Best baby no tears shampoos in market

India has variety of baby product manufacturing companies that manufactures talcum powder for babies. Babies generally get rashes in their thighs and hips due to excessive use of diapers.

But, after using baby talcum powder you will be able to make the rashes and redness of the babies duly reduced. Even when your baby is excessively sweating due to hot summer climate, you can easily use the baby talcum powder.

Talcum powders are one of the essential items that your baby would require to stay clean throughout the day. Even when they sweat or urinate, the skin becomes too much dry.

The talcum powder helps to keep the portion in perfect order. Your baby will stay fragranced throughout the day with the magic of the talcum powder. Let us find out the list of talcum powder that will keep your baby beautiful.

Best baby talcum powder brands in India

Chicco talcum powder

Chicco talcum powder

An Italian baby care brand that is also having a good market in India is none other than Chicco. Baby no tears shampoo is one among the baby care as well as hygiene products which holds a class in the industry with regards to its quality. Since it does not have the harmful chemicals such as parabens and dyes, your baby is safe and in good hands. This product will clean your baby hair in a very gentle way without causing any type of irritation to their eyes. It also provides a wonderful moisturizing effect to your hair without forming tangles.

Johnson’s baby NMT Shampoo


The trusted name for all types of baby cosmetics is Johnson & Johnsons. This baby no tear shampoo brought into the market by the reputed brand comes with the soap free shampoo which will also help in preventing skin rashes as well as irritation. Your baby will get very soft hair along with a wonderful shine. Your baby will never have dandruff or other variety of hair problems after using it.  Since the shampoo is clinically tested, you can simply apply this on your baby hair without any hesitation. Your baby as well as infant will feel really comfortable after using it.

Aveeno lightly scented baby wash and shampoo- tear free – 18 OZ

Aveeno lightly scented baby wash and shampoo- tear free – 18 OZ

This is a wonderful variety of tear free shampoo available in the Indian market that is having a very light scent and smells really well. This is made with the natural oat formula which will not only be appropriate for your baby hair but also his entire body. The oat extract does not contain any type of chemicals. Thus, it is ideal for the throughout bath of your baby. Since this has a very gentle cleansing effect, the skin of your baby will not be affected by any means. After using this baby wash and shampoo, your baby will automatically fee very healthy and energetic.  If you don’t get this product in the market, the online ecommerce websites will be ideal to get it delivered at your doorstep.

Burt’s bees baby bee tears free shampoo and wash 8 ounces bottle

Burl’s bee’s baby bee tears free shampoo and wash 8 ounces bottle

It is quite natural that the while applying shampoo at your baby head, this might drop and get inside your baby eyes. Thus, the no tar shampoo for your baby must be chosen with great care. Burl’s bee’s baby bee tears free shampoo and wash 8 ounces bottle is one of the best one for your baby which is having enrichment of soy protein. This will deeply nourish your baby hair and will make it very healthy and silky. Since the product is one of the highest qualities in the market, the price is also little high.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo No More Tears Shampoo/Conditioner Curly hair 13 Ounce

Johnson's Baby Shampoo No More Tears Shampoo Conditioner Curly hair 13 Ounce

Are you looking for the perfect baby shampoo with the conditioning for curly hair? This will be the best an appropriate product in front of you. The delicate strand of your baby hair will easily be washed and cleans with great care. Since this is soap free and alcohol free formula, your baby will stay away from all types of irritants in his skin layer. Since it is also tested by renowned dermatologists, there will be no chance of getting dandruff over the scalp of your baby after using this shampoo.

Avalon organics tear free baby shampoo and body wash – 8 fl OZ

Avalon organics tear free baby shampoo and body wash – 8 fl OZ

Organic products are really safe not only for adults but also for babies. This is one of the most popular personal care products for your baby which is really free from the harmful chemicals. It also have the extract of sunflower which will provide you with cooling and hydrating effect. Your baby hair will become healthier and shinier with the chamomile extract present in it. As per the laboratory test, the product is totally vegetarian. There is also no scope of synthetic fragrance in it as it is natural and safe.

Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo with Organic Calendula, 7.8 Ounce


This shampoo comes with the tear free formula. It provides perfect clean up to your babies hair. It is dermatologist tested with paraben free. While shampooing there might be a chance that the shampoo drops in from the forehead and enter the eyes of your baby. But this can be easily avoided as it wont burn your babies eyes.

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Shampoo


Himalaya is a herbal brand that has been making variety of skin care and hair care products for human being. This shampoo made exclusively for your baby will clean the hair of your baby mildly. This does not have any harmful chemical that can make the eyes of your baby truly irritated. The gentle baby shampoo will clean the scalp of your baby without damaging any skin.

Mothercare All We Know Baby Shampoo


Who would not wish to get the best product for the baby so that the small one stay healthy and happy. This is one among the most effective product that comes with the gentle touch. It has the ingredients like olive oil and soothing chamomile that will be really helpful for your baby to stay happy with no more tears. Even if the foam gets inside his eyes accidentally it won’t harm the eyes at all. Even your baby won’t get tears.

Biotique Bio Green Apple Tearproof Baby Shampoo, 190ml


The Biotique bio green apple tearproof baby shampoo is gentle for your baby’s hair and is 100% soap free. The green apple extracts present in this shampoo makes it fit for your baby. The canella and sea algae extract helps to cleanse the delicate hair of your baby. It is a very mild shampoo which doesn’t causes any kind of irritation or dryness for your baby’s eyes. With the new no tears formula and special pH balance, this shampoo is completely healthy for your baby’s hair and scalp. It is very much effective in keeping the hair soft, shiny and bouncy.

Pigeon 200ml Gentle Baby Shampoo


The Pigeon gentle baby shampoo gently cleanses the baby’s scalp and makes the hair softer than ever. It nourishes the hair and keeps it soft, shiny and tangle free. It contains natural ingredients like chamomile extract, olive oil and rosehip. These ingredients help in keeping the hair silky, healthy and bouncy. It has no artificial color and fragrance. It comes with pH balance which makes it fit for the baby. It is irritation free as well as hypoallergenic. It comes in 200 ml and 100 ml bottle size.

Mee Mee Baby Shampoo (500ml)


The Mee Mee products are made very carefully with the highest safety standards keeping your baby’s health as their first priority. It is completely mild in nature, soap free and come with pH balance so that your baby doesn’t feel any irritation. It is formulated in such a manner that it cleanses and conditions your child’s hair and keeps it soft and shiny. It also comes with the no tears formula and consists natural ingredients only. It is completely chemical free.

Sebamed Baby (children) shampoo 150ml


This product by Sebamed is known for washing extremely sensitive or dry scalp of your baby with ease. It comes with the new no tears formula which cleanses the hair as well as the sensitive scalp of your child. It reduces the chances of causing irritation. It does not contain any kind of chemicals which is harmful for your child’s hair as well as scalp. It promotes hair growth, keeps the hair soft, shiny and bouncy. It doesn’t have any negative effect, doesn’t causes irritation, rashes and other allergies. You can use this shampoo for your kid’s daily bath. Use few drops to bathe your child.



The Johnsons Kids Strawberry Sensation No-More Tangles Shampoo with Free Ayur Soap is what you should get for your kid. It is completely safe for your kid. The no more tears and no more tangle formula gently cleanse, conditions and soften your baby’s hair. It locks the smoothness and bouncy nature of the hair. It is applicable for all hair types and doesn’t cause any kind of irritation.