Celebrate The Indian in You: Buy Sarees in These 4 Materials This Season

Sarees are a staple for Indian women. Their elegance and charm are unbeatable, and the drapes are perfectly suited for the Indian body type. Aside from this, sarees are so versatile that one saree can be styled in many ways to suit your different moods. 

Today’s fashionistas have come up with a number of practical and wearable drapes to flaunt beautiful sarees effortlessly. These drapes have made sarees appropriate for the fast-paced lifestyle and make it possible to wear sarees as often as you like. This is why the markets are flooded with gorgeous saree designs that are ideal for everyday wear. But there are a few factors that you should keep in mind to make sure you’re going for the right option. One of these factors is the material of the saree. 

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The material or fabric of the saree plays an important role in determining the look and feel of the saree.  A thick, stiff fabric like silk, net, or velvet will give your saree a more defined, structured silhouette, whereas a flowy fabric like georgette or chiffon will give you a flowy look. 

Here are five fabrics that you can check out when you buy sarees. 

# 1 Chiffon 

Perhaps the most popular one on the list, the Bollywood favourite chiffon is made for sarees. The fluidity and softness of the fabric enhance the grace of anysaree, and the sheer look gives it a dainty, delicate vibe. Perfect for the summer season, a chiffon saree can be your go-to outfit for summer weddings, daytime functions or other such events. 

You can easily find many chiffon options when you buy sarees online in India. These sarees are available in a range of stunning colours and prints and can be styled with short, sleeveless blouses for a simple yet sultry look. 

# 2 Net 

Net is one fabric that you would spot when you buy sarees for parties or events. Net is another sheer, lightweight fabric, but it is not as fluid and flowy as chiffon. Rather, it’s stiff and structured. Net sarees usually come with sparkly embellishments that make these sarees a great option for family functions and weddings. 

You can pair these sarees with embellished cropped tops or heavy blouses to add more drama to the look or opt for a plain, long-sleeved blouse to balance out the glam. 

# 3 Cotton 

If you wish to buy sarees you can wear on a day-to-day basis, there’s nothing better than cotton sarees. They are breathable, comfy, and easy to wear. These sarees are available in a variety of different prints and colours and can be styled with comfy sleeveless blouses for the perfect summer look. 

You can comfortably wear these sarees to work and flaunt them all day long. 

# 4 Silk 

Probably the first fabric that comes to mind when you want to buy sarees for parties and events is silk. The beauty and elegance of this fabric and the classic sophistication of sarees come together to form a stunning outfit that is symbolic of Indian magnificence and charm. 

These sarees look the best with traditional long-sleeved blouses but can also be paired with a modern, low cut blouse for an off-beat, trendy look. 

This versatile and classic piece of clothing reflects the Indian culture and tells a story that Indians resonate with. So, if you’re on the lookout for trendy sarees and wish to buy sarees to add to your collection, you can check out online retail stores like Snapdeal. Here you will get Brand Wali Quality Bazaar Wali Deal and be able to get your hands on high quality without breaking the bank!