Celebrity Saree Blouse Designs Collection 2020

As a woman, sarees are the most beautiful outwear in India. Sarees specialty is it holds the
femininity and elegance. A stylish and rich look saree can turn your plain saree into a grand
ones. There are many types of blouses that a person can choose on such as lace, net, chiffon, silk and many more. You can design them by your own creativity and makes them look well with your saree.

40. Sneha in Off- Shoulder Blouse

Do you want traditional but with a blend of modern touch? Sneha gets the fabulous look by
wearing plain hot saree colors. If you don’t have a ready off-shoulder blouse for your saree, you can even collaborate your sarees with an off-shoulder choli of your lehenga.

39. Mehreen kaur pirzada in Curved V Sleeveless Blouse

The curved neck of the blouse makes it as per the most recent design. The V neck both in front and back makes it one of a kind especially it contrast with same color of running blouse. Floral pattern sarees suits the saree blouse well on Mehreen Kaur pirzada.

38. Shruti Hasan in Plain Halter Neck Blouse

The halter neck blouse style runs well with any type of sarees. You can add sequins or mirrors if the blouse is too plain. This design is suitable for both casual and formal wear. You will look decent yet stunning especially when you wear them with any sequin or silk sarees same as like Shruti Hasan looks.

37. Rashi Khanna style in Balcony Cut Sweetheart Neck with Back Ribbon Blouse

The sweetheart neck is a beautiful and sexy low neck at the back ribbon style. The blouse comes with a heart shape which has a front deep low cut design. Rashi khanna looks sexy and need nothing else to seduce anyone. This will be suitable for any special event. This style works with a wide range of sarees.

36. Catherine Tresa in Boat Neck Blouse

It’s one of the common design among celebrities. Even though, the design looks simple, yet the contrast blouse color gives an impact and stylish look to Catherine Tresa. You may add an embroidery laces or piping of different colors to the neckline of the blouse.

35. Seamless Saree Blouse on Rakul Preet Singh

Let say you’re comfortable wearing a showoff skin sleeveless, this simple plain color design
blouse will suit your preference. The look of the saree may look modest but it gives a classy outcome on Rakul Preet Singh. Low cut back neck will look more elegant with ladkans at the end of the knot.

34. Regina cassandra in Round Neck Blouse

This sexy back with deep round neck front makes the blouse to enhance the beauty of the saree and hence beauty of Regina cassandra. This is especially when the back hooks are perfectly fit the cuttings. Normally, same saree and blouse color will attract people’s attention on the look.

33. Kajal Aggarwal in Half Sleeve Low Neck Blouse

The half sleeves and low front neck combo is the perfection of a cotton saree. It gives a classic touch when the blouse is stich with the saree’s border and it look good when there is a string to knot the saree blouse. Kajal Aggarwal looks awesome in this pattern.

32. Rashmika Mandanna in Stylish Silk Saree Design

Another new neck shirt blouse for saree looks amazing on Rashmika Mandanna. This blouse
design suits well with brocade style. This comes with the latkans and strings carrying out their responsibility of keeping the blouse well so that it suits well with the saree.

31. Samantha in Back Zip Pattern Blouse

If you like wearing a back zip pattern, then cotton sarees are suitable than the silk sarees. There is no embroidery on the blouse, yet it makes the plain saree to look more vibrant and neat on Samantha. This formal design is suitable for those who attends meeting and temples.

30. Keerthi Suresh stunned in Ruffled Blouses

Ruffled blouses are a major thing now. This depends on the type of saree you can design.
Ruffled blouse gives a cute ends of the sleeves. Keerthi looks gorgeous as this pattern gives more flair. However, it doesn’t suit all types of sarees especially with the plain design sarees.

29. Pooja Hegde in Semi-Lace Blouse

Semi- lace blouses are very rare. Laces on sleeves gives a magical touch towards the blouse on Pooja Hegde. This kind of design is more suitable on cotton sarees. It looks even better when the blouse has a pot shape for back design.

28. Tamanna in Three Quarter Floral Blouse

Who doesn’t love three quarter floral blouse? Some might think sits very old fashioned to have such blouse design. However, floral saree gives a fresh and elegant look when you style with a rich saree pallus. Floral blouse gives more sensation look and feel compare to other types of blouses on Tamanna.

27. Shreemukhi in Puffed with semi collar Design Saree Blouse

An alternate way to deal with the off shoulder blouse is when the whole neck isn’t removed the radar. Rather, contrast cooler puffs are attached in the end. This is to make the blouse resemble a cylinder one with sleeves. It’s currently becoming people’s choices of choosing the puff design. Shreemukhi looks fabulous in this pattern blouse.

26. Anupama parameswaran in Full Sleeve Circle Neck Blouse

Anupama parameswaran looks stunning in this plain black blouse and is one of the best choices that you can wear on. Its high on demand since you can wear with any types of sarees. This new blouse design will save both the time and easy job for the tailors as well.

25. Anu emmanuel in High Neck One-Sided Design Saree Blouse

The neck isn’t excessively high, yet sufficiently high for a blouse plan. This design suits for the high embroidery or stone sarees. The blouse looks very presentable on Anu emmanuel especially when wear it on silk sarees. The back design follows the front neck cut as well. They use the same method for the back neck.

24. Tapsee pannu in High Neck Embroidered Blouse with Net Sleeves

This type of blouse is good to pair with pattu sarees. The high neck blouse with net and full
sleeves merge very well with this pattu saree. Tapsee pannu looks more eye-catching and
beautiful with a contrast color for the blouse.

23. Tejaswi madivada in High neck Stripe Blouse

This is one of the simple big stripe high neck blouse. This cotton silk blouse suits well for any types of silk or georgette sarees. Tejaswi looks beautiful in this simple yet beautiful outwear. Maybe, you can add a little bit of embroideries or stone around neck to make it looks sassy.

22. Nayanthara in High Neck Design Sleeveless Blouse

First of all, you don’t need to worry about jewelries to make you saree look more vibrant. The high neck embroidery patch blouse gives a tasteful and rich look to Nayanthara. Any types of laces are suitable for the neckline of the blouse. This blouse suits for any satin or silk sarees.

21. Shri Divya in Brocade Blouse

Normally, brocade design blouses are only used in any big occasions, they don’t wear for casual event. Shri Divya looks stunning in this pattern, the brocade silk material is impeccable to make a full-sleeve choli. This style also make you look a la mode. It can run well with a lehenga or a lovely silk saree.

20. Amala Paul in High Neck Blouse with Wide Back Neck Blouse

Amala paul looks sexy in this sleeveless design that looks so chic and contemporary due to its wide-open design. This blouse is best worn with any lace sarees. If the blouse looks simple, you can add embroidery patches to fill the space. Suitable to wear for any party or casual event.

19. Surabhi in Cold Shoulder with Ruffed Combo Blouses

Surabhi looks gorgeous in this 2019’s trending design. This combo pattern blouse beautiful to wear with any georgette sarees. Make sure your saree is not filled with heavy works as it will overtake the beauty of the blouse. You can choose short sleeves or elbow length sleeves with this design.

18. Shalini Pandey in Simple Bangalore Silk Blue Blouse

This simple sleeveless with low cut neck will look good in any Chanderi cotton or heavy
embroidery sarees. The entire blouse looks very comfy and is unquestionably one of the most attractive saree outwear. It looks simple but it completes the saree’s beauty on Shalini Pandey.

17. Anasuya bharadwaj in Black Broad Neck Blouse

The round slit and net sleeve design pulls people s attention. The neat cut of back neck blouse gives the stylish ending on Anasuya bharadwaj, with a hook at the top and bottom to hold the saree. Therefore, this three quarter with some random print on the saree is something new to try on. This blouse suits for any sarees.

16. Priyanka Chopra in The Golden Shimmery with net Sleeve Blouse

This specific sleeve fashioner blouse that suits well for any types silk sarees. It is an extremely lovely one with an alluring sparkle to it. The cute net patch as the sleeves done on the saree is very pretty and it matches well with the shimmery golden blouse and gives amazing look to Priyanka chopra.

15. Shraddha kapoor in High Fancy Crop Top Blouse

This is a high fancy crop top style blouse. This design comes along with sheer detailing on the strappy edged. This is to make it look more glitz. Match this up with a soft and light sarees to make it more eye-catchy. Shraddha Kapoor looks stunning in this gold sparkling blouse which suits for any hot color sarees.

14. Sonakshi Sinha in Front Open Neck Blouse

Sonakshi looks stunning in this blouse pattern with pink sari. It’s one of the regular designs that most of our ladies are wearing in India. The neck area is planned in a way that can be opened from the front with a small Chinese cut sleeves style. This blouse is an extraordinary decision in the event that you need to go for any events.

13. Shilpa shetty in Stylish Bra Style Blouse

If you wish to furnish yourself like your favorite celebrity look like Shilpa Shetty, try this blouse design. This heavy embroidered blouse gives an attractive sexy curved design at the front and the strapes is filled with floral patches to gives a beautiful finishing to the blouse. This type of blouse is suitable to wear with ruffle layer sarees or floral sarees.

12. Kangana Ranaut in Basic White Sleeveless Blouse

Kanagna looks sexy in this blouse, normally this kind of blouses are made of Bangalori Satin Blouse. This blouse suits for any types of lace sarees with lighter colors. It’s a very simple saree that you can even wear as a crop top. The low-cut front neck and back cut neck design is the sexiness of the saree.

11. Rani Mukerji in Maroon Blouse with Zari

This diamond low cut design blouse gives an elegant touch for any sequin work net sarees. The zari all around the blouse that matches the saree color complete the beautiful look of Rani Mukerji. This will stand at its place if there is a string tied on the back of the saree and completes with ladkans.

10. Aishwarya rai in Black Low-Cut Thin Straps Blouse

Looking for simple designed blouse for your leopard style georgette saree? Use this blouse
design and make yourself even more elegant like how Aishwarya rai stunning in this black and white sari. This design is for those who wear saree on casual days and feel free without any heavy work on saree. This saree is also suitable for crop top blouse.

9. Alia Bhatt in The Satin Sleeveless Blouse

This specific blouse will be suitable for the washed sarees. Numerous ladies love wearing
sleeveless blouses with their sarees. The entire blouse looks comfy to weary especially with heavy border sarees same as Alia Bhatt looks awesome in this golden border silk sari. This kind of blouse is actually suitable for all types of sarees.

8. Vidhya balan in Heavy Embroidery Half Sleeve Blouse

Normally, heavy embroidery half sleeve blouse material contrast from the saree color. The
blouse is made up of heavy embroidered work at the sleeves with a diamond cut front neck. The back neck usually will be wide as It looks more fancy and sassy at the same time. Vidhya balan looks simple but takes attention of people in this pattern.

7. Madhuri Dixit in fancy Halter Neck Blouse

Madhuri Dixit looks sexy in this halter neck blouse and can be matched with a wide scope of sequin sarees to get a dazzling look. The utilization of a golden thread chip away the net material. The highlight of the blouse despite its heavy work, only the chest part has a solid base. The rest part of the blouse is net material and it’s transparent.

6. Kajol in Basic Shimmery Blouse

This basic blouse is suitable to be worn for any types of sarees. Kajol looks gorgeous with the deep neck black blouse and net sari. To make it more vibrate, you can add the same embroidery patches or mirror stone to complete the plain look of the blouse.

5. Anushka Sharma in Square Neck Blouse Pattern

Anushka looks beautiful in this simple typical contrast blouse design. The square neck design is a typical style in Indian outfits. To make your simple saree blouse neck pattern a bit more attractive, you can add mirror works all over the blouse or embroidery patterns to the borderline of the neck. Don’t forget to add strings and ladkans to the back of the blouse.

4. Sri Devi in Boat Neck Blouse

The baby blue blouse with heavy embroidery gives a perfect result to the saree on Sri Devi. What attracts more is the net sleeves that contrast with the sequin saree border design. This style will also look good in full sleeves. It will look nicer and more vibrant if there’s mirror work on the neck areas.

3. Sonam Kapoor in High Neck Full Sleeves Blouse

In this red blouse and white sari Sonam kapoor looks beautiful and amazing. This blouse is the connected chain between Mandarin and Chinese collar and close neck blouses. In order to make the blouse look grand, you can add mirror work or heavy embroidery around the neck and sleeves area. This design is suitable for any plain sarees.

2. Deepika Padukone in Silky Red Glamorous Sleeveless Blouse

This specific red designer blouse works on a satin material. This blouse is suitable to wear with any cotton sarees as you won’t feel heavy once you drape it. This low-cut blouse gives a diva appearance where deep neck make you look sensual. Deepika looks sensational in this outfit.

1. Katrina kaif in Sequins Gold Blouse

Katrina kaif looks sexy in this stunning sari and blouse design. A sparkling golden sleeveless blouse covered with is one of the options that each one must have in their collections. The blouse gives a rich look especially when the blouse is worn with sequin sarees. Try to have beautiful string at the back and that will the perfect combo!