Natural kitchen ingredients at home for beauty treatments

Things are better stored in the kitchen to make you appear so cleanly beautiful. You have all the best recipes from the kitchen and with the same you are sure to have the clearest of skin texture and you get back that natural brightness to appear so stunningly beautiful.

Most, most of the people love to care their beauty but using the lavish cosmetics is not the solution. You can try the ingredients available at your home to take the beauty under the budget.

Beauty under the budget

Baking soda

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One of the safest yet under the budget ingredient available at our kitchens is baking soda. Baking soda not only exist in the readily manner but helps in many conditions of a regular day. Use it as a facial cleanser and also as an ingredient that relieves the stinky feet.

Acne and strawberries

Here is another beauty budget notion that clears your skin and makes it free from zits and acne. Get two strawberries and make them to a fine paste. Apply the paste on your face by massaging it gently.

Hold it for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off with the cold water. The rich amount of salicylic acid present in the strawberries treats the problem with in few weeks of regular usage.

Scrub and sugar

The scrubs varies with its best working action but using sugar on your skin is a natural way of scrubbing the skin and taking off the dead skin cells present over it.

Make sure to choose sugar granules while making use of sugar as a scrub. The same process aids to improve the skin texture.

Potato and eye cream

This remedy is a mark to the beauty under budget concept. Potato is a safe ingredient to try on the sensitive skin areas like around the eyes. Cut a potato into slices and rub it around the eyes to help fall the dark circles.

Retaining potato slices on the eyes is also an alternative solution for reducing eye puffiness. This is a low budget cum easy tip to nurture your beautiful eyes.

Lemon and stains

Many people fight long time to get rid of the yellow stains appear on the nails. But a lemon can treat the problem without consuming more time.

Take a lemon and cut into two halves, squeeze the juice from it and pour it in a bowl, now retain your finger in this lemon solution for a minute or another and then rinse off your hands. Follow up with a good moisturizing lotion in order to reduce the dryness affected by lemon.

Tea and cleanser

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With in the budget and the effective results can be acquired through green tea. It is one of the best substitutes of toning and cleaning the skin. Using green tea on the skin can be done with in minutes of time.

Honey and conditioning

Take a dab of honey and spread it on your fresh face. Rinse off after 10 minutes with lukewarm water to moisturize your skin. Also use it to moisture the dry scalp and hair. For this apply honey directly to your hair and scalp. Hold on for few minutes before rinsing off.

Mayonnaise and healthy hair

Use mayonnaise on your hair to make it nourished and healthy.This is one another top budget beauty tip one can try for the glowing hair.

Cucumber doing the magic

You can start the list with cucumber. This is the perfect beauty ingredient in the kitchen. Once you open the kitchen you can always get a cucumber in hand. Cucumber comes with silica and vitamin E.

This is a vegetable with the best contents of antioxidants and this is the reason cucumber can really make a difference on your skin when you feel so tired and exhausted.

This is also the right ingredients to cause purification of the eyes. Cucumber supports cell growth and repairing and it also helps the skin become normal and perfect.

You can always make use of a slice of cucumber to be applied on the face and neck area. You can even make a puree of cucumber to apply well over the scalp. In fact, this is the perfect recipe for both the face and the hair.

Along with cucumber you can take more things from the kitchen to prepare the complete mask. With the paste of cucumber you can add organic yogurt.

A teaspoon of Aloe Vera juice will do good to the mixture and you can even add a pinch of sea salt for that perfect process of skin exfoliation.

Blend the ingredients well and apply them perfectly on the skin. Keep the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes and then you can wash off to look so fresh and different.

Whole grains making the skin difference

Whole grain is something you can always get at home. A scrub prepared from whole grains can always make the difference. The kind of ingredient is so soothing and healing for the skin. It helps in three perfect ways of detoxification, hydration and skin exfoliation.

It can even cause softening of the skin. A good fact about whole grain is that it is suitable for all skin texture. So, you don’t have to give a second thought before application of the same.

Whole grains have the apt content of protein and it has all the essential nutrients required for the skin. It even holds good contents of saponins and this is the reason it can do lots of good to the skin.

Banana the perfect ingredient from the kitchen

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A banana is always available at home. This is a palatable fruit and can do real good to the skin. Application of banana is feasible in all parts of the body and especially on the face and hair. You have the best of antioxidant balms made from banana.

Then it is time to combine the fruit with cocoa. So a combination of banana and cocoa becomes rich in mineral sulphur and with the application of the same you are sure to have the healthiest skin, hair and nails.

The kitchen ingredient combination offers fair amount of free radicals and can even protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. You can form a mixture with banana and half cup of cocoa.

To the same you can add butter and one tablespoon of heavy cream. You can even take one spoon full of organic sugar and a bit of cinnamon. You should whip well all the ingredients to prepare a balm.

You can apply this balm well over the face and on the scalp and even in other desirable parts of the body. However, the balm should be retained for fifteen minutes and then it is time you rinse well the solution and wash off with cold water.

Avocado the genuine skin healer

Avocado is rich in Vitamin A and it can do real good to the skin. Avocado comes with several skin benefits and it is a usual ingredient from the kitchen cupboard.

This is the fruit which can take care of both oil and dry skins and this is the reason the popularity of the same is undeniable. Avocado also helps in protecting the skin from the detrimental rays of the sun.

It even guards the skin from pollution. In fact, avocado with honey, mayonnaise and almond acts as a superb skin healer. So, you would always love to have an avocado in the kitchen cupboard.