Pus filled pimples remedies

When it comes to pimples we all want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. However, according to the skin specialists, the best way to deal with a pimple is to let it run its due course, which can extend from 3 to 7 days. However, if you are not ready to give it the time it needs to heal on its own, you have to look for the right way to get instant relief.

Popping a pimple can be really harmful for the skin and it can also aggravate the problem by many folds. Popping a pimple always bears the risk of pushing the debris and bacteria in the pimple even deeper into the skin.

It can also spill the infected pus on the nearby skin, thus infecting other healthy pores and giving rise to more pimples. Here are some tried and tested methods that can help you to get rid of pus filled pimples instantly.

Saline water compress

One of the most effective ways to remove the pus from a pimple without popping it up is to compress it with hot saline water. This will help in opening up the pore and promote natural drainage of the pus from the pimple without popping it physically.

Boil some water and add excess table salt to it. Soak a fresh cotton ball in this hot saline water and compress the area around the pimple with this hot saline water soaked cotton ball.

Compress on the sides as well as around the pimple, but not on the pimple. Continue the compress till the cotton ball is hot.

Once the temperature is reduced, soak it again in the hot water and continue compressing for 10-15 minutes.

If the pimple is already matured enough and the pus is close to the surface of the skin, it will automatically rupture and start oozing out the pus.

Remove this pass with saline water soaked fresh cotton balls, making sure that the pus is not smeared into the nearby area of the pimple. You might also need to repeat the saline water compress, if all the pus is not out at one go.

After the pus from the pimple has been removed completely, clean the area with warm saline water and apply an ointment with benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin to the area.

It will prevent the spread of infection to the nearby area and will also dry out the pimple quickly.

Pierce the pimple

Another way to get rid of a pus filled pimple instantly is to pierce it. However, before you can start with it, it is important to be sure that the pimple is matured enough.

You should not try to pierce a pimple that does not have a clear white tip. The clear white tip indicates that the pus is close to the skin surface and can be drained.

If the white tip has not formed yet, it simply indicates that the pus is much deeper into the skin and the chance of pushing it even deeper while trying to pop the pimple is much higher.

Here is how you should pierce a fully matured pus filled pimple.

Step 1:

Start with hot saline water compress to the area. It will enlarge the pore and will push out the pus even further towards the skin surface, making the task of pus drainage simpler and safer.

Step 2:

Wash your hands as well as the fingernails properly with a hand wash and follow with a hand-sanitizer to ensure that there are no germs in your hands. Also use a sterilizer or diluted alcohol on the skin around the pimple to make sure that there are no germs.

Step 3:

Take a new needle and heat it under flame for 2-3 minutes. Once cold, wipe the tip of the needle with alcohol.

Step 4:

Hold the needle close and parallel to your skin and pierce the white tip of the pimple carefully. Do not push the needle deeper; pierce the pimple tip from one side to other and remove the needle gently.

Step 5:

Press the area around the pimple with hot saline water soaked fresh cotton balls that are not dripping any more water.

Push gently and in an upward force, so that the pus is not pushed inside the pimple in anyway.

Do not press on the tip of the pimple, press around and on the sides and you will see the pus coming out.

Step 6:

Clean the pus with a fresh cotton ball, making sure that the pus does not come in touch with the skin around the pimple, as that can spread the infection.

Step 7:

Apply an antibiotic ointment on the drained pimple. One with Clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide can heal the pimple quickly.

After you have pierced a pimple and drained the pus, never ever poke it again in anyway. Give it time to heal on its own.

If you want it to heal quickly, continue applying a benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin cream two to three times daily till it heals completely.

Get professional help

Another way to get instant relief from pus filled pimples is to get professional help.

Professionals use not only the right techniques but also specialized tools that help in complete drainage of the pus from the pimple without infecting any other pores nearby.

So, if you want to get instant relief from pus filled big pimples, getting professional help is best suggested.

Home remedies for pus filled pimples

Tea tree oil for instant pimple relief

Tea tree oil is an effective antibacterial agent and it can easily dry off a pus filled pimple overnight.

Dilute the tea tree oil with a little water and apply it directly onto the tip of the pimple.

Leave it on overnight and in the morning wash off your face with plain water.

You will see that the pimple has mostly dried off as the tea tree oil kills the infection causing bacteria in the pimple.

Toothpaste for curing pimples quickly

Toothpaste is another overnight cure for pus filled pimples. You have to opt for the thick, non-gel type toothpastes for this purpose.

A mint flavored toothpaste will even work better. Apply a thick layer of the toothpaste on the pimple and let it work for the night.

Remove the thick layer of toothpaste from over the pimple and you will see some serious reduction in its size and shape.

Neem and Tulsi paste

If you have a very sensitive skin and you are not confident about using either tea tree oil or toothpaste on your face, opt for this solution.

Both neem and tulsi leaves has natural anti-bacterial properties. Prepare a paste by smashing 4-5 neem leaves and 1-2 tulsi leaves.

Apply this paste directly onto the pimple and leave on overnight. Wash off in the morning with plain water.


Unless you have sensitive skin, you can try out onion juice for drying out a pus filled pimple quickly.

Onion juice has high Sulphur content, which works as an effective antibacterial agent.

Apply freshly prepared onion juice on the pimple and let it set for the night. Wash off in the morning.

General guidelines to keep pimples away

The best way to avoid the problem of treating pus filled pimples is to maintain an anti-pimple routine.

It will reduce the chance of getting pimples and keep you away from all the troubles and pain.

Here are the general guidelines that can help you to stay away from pus filled pimples.

Maintain a healthy diet

Spicy and oily diet can affect your digestive health, which in turn can be a reason of pimples.

So, in order to stay away from the problem of pimples, opt for a healthy diet that is nutritious.

You need not to stop eating out completely to make your diet healthy, just reduce the number of visits to the restaurant and instead of deep fried foods, opt for grilled and roasted options.

Also increase the intake of colorful vegetables and water to keep your skin healthy from inside.

Maintain a regular skin care routine

If you have pimple prone skin, it is best to opt for an anti-acne skin care routine.

However, if you suffer from pimples only occasionally, maintaining a proper daily skin care routine, even without the anti-acne products can keep the pimples away.

Clean your face with a suitable cleanser regularly and also do not forget to scrub at least twice a week.

Scrubbing helps in removing the layer of dead cells from the skin, which can be helpful to stop blocking of pores.

Regular cleansing and scrubbing can be more helpful to keep pimples away than you can think of.

Take care of your makeup products

One of the very common reasons of pimple breakouts is makeup. So, take caution while choosing new makeups particularly if you have acne prone skin.

Also keep an eye for the expiry dates of your makeup products and make sure that you do not use them after they have expired. Keep your makeup brushes and applicators clean.

Do not share your makeup products or applicators with anyone. Always remove makeup from your face the first thing after you get back home and never go to sleep with even a bit of makeup on.

Keep your head free from dandruff

Dandruff is a common cause of pimple. If you have dandruff on your head, you are sure to suffer from regular pimple breakouts on your face.

Use medicated shampoos or home remedies to get rid of dandruff and also to keep pimple breakouts in check.

Maintain proper hygiene

Keeping your towel, pillow towel, handkerchief always clean can be very helpful to keep pimples away. Do not share your personal belongings with anyone and make sure that they are washed and stored hygienically.