Always be yourself, does the wedding dress match your style?

Try not to dress up as a bride to say YES to the love of your life. Try to avoid those models, cleavages and styles that you don’t usually wear every day, those that don’t have your face and that people won’t recognize you.

The daily choices we make are usually the ones that make us comfortable and make us feel more beautiful and self-possessed.

You know yourself better than anyone! Do you love mermaid wedding dress? Plus size evening gowns? Or princess? Analyze your body type before choosing a model and look details and choose a favorable silhouette. That alone will help you delete many images and templates from your inspirational folder!

Market professionals, how to choose?

Follow your heart. Choose people who love what makes them empathetic, someone who will strive to understand and realize their dreams with you. There is nothing worse than a professional who will not leave you safe at this delicate moment.

However, as much as you have found the cutest designer (studio or shop) in this world and has been enchanted by your posture, get the details right on paper. On second thought, this is advice for you about all your suppliers.

The contract must have all the details, changes, warranties and add-ons agreed upon by you. With this document in hand you will have more security and serenity to focus on other details that will need your attention.

Wedding Dress: Dream vs. Reality

One question before proceeding: besides being enchanted by the wedding dress editorials we blogged, how many pasties, clippings, mobile photos, or website tags do you have? It’s … We know, we can’t even tell, right?

It doesn’t matter if you have all this stuff since you were a little girl or if you have parachuted after the marriage proposal.

Wait a while before trying on dresses, at least until you confirm some details beforehand, okay? For example, what time of year will the wedding be? Where will the reception be? How much can you spend? What looks good on your body?

Now is the time to start filtering your decisions and eliminating what definitely has no chance of happening.

Research methodology, you will need!

You have to look like yourself on your wedding day. Don’t lose sight of who you are or what kind of bride you want to be.

It’s so easy to copy other brides from Pinterest, Instagram, etc. But remember: watching the video fifteen years from now, you want to recognize yourself and still love the wedding dress with which you celebrated the love between you two.

Look at different dresses to find a style you like. For convenience, gather your favorite inspirations in one place.

Even if at first it seems like you like what you see, eventually a style will stand out and you’ll have a clearer idea of what to look for.

Pencil Tip: Keep an open mind to other styles, you can change your mind. It’s okay to change your mind and start over! This day will happen only once and it has to be as you dream.