How to pop a pimple & avoid redness?

Is there anyone who is lucky enough to never suffer from the problems of pimples? No, we don’t think so. Although, there are way too many reasons behind the occurrence of pimples but the remedies to solve the problems are endless too. Today we are going to talk about how you can reduce the redness caused due to popping a pimple. Who isn’t aware of the fact that you shouldn’t pop a pimple? We all are. But, somehow the urge to do it overcomes us all and we do it.

How to pop a pimple?

Home remedies for acne scars

Yes, it is wrong to do it. But, if you do it then you should at least know how to do it right. Start with cleansing your face and then go ahead to gently exfoliating it. You will have to use a gentle warm compress before you start the procedure. In order to keep the pimple from further infections you have to use clean cotton tissues to wrap your fingers with. Squeeze gently on the blackheads and allow the pus to flow out. For whiteheads the procedure will be different. You have to use a sterilized lancet to Pierce the pimple in the middle. Then squeeze gently to allow it to flow outside.

Not following either of the procedures to remove a pimple will result in damage to the skin. It will leave behind a nasty scar that you obviously don’t want.

How to avoid pimple popping redness?

In order to take care of the popped pimple you need to follow the right steps to prevent scars and zits from appearing in the area. Ways to take care of your pimples after you end up popping them.

Application of Ice

Home remedies for pimples

When a pimple is popped it starts to burn and cause pain. It often leads to burning sensations as well. To reduce that and take care of such problems you need to use ice. Never apply ice directly on the skin. It can cause the skin to burn. Wrap a few ice cubes inside a clean tissue and hold it on the recently popped pimple. You will see the kind of relief that it provides you. The swelling, redness and inflammation will be reduced in no time as well.

Keep the bacteria away

In order to reduce the bacteria from further degrading the area of the popped pimple. Apply a cream, gel or lotion that has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The perfect one to pick will be Neosporin. It helps to heal the pimple by providing the shield of moisture and protection on it. This will also prevent the skin around the pimple from turning scaly and dry.

No touching!

Keep your hands far away from your popped pimple. Every time you touch your pimple you end up contaminating the spot with further bacteria and germs. Although, it isn’t advisable but if you can’t keep your hands away from your pimple remember to place a bandaid on it. The most important thing to do here is keep it away from germs and bacteria.

Be cautious with your makeup

Aspirin for pimple redness

When you are done popping the pimple, the damage is already done. What we want from you now is not to damage it any further. Under no circumstances apply a concealer or foundation to your skin. It will damage it even further. Before applying your makeup, you can put on a gel based cream that will take care of your pimple.

These are the few things that you should absolutely do after you pop your pimple.