The second trimester fourth month of pregnancy

The second trimester is the fourth month of pregnancy. This span of 13-27 weeks of pregnancy is called the “honeymoon week’ for certain good reasons. During this phase the nausea diminishes, emotions, even out and sex feeling enhance. The risk of miscarriage is almost nil in this month.

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Apparent Changes

  • The feeling of nausea that was prevalent in the first three tend to disappear, but discomforts in the tummy, stomach pains come up as a result of the growing uterus and the stretching of muscles and ligaments around it.
  • Signs of life are felt around this time, which includes in the movements of the baby and some sounds which are the hiccups of the baby.
  • Breathlessness is a normal symptom with even slight movements. This is a result of the uterus growing and putting pressure on the lungs.
  • The shape of the body takes peculiar change with the expanding waistline and broadening of the hips. There will be gain of weight. Stretch marks are now visible on the stomach.
  •  The change in the physical body will lead to some emotional worries about the future changes. This is the time to feel better and change into maternity clothes and pamper the body to overcome the blues of the period.
  •  During the second trimester, some women have startling dreams and wake-up in a cold sweat. This is a very common gesture.
  •  In the fourth and fifth month of pregnancy the body produces more estrogen, the nausea and tiredness has lessened and so the woman feels more sexually aroused.

Development of the Fetus in the Fourth Month

In the fourth month of pregnancy the baby’s body increases in size. It is about 5.5inches in length now and some babies may weigh about 6 ounces.  All limbs are formed by this stage. Fingers and toes are properly formed.  The head remains larger than the body. The process of ossification that is the turning of the baby’s skeleton of cartilage to bone takes place in the fourth month. The ear bones begin to harden. The retina of the eyes become sensitive though the eyes remain closed. By the end of the month, your baby is around 5.5 inches from crown to rump, and he or she may weight 6 ounces. The six characteristics are clearly visible from this stage. A fine layer of hair covers the whole surface of the body. This is the time the eyebrows and eyelashes start to grow now.

Exercises in the second trimester

This is the time to do certain exercises which will help with pushing during labor. Kegels exercise of contracting the muscles, holding and repeating will be very helpful. The prenatal yoga is tailored for the changing body during pregnancy. Swimming and water aerobics will relieve the tension of the tired legs. Walking will increase the blood circulation and add more energy to the body.

Emotional changes

Hormones are still in overdrive during the second trimester of pregnancy. Most of the women feel emotional during this time due to changes in hormones. Your body takes time to adjust with your body changes like emotions and a tear jerker commercial without crying due to changes in long term effects that may have on your body.


Congestion is nothing but as blood flow increases to your body’s mucous membranes. You may even find yourself snoring for the first time. There are some OTC medications that are safe to use during pregnancy.

Swelling feet and ankles

Swelling feet and ankles starts at week 22 of pregnancy and lasts until delivery. In order to reduce them, try to be active, kick up your feet when you are not moving. Avoid long periods of standing or sitting and sleep on your side.

Leg cramps

Leg cramps start in the second trimester and last in third. This is due to hormones and weight, a possible shortage of calcium or magnesium. So, keep eating a healthy, well balanced pregnancy diet.


This is caused by lowering blood pressure due in part to all the extra blood your body is pumping. It is easy to get rid of it by implementing eat plenty of small meals that help to fill up on fluids to reduce symptoms.


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Varicose veins

Varicose veins or hemorrhoids should shrink or go away after pregnancy, if you didn’t have them before you conceived.

Weight gain

During the second trimester, you will gain pregnancy weight to support your growing baby. If you started out your pregnancy at a normal weight, expect to gain around one pound per week for a total of a14 pounds.

Sleep on your side

Pregnancy sleep is usually easier to catch in the second trimester than in the first or third. You will want to start sleeping on your side now. Since the weight of your growing uterus puts pressure on the vena cava, this can interfere with circulation.

Increase your caloric intake

If you were normal weight before getting pregnant, you need 300 to 350 additional calories during the second trimester, which would be two glasses of skim milk and a bowl of oatmeal.


Heavy weight lifting should be avoided and exercises that requiring great force should not be done. Exercises that are done while lying flat on the back should be avoided as it can carry excess blood to the baby. Water should be sipped at short intervals.  Small snacks need to be taken during exercises.

A woman feels the best during the second trimester. This is the time to prepare for the baby, do exercise and  reveal the changes of the body with pride.

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