Sense of feeling restoration – Impact of Bionic arm

US scientists have found out the property of restoration with advancement in bionic hands. This has been implemented on two patients. In the particular procedure, artificial hand sensors are used which helps in sending signals directly to the nerve. This was a very successful study that was published in science translational medicine.

A separate break through was made by the Swedish team in the subject of artificial limb. This includes bionic arms anchoring on bones to have control on bones. Igor Spectic was one of the beneficiaries among the group who was found losing his right arm in an accident. He was taken as a resource for bionic replacement. But, after the replacement is done, he was not at all capable to feel the world around him. Thus, he needed to use his eye and see whether his hand is squeezed too hard.

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A team of researchers at Case Western Reserve University made the association of sensor in bionic procedure. The remaining nerves were used for surgery after which electronic stimulation delivery was possible. The team also managed to send variety of patterns with regards to electronic stimulation to each nerve by using a computer. Interpretation was done in brain as a different sensation.

The team engaged themselves in matching the sensations so formed in nineteen different locations starting from palm till the tip of a hand. Match making of sensors to different electronic patterns of stimulation was also carried on.

It was found that Mr Spectic has been using this therapy for the last two and half years.  According to one of the lead researchers on the team, the total procedure is well versed in doing delicate as well as finest task now. It is also believed by the researchers that, within another ten years, a full fledged system will be implanted altogether. An individual could easily put the electrodes on each nerves and easily feel the sensation in hands.  Thus the senses in hands will be totally developed and even the pain in hand can be felt which no longer exists.

According to the statement of scientists working at Chalmers University of technology in Sweden, they have successfully implanted the first bionic arm of bone anchored. One of the well known techniques, “osseointegration “, is related to make a great connection of bone, muscles and nerves to arm.  This is a wonderful technique that which makes the stable fusion between machine and man along with great integration.

Mechanical stability is provided as and when the artificial arm is attached to the skeleton. The biological control system namely muscles and nerves are duly interfaced to the control system of the machine. Clinician also said that there is a missing link of sensory feedback and neutral control  along with reliable communication between the body and prosthesis.