Best fairness creams for dry skin available in market

Winters are here and so is the issue of dryness. Women who are so conscious about their beauty start to fret as winter starts to approach as the dry weather makes your skin look dehydrated as well as dull.

This is also the case with those who have dry skin. Here, we have a list of best dry skin whitening creams, which results you fair skin.

Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Cream SPF 24 UVA/UVB Moisturizer

Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Cream SPF 24 UVA/UVB Moisturizer

This cream has multiple functions to keep your skin in fine shape. This has nutrients and ingredients that reduce dark spots & acne scars, lightens the skin, besides providing protection against multiple external phenomenon like UVA & UVB rays.

This skin has potency to keep the skin light, glowing, and alive. Your skin always remains fresh and radiant with application of this amazing fairness cream from Olay.

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF 17 PA++

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF 17 PA++

L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Day Cream is a combination of fairness cream for dry skin and a face moisturizer.

It is a non-greasy skincare solution, enriched with skin brightening ingredients. When you need your skin to radiate and also provide UV protection, this is a perfect option for you.

VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Night Cream

VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Night Cream

The use of night cream before you go to sleep is essential in many ways. All day long, you are exposed to adverse conditions like heat and pollution that affect the skin by making it look tired and drab.

This VLCC Snigdha skin whitening cream is a wonderful product with its amazing properties that work in lightening the skin, makes it look softer and beautiful. It helps in regularizing blood circulation in the skin to make it more vibrant and radiant.

Organic Harvest Skin Lightening Cream

Organic Harvest Skin Lightening Cream

A blend of aromatic natural and organic ingredients fused together to pamper your skin just the right way. Treat your dry and patchy skin surface with the goodness of Organic Harvest skin lightening property which will energise the skin cells and help enhance the glow naturally.

Due to presence of Vitamin E and Vitamin C along with shea butter which helps in hydrating, nourishing and moisturizing your skin naturally, you can totally count on this miraculous cream for amazing results. Give your skin the amazing healing benefits of nature.

Jovees Saffron Bearberry Fairness Cream

Jovees Saffron Bearberry Fairness Cream

The exquisite formula of rich saffron and bearberry blend will give your skin the ultimate luxury to bask in the beauty of visibly lighter, fairer and smooth skin naturally.

It will further help in ceasing the production of melanin, provide deep down moisturizing and purifies the skin from deep within.

It will further help in discoloration and pigmentation of skin thereby bringing a natural glow to your visage. Sweep clean your face from any impurities and contaminants that will only deteriorate the health of your skin.

Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Lotion

Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Lotion

Indulge in the luxurious experience of treating your skin with the lavish goodness of wheat germ, seaweed and pure honey to exfoliate, nourish and hydrate your skin. The essential ingredients will penetrate deep within your skin to channel the clean, smooth and bright skin instantly.

Replenish your skin cells and restore the lost moisture to bring back the brighter, lighter complexion which will make you look alluring and enticing all at once.

Vaadi Herbals Fairness Moisturizer with Mandarin Extract

Vaadi Herbals Fairness Moisturizer with Mandarin Extract

The exotic blend of mandarin and tangerine which are especially imported from China and retrieved in Europe to help give your skin the boost of natural glow and get rid of pigmentation, patches, blemishes and discoloration.

It further helps in regeneration of new skin cells growth and wipes out the dead skin cells from the surface. The presence of silk extract advanced technology is known to give your skin sheen beauty with an added goodness of proteins.

This greatly helps in enhancing the enigma of skin and makes your skin looks silky, lustrous and acts as a powerful tool to fight against the external factors contaminating your skin from deep within.

The silky cells get absorbed in the skin boosting the metabolism and regulating the production of melanin.

VLCC De Pigmentation Skin Cream

VLCC De Pigmentation Skin Cream

Give your skin the goodness of natural extracts to help heal and boost metabolism naturally with the exclusive formula of VLCC De-Pigmentation skin cream.

Channel the youthful glow by applying this absolutely gorgeous skin cream and slather the dry areas to hydrate, moisturize and nourish your skin naturally. The bounty of natural ingredients will help remove the impurities and dead skin cells thereby providing a softer, supple and smooth skin.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream

Dermatologists approved, this aromatic and fine blend of retinol which comprises of Vitamin A, niacinamide which is a potent source of Vitamin B, absorbs moisture and is anti-inflammatory too.

It has ascorbic glucoside which is antioxidant and helps in lightening the skin naturally. It also contains ascorbic acid which is a great source of Vitamin C and helps in treating pigmentation of skin and discoloration thereby enhancing the fine glow.

Apply generous strokes of this amazing healthy cream regularly to flaunt even skin tone and give your skin the boost of healthy shine and sheen.

Auravedic Skin Polish

Auravedic Skin Polish

The natural blend of turmeric and saffron fused together to give you an instant boost and help lighten and whiten your skin texture naturally.

You can treat your dry skin with the goodness of this organic cream which will absorb the oil, remove excess oil, dirt and impurities and replenish the dead skin cells.

It will further hydrate your skin and nourish from deep within. Regular application of this amazing and effective cream will reap you benefits in the long run.

Olay natural white day cream


The Olay natural white cream for day use makes the top of the list. Many women who have tried this cream have appreciated its effectiveness. This lightening cream is rich in three nutrients that offer the skin its hydration and freshness.

These essential nutrients are B3, Pro B5 and E. The product offered by Olay, a world known brand contains glycerine which helps in protecting the skin from the side effects of pollution as well as keeps away the dryness.

The product is known to hydrate dry skin just because of its having Vitamin E which acts as moisturizer making it supple.

Fair & lovely multivitamin cream

Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Cream

The best thing about the fair and lovely multivitamin cream is that it doesn’t have any alcohol composition present in it. Many creams include this ingredient which can be harmful for your skin in the long term.

But, the absence of this cream makes it worth purchasing and also the fact that it helps in protection from the sun.

It contains multivitamins which are essential in hydrating your skin and keeping it healthy and nourished. The best choice and most used in India for skin lightening cream for dry skin.

Garnier skin naturals light overnight peeling fairness cream

Garnier skin naturals light overnight peeling fairness cream

This fairness cream is enriched with the nutrient that is essential for a fairer looking skin, Vitamin C. This nutrient helps in removal of all the spots and marks from your skin and exfoliates skin complexion light in shade.

This cream includes the micro peeling of those fruits rich in Vitamin C in order to rejuvenate your skin. This nutrient helps to the skin elasticity that reduces the wrinkles and the fine making it look better. It also produces collagen, essential for younger looking skin.

L’Oreal paris pear perfect fairness day cream

L’Oreal paris pear perfect fairness day cream

Loreal paris is the best dry skin whitening cream. This fairness cream is rich in an advanced melanin block which acts as a strong lightening product.

Top skin fairness cream for dry skin to get fairer skin. This cream helps in reducing the dark spots and makes the skin moisturized and protects it from the ultraviolet rays.

Revlon touch & glow

Revlon Touch & Glow

The Revlon Touch and Glow fairness cream is the perfect blend of plant extracts and multivitamins. This cream is composed of an amazing advanced technology, which makes your skin moisturized and also helps in prevention of spots and black pigments.

Its SPF 15 quality protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun. Choose this best dry skin whitening cream of Revlon to get a perfect natural look.

Lakme perfect radiance intense whitening day cream

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Cream

The Lakme brand is the most famous in cosmetic products. So, you can try this top skin fairness cream for dry skin to give a natural glow.

This fairness cream is rich in vitamin B3 that helps in moisturizing the skin. The entire Lakme perfect radiance is developed to offer you glowing skin, which is purified, hydrated and protected.

Dry skin needs a little bit of extra attention and care that is offered by a great selection of the best dry skin whitening cream.

Himalaya herbals revitalizing night cream


Are you looking for dry cream? Choose this best skin lightening cream for dry skin. This night cream is a formula to work on your skin while you are sleeping. It has been clinically proven to work and comes with exotic ingredients.

You have the goodness of lemon, wheat, white lily, tomatoes and crab apples for naturally brightening your skin and making it look and feel way better than how it has been. Dry skin needs special care, and there can be nothing as good herbal product from a reputed brand.

This product comes with natural bleaching agents, which make your skin fair and pimple free. The antiseptic properties in lemon added with fairing skin tone make you get pimple free and in no time. The Crab Apple comes with keratolytic for reducing inflammation.

Lakme perfect radiance fairness day crème


This product is known to lure the salon-like fairness of your skin. It is a new product which comes in an Intense Whitening range. It has been formulated by experts and advised by salon professionals for regular usage.

The product is known to reduce dullness and to give salon fairness everyday. This also improves dryness and gets your skin the normal feel.

People who have used and given it an above average of remark, and you can expect a good rating from Lakme. They always have premium quality goods which make your money worth the spend.

Vaadi herbals fairness cream


This product comes with the blend of some of the best organic ingredients which helps you look prim and perfect. It has the natural goodness of saffron and turmeric, which are age old remedies for skin treatment. It is topped with aloe vera for a flawless complexion.

All of these penetrate into the skin and control production of the uneven distribution of melanin. This also deeply moisturizes skin and makes your face look supple. You help your marks and acne get lightened with this revolutionary product and have it smoothed like never before.

Skin lightening cream for dry skin of Wow fairness cream


This fairness product is a complete paraben free treatment which is made with natural ingredients. It comes with purified water added to vitamin E, cocoa butter and Shea butter. It is further added with saffron, mulberry and liquorice extracts.

Customers have reviewed it was a good buy and they said that they can replace regular parlor treatment with this product! This product can be added to cart for some unexpected results, and can be relied upon as it is free from chemicals.

Lotus herbals white glow skin


Being exposed to sunlight and pollution, dry skin gets a lot more in trouble. They start having spots all over and it doesn’t diminish with ease. This product from Lotus is known to give an instant glow and deeply penetrate to make an impact.

The facial cream is of a gel type and comes with chemicals or bleach. Help your skin, wash away the ill-effects and have it settled down at the best.

If you want an enhanced treatment, accompany the face wash produced in the same range. Both of them are going to give you an amazing skin lightening and spot-free treatment.