20 minutes before the meal.
  • You can also try adding enzymes to your food whenever you are going ahead with the heavy meals.

Ways of treating bloating

  • If you are already facing the problem of bloating, the natural remedies such as consuming fennel seeds will help. Or else you can prepare fennel tea with the help of its seeds.  Just cress it and add a cup of water in it. Boil it for a period of 10 to 15 minutes and cool it. Drain all residues of fennel seeds and consume the hot tea so prepared.
  • You must lie down on your left and side and start breathing
  • Individuals can also go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes. You can jump or twist your body parts. Since it helps in increasing the blood circulation, your heart will definitely beat fast and release gas. This is one of the effective way of treating bloating
  • Deep abdominal breathing for 5 minutes will be another way of treating bloating
  • There are many pose which can be tried to release excess gas from the body
  • You should avoid drinking anything cold while consuming meals
  • You must watch and pay absolute attention to how body reacts to dairy products such as flour/ wheat, milk etc. If you feel the trouble of bloating after consuming these dairy products, you must avoid consuming those food items.
  • Many people have a habit of consuming salt in their meal. One of the ways of avoiding it will be reducing salt intake. This will help reducing bloating problem. Since it will dilute the digestive juices, digestion will become difficult.

Tips to treat bloated belly

Chamomile tea

Yoga poses for flat tummy

This is a wonderful herb that will help you stay away from the problem of bloating. It is always better to go for direct herb rather than the supplements. The chamomile tea can be drunk without sugar twice in a day in order to eradicate the problem of belly bloating. These types of herbs are also used in pharmaceutical companies for treating some health conditions.


Yogurt is a wonderful variety of the probiotics that helps in gas and bloating. You get a chance of boosting the process of digestion with this product. This includes good bacteria that help in boosting the process of digestion in our body. It is always better to have yogurt after meal to help digestion.

Cut sugar from diet

Sometimes sugar can be a serious reason for bloating. Try to take a sugar substitute such as honey etc in tea or drinks you consume. Also avoid the candies and sweets with the artificial sweeteners. As these artificial sweeteners cannot be digestible, this can help getting the problem of bloating much more serious.

Chew food properly

Do not make a tendency of eating and running away. You food getting inside stomach need some time to digest. Thus, swallowing is also not a remedy. All you have to do is chew your food properly so that the food breaks up into pieces and digestion process is good enough. Also don’t make an attempt to rush away after eating the food.