Best Food In Your Diet To Stop/Control the Running Nose

Running nose is a very common problem in children, and mothers always wonder what to do to stop this or how to prevent this from occurring at all. Why only children, it also occurs in between adults too. We often catch cold and have a running nose at several times.

Let’s Know How to Keep Away Running Nose

Always keep yourself hydrated. This keeps your total system perfect and working. So, drink roughly 8 to 10 glasses of water to keep away from dehydration. You can also try fruit juices, water, herbal teas, ginger ale and chicken soup etc. Steam intake will help you to clear the stuffy nose. Gargling with warm saltwater is also recommended for a relief. Hot drinks are very much effective for cough and colds and running nose and stuffy nose. Every illness should be handled at an initial stage to cure it fast and easily. So, from the first sneeze it is best that you try to take precaution. Best is if you maintain a regular diet which protects you from running nose, cough and cold. Take frequent tea of ginger and cinnamon for your badly infected throat. This stuffy nose and running nose is a sign of a type of allergy. This allergy can also originate from pollen of seasonal trees, grasses, weeds etc. While gardening, wear mask to protect you from catching these allergies. Certain food
helps in stopping this cough and cold to occur to some extent. If you have cold and asthma your doctor may prescribe you with different types of medicines to cure your illness. But if you opt for changes and addition to your diet you may feel better and be healed better. Cumin in milk is also helpful if you have cough and cold.

The Food is the Secret of Increasing Your Immunity

Not only food, food supplements are very much necessary for preventing the running nose. You need to take approx 400mg of magnesium, and 15 mg of zinc which helps your cells of the nasal passage to open up. So, try this out and you are sure to get result. Magnesium helps in dilating and restoring of blood vessel and help in producing the mucous glands. Zinc supplements help the intracellular pathway and help in mucous secretion. Causes of a runny nose can be many. These include colds, flu, allergies, stress, smoking, chickenpox, whooping cough and many others. Due to this flu and runny nose, kids miss their school. So, this is a situation when parents really worry about the health of the children and also because of their missing their school.  Number of viruses which can cause flu and running nose are around 200. Some viruses like coronavirus, rhinovirus etc can cause cough and cold. The natural food is the main remedy to all kind of illness and disease. So, consume all types of healthy food and fruits to keep this bay. Foods like carrots, raw nuts and seeds help in controlling this illness with high efficiency. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is very true and it also controls the signs and symptoms of cough and cold effectively.

Natural Food is good for Health

Eating real food provides all the nutrients to our body and makes our every body part work well. The choice of the food should be correctly done. Vitamin D intake should be enough to increase the immunity power. Benefits are many if you intake vitamin D. It increases the bone health. So, take food rich in vitamin D or food supplements rich in vitamin D. Take whole multivitamins supplements as the nutrients are absorbed in it.  Patients with asthma and few type of allergies should eat avocados to get a better result. These are also rich in vitamin D. Banana help in good breathing. The risk of having asthma symptoms lessens if you eat a banana a day. Broccoli sprouts; spinach is rich in nutrients and can lessen the symptom of asthma. Kiwis, rich in vitamin C, are great in fighting the running nose. Flaxseeds are rich in mineral, potassium, selenium and omega 3 fats is magical for asthma