How to avoid and relieve eye strain

In today’s world with the fast moving life, stress is increasing on a very high scale. As a result eye strain is one of the most common problems. Around 90% of the population suffers from this problem. There are many reasons for eye strain, like lack of sleep, working for a long time at one stretch of time on digital devices (mobile phones, laptop), reading in dim light, exposure to bright light without any protection and even allergies. Some of the symptoms of eye strain can be extreme headache, watery eyelids, and reddish residue in the eyes. And it must be noted out that these symptoms are not usually visible during daytime or in the morning but occurs when there’s any sort of pressure in the eye.

Since eye strain is a very common problem, we can easily find quite a lot number of eye drops too. However, eye strain can be cured through some natural remedies as well.

Ways to avoid eye strain

Eye massage

Best eye relaxation techniques

The most efficient and quick way to avoid eye strain is to gently massage your eyelids daily. This will lead to an increase in the blood circulation and it will also stimulate the tear glands which often lead in drying up our eyes.

  1. Gently use your fingertips to massage over your eyelids and then on your eyebrows for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Gently use your fingers to massage your forehead and temple, also your upper cheek bones too.
  3. Repeat this at least twice a day.


Another great way to relax your eye muscles. It can be done at any point of the time and helps in preventing eye strain. Palming technique involves a series of steps. Firstly, all you need to do is, sit up straight in a position which you find soothing. Then gently warm up your palms by rubbing both hands against each other. Close your eyes and then gently apply the warm palm and stay in that position for 5 minutes. Now slowly open your eyelids and keep on repeating this process for several times.


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This is another method of preventing strained eyes and helps in relaxing the muscles of the eyelids. Sunning helps in the production of vitamin D in our body, which acts as a vital role in the development and growth in our body. Vitamin D improves the overall health condition too. All we need to keep in mind is, this should be done before 10 am. The steps of doing this procedure are; first stand in a sunny place early in the morning and then close your eyes and absorb the sun for few seconds, and then slowly open your eyelids after feeling the warmth. Now repeat the process several times. Do this everyday.

Eye exercises

Eye exercises also help in avoiding eye strain by improving the blood circulation to the eyes, creating flexibility and improving concentration. All you need to do is, hold a pencil at a one arm’s distance and slowly keep focusing on it. Then gently bring the object closer to your vision. This will help in relaxing the eyelids. Also, roll your eyes in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction repeatedly. Repeat this 8-10 times.

Cold water

Cold water is also another very effective method for relaxing eye strain. This increases the flow of blood circulation. All you need to do is, splash some cold water in your eyelid and gently rub your eyes with a soft towel. Then keep your eyes closed for few seconds. Repeat this twice and you will feel much better. You can also rub some ice cubes over the puffiness of your eyelids for relief.

Warm compress

This is another way for preventing your eye strain. This method is helpful for reducing eye strain, puffy eyes, and also helps in soothing dry eyes. This is also effective for reducing the swelling pains. There are certain steps to follow this method.

First dip a soft piece of cloth in warm water and gently squeeze off the excess water. Then gently place the piece of cloth over your eyelids without putting pressure. Then rest in that position for about 30 seconds. Repeat this 5- 6 times everyday before going to bed. This will help your eyes from straining and also you will feel fresh.

Ways to relieve eye strain

Ladies, has the stress level in your life increased recently? This may affect to your eyes leading to future damage. Are you suffering from tired, achy eyes, or bad headaches? This may be because of excessive eye strain. Tired, achy eyes or frequent headaches, your eyes may be strained. If this continues for a long time, you might need to visit a doctor!

But don’t worry there are many ways of relieving your eyes. It is as simple as the one’s I have mentioned above, just remember to give your eyes proper rest, ensure a peaceful sleep of almost 7-8 hours and of course eat healthy! Lifestyle plays an important role in our health system. So, do keep these tips in your mind and stay healthy, stay happy!