Glycolic acid for pimple marks & acne scars

Acne and acne scars remain the most difficult problem to handle since forever! As much as we struggle to eat right and maintain our skin clean at all times, the acne sometimes still pop-up like an uninvited guest. Moreover, the scars are of so many types leaving permanent marks that it is a trauma to fight with it.

Acne scarring isn’t just about a mark on the skin, but these too have types like hypertrophic, ice pick and atrophic. Hypertrophic is a lumpy outer skin that sits on your skin making the appearance gross. Ice pick scars are like deep pits with steep edges while the atrophic are small pits with smooth edges. Not everyone is able to clean off these acne scars but with the help of glycolic acid the problem is pretty much sorted!

What is glycolic acid?

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Glycolic acid is a hydroxyacetic acid compound which is highly soluble in water, is colorless and odorless, and is often extracted from natural sources to be used in skin care products. Fruits like watermelons, pineapple, unripe grapes and even sugarcane have high amounts of glycolic acid in them. The acid is highly powerful in penetration into the skin and when used in mild amounts can be of great aid in getting an acne free skin.

How to use it on acne?

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Glycolic acid is largely used as peel-off masks to take out the acne prone infections from the skin and also pull out the extra layer of skin that is clogging the acne scar and making it even worse. One has to pick up any peel off mask or pack of glycolic acid which is easily available in the market and use it in mild amount to clean off their acne scars.

Getting rid of acne scars with Glycolic acid – Is it good for your skin?

There are several ways of treating acne scars with glycolic acid, they are:


There are various brands which have come up with their own versions of glycolic acid cleansers. These cleansers have glycolic acid in them the regular use of which provides a cleaner and scar free skin. It protects from any possible blemishes, damaging of cells as well as any further acne scars are stopped from being formed.

Peel off masks

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Glycolic acid peel-off masks are the most popular ones as these can be a good temporary solution to treating acne scars. The peel-off masks come in the form of gel like liquids of glycolic acid that needs to be applied on to clean skin. Apply the mask after cleaning your skin thoroughly and then let it dry. As the mask dries it turns into a mask which needs to be pulled off from the face. Try taking out the mask slowly and you shall find traces of dried flaky skin of acne scars on the mask coming out instantly.


The solution of glycolic acid and salicylic acid is together used as a moisturizing and cleansing agent in the removal of acne scars. The moisturizer made from these ingredients help in moisturizing the skin while making the acne scars less visible. Over time the scars get treated naturally! Just dab a few drops of the moisturizer on your skin daily.

Is glycolic acid safe for skin?

Glycolic acid in concentrated form can be dangerous for the skin as it can even burn down the skin cells with ease. However, when used below a concentration of 10% in any product, the glycolic acid can be beneficial in treating the acne scars and give them a cleaner and supple skin. But before opting to choose the products even within the safety directions one should consult their dermatologist and make sure their skin is ready for the treatment.

When to use glycolic acid for acne scar treatment?

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Acne scar is a regular issue which can be combated with a normal cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine as well. When you skin is kept clean, your diet is right and you exfoliate the skin routinely, the acne and scars shall remain off the bay. One should go for the acne scar treatments and especially the glycolic acid treatments for acne scars only when they have strong bouts of acne which is uncontrollable as well as the scars are getting difficult by the day.

Glycolic acid is good with treating the acne scars of all types but the usage of the same should not be done without a prior consultancy with the dermatologist. Make sure you have expert supervision when you are using the products with glycolic acid in them!