How to get rid of whiteheads from face using homemade face scrubs

Whiteheads and blackheads, both are pimples, but the former is more painful. Whiteheads are caused when the bacterial infestation pushes the sebum to visibility in a clogged skin pore. Blackheads are caused when the melanin of the sebum is exposed to air for a long time, causing it to darken. Blackheads can be understood as whiteheads at a later stage.

The pain may be less, but the dried spot does not look at all like a beauty spot. Besides, it is still carrying residual infection.

So, you should attack the bacteria right when it is in the whitehead pimple stage and get rid of it before it turns to a persistent blackhead.Homemade face scrubs to treat whiteheads often work better than packaged products.

The small white pop outs which makes your skin oily and unclear are whiteheads. These whiteheads are seen more in the young generation though it affects most of all ages due to various reasons. Whiteheads generally appear on the face, mostly in the areas around nose and chin but if a person is more prone they may also appear in the forehead.

These whiteheads don’t help to hold your make-up for long time and subsequently makes you appear dull.

If you stop trying the remedies after doing many experiments which haven’t displayed any results on your problem here are few homemade scrubs to curb the problem in a mild way with the handy kitchen ingredients including almonds, olive oil, gram flour, sugar, milk, corn starch etc.

Homemade scrubs to remove whiteheads

Fenugreek seeds scrub

Best home remedies for whiteheads

Take a few fenugreek leaves and make them into paste with the addition of water, make sure it is rough but not soft.

Rub this paste on your face, concentrating on the areas where you have whiteheads. This process of scrubbing helps to fall them out. Rinse off your face after it got dried with lukewarm water.


Cornstarch paste prepared from two or three tablespoons of cornstarch and vinegar helps to pluck out the whiteheads. Apply this paste on the affected area and rub it for few minutes. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Sugar scrub

Mix a tablespoon of sugar with half tablespoon of honey and apply it on your face. Slightly scrub it on the whiteheads area, leave the mixture for few minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. This will help to remove out the whiteheads soon.

Gram flour scrub

The roughness texture of flour helps to fall out of whiteheads. Mix two tablespoons of gram flour with one tablespoon of milk and two tablespoon of rose water. Cover your skin with this paste and leave it. When it is showing the signs of dryness sprinkle water on your face and scrub it with the fingertips and slowly wash off your face.

Sandalwood scrub

Take a tablespoon of sandalwood powder in a bowl, add it half tablespoon of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and two tablespoons of rose water. Mix all the ingredients together and use this natural scrub on your face for 15 to 20 minutes to pull away the roots of whiteheads. Try to use this remedy for three to four times a week to not difference on your face.

Almond scrub

Get six or seven almonds and soak them in quarter cup of milk for a whole night. Crush them along with the milk in the next day morning and use it as a scrub on your face. Hold the mixture for few minutes and rinse off your face with cool water.

Continue doing this remedy for one time a day to eliminate whiteheads and its associated dirt.  This skin care treatment not only helps to remove the whiteheads but also works amazing to tone up the skin.

The basics

Prepare the skin with a steam bath before you apply the scrubs. You should follow the right methods for best results. Boil a pan of water first. Carefully take the pan with steaming water and let the steam work on your face under a cover.

The pores of your skin loosen up by a ten minutes steam bath. Now, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them. Soap residues should not be attached to the palms when you apply the scrub.

Apply in a circular motion starting from the chin to move upwards gently. Do not be harsh with the circular application as that will cause redness of skin. Continue the scrubbing for two three minutes at most. When you are done, wash the face first with lukewarm water to remove even the last residues of whiteheads.

Finally, use an ice cube or rinse the face with cold water for restoring skin pores to their original size. Pat dry the skin with a soft, clean towel. Look up the following sections for some of the best ideas on dealing with pesky pimples.

How to get rid of whiteheads on chin

  1. Using clay mask: You must have heard about the beneficial effects of Multani Mitti. It is available in shops as Fuller’s Earth. It has been shown to have wonderfully beneficial effects for the skin, including deep exfoliation. It imparts a natural healthy glow to the skin. It is very good for oily skin. You can simply make a paste with water. If you have a dry skin, consider preparing the paste with olive oil for extra nourishment. It is also very good to remove even the staunchest acne blemishes from skin. 
  1. Vegetable face mask: Your kitchen has several amazing ingredients to prepare a face mask. You must know already about the lemon juice, almonds, honey, cucumber, and yogurt masks. Do you know that mashed potatoes and tomatoes are also amazing face masks to get rid of whiteheads and skin spots? Paste 2 cloves of garlic and mix it with lemon juice. The smell should be pungent, but if you can bear, it is definitely an amazing face mask to consider. 
  1. Milk and vinegar: A mix of milk, common salt, and tablespoon can also act wonders for your skin. For staunch acnes, you can try Apple cider Vinegar. After you apply the vinegar, let it dry for some time. Do not rinse immediately! 
  1. Rosewater: Simply applying rosewater with a cotton swab on the affected region will cause the infection to heal in some time. If you are particular about the smell aspect of the face mask, this can be the best solution to try at home. In fact, a few drops of rosewater can be added to any face mask you prepare for imparting a pleasant smell.

How to cure acne on oily face

  1. Cinnamon and lemon juice: Almost all spices possess anti-inflammation properties and cinnamon is not any exception either. Take about ½ tbsp of cinnamon powder, 1 tbsp lemon juice, and 1 tbsp baking soda. Go light on the baking soda because it has extensive bleaching properties. An excess of it can cause skin spots. Do not use this mask daily either. Applying it about twice a week should do enough.
  1. Coriander leaves: A paste of coriander leaves, water, and turmeric powder is also among good homemade face scrubs to treat whiteheads.

Precautionary care

Look into the precautionary care to prevent the pimples from appearing at the first place. Focus on having a good diet. Eating too much oily food is a main reason why people suffer from acnes and pimples. You should go light on these foods. Prefer home cooked dishes with healthy oils. Keep highly spicy foods only for special rare occasions. Pollution is another major factor. You should be rinsing your face often to keep it clean.

Carry a soft and spotless handkerchief with you to pat dry the oil on skin. Many also prefer carrying a bundle of tissue papers in their handbags and it is a good idea. Always remember to remove all makeup before you go to sleep. Drink as much water as you can. Deep skin hydration and detoxification keeps away the acnes.