How to get rid of pimple redness with aspirin?

The horrible problem that everyone goes through because of pimples and the redness they cause is well known to everyone. That is why we want to share an effective way that you can finally deal with pimples and the redness they cause. More than often we try out remedies that fail to provide the impact we want. So, try this amazing remedy where we take the help of aspirin to deal with the problem that pimples cause. Although, there are no proven side effects of pimples but using way too much of aspirin can cause your blood to thin out. Make sure you follow the steps we ask you to.

How to use Aspirin to reduce pimples & redness?

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Take an aspirin and crush it into a fine powder. You have to make sure that the aspirin is in powder form. Depending on the number of pimples use one to three. Don’t ever use more than that. Would you ever pop a dozen aspirins in your mouth? Of course not because that would be harmful. In the same way you can’t use more than three aspirins on your face.

Point to remember

When you use more than five aspirins a day to cure your pimples, the problems of blood thinning will start to appear. The absorption of aspirin in your bloodstream is something that we don’t want. So, keep that in mind.

Ways to use aspirin to reduce the redness of pimples

The use of water

With a teaspoon of aspirin mix a three teaspoons of water. Don’t forget the ratio in which you have to do it. Keep in mind the paste should be thick in consistency.

Application of aspirin

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Was your face with lukewarm water and cleanser to remove all sorts of dirt and impurities from it. Pat it dry and apply the aspirin paste on the pimple or pimples.  Don’t leave the aspirin for more than fifteen minutes. If you end up leaving the aspirin on your skin for longer than that you will see how it ends up mixing with your blood. Wipe off the aspirin paste with a wet cotton ball.

Carrying out this procedure for three days a week will show all the needed results. Finally, your face will be free from pimples and the sorrows they bring.