Top 5 taste fattening healthy dips

Getting a well shaped body is a desire of every lady. But, tasty food is always a weakness to every one of us. If you get some tasty dips to consume, it’s fair enough to stop dieting for a single day. Following are some of the delicious dips which go really well with chopped veggies and fresh fruit slices

Skinny spinach and parmesan dip

Top best healthiest foods

If you want to avoid the fat content of traditional dip, replace the content to light cream cheese instead of mayonnaise or the sour cream. Still it is very tasty with rich Parmesan cheese and garlic as its flavoring.

Pepper and lemon cottage cheese dip

You can make this delicious dip very easily with the ingredients like 1/4th teaspoon of lemon pepper, ½ cup of low fat cottage cheese, minced carrot and pepper. Combine all of these together and toss it well. This dip is not only tasty but also has healthy vitamins and minerals such as protein, phosphorous, vitamin B12 and calcium. This is clinically proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Greek yogurt dip

If you don’t have problem with calories and gaining weight, Greek Yogurt dip must be your choice. The French onion dip is one of the tasty dip appreciated by thousands of people around the world. If you wish to reduce some fat, mixing the ingredients with low fat plain Greek yogurt will be advisable. The quantity of protein will remain intact in such dip recipe.

Baba ganoush

One of the wonderful Mediterranean dips is none other than Baba Ganoush. The dip has the egg plant as its main ingredient with other vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin E, anti aging antioxidants, fiber etc.

Pumpkin dip

Pumpkin is readily available in the market along with other veggies. Even the cost of pumpkin is quite low. If you consume one serving of pumpkin, I will ideally provide vitamin A of around 197 percent. This is regarded as one of the powerful dip that helps in getting the eye vision improved.  You can also reap benefit of protection against the lung cancer.