The second trimester fourth month of pregnancy

Four months of pregnancy

The second trimester of your pregnancy begins from the 4th month. While you are four months pregnant you start feeling several changes such as lessen nausea and vomiting. You also notice the changes in breasts they will be more firm and have good growth while there will be the darkening of the areola. The fourth months of pregnancy make you get rid of the morning sickness.

Your baby starts moving during this month. Pregnancy is different in every pregnant woman therefore, some women do not feel the movements in 4th month but they start feeling the movements of their baby during 5th month of pregnancy. Your baby becomes capable to hear voice and swallows during this period of pregnancy.

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As the second trimester of pregnancy starts than during this period your baby gets into the figure with fingers, toes, eyebrows, nails, eyelashes, hairs are formed well and your baby sucks thumb, stretches, makes face, and yawn as well.

The second trimester is the period during pregnancy when the genitalia and reproductive organs get fully developed, and you can visit your doctor to get an ultrasound. Now the heartbeats of the baby get audible with the help of Doppler which is an instrument used to listen to the heartbeat of baby during pregnancy. Your baby is around 6 to 7 inches long and the weight is around 4-5 ounces by the end of 4th month.

The fifth month of pregnancy

During the fifth month of pregnancy, the hairs of your baby start growing on the body. This is the period during pregnancy when soft fine hair starts covering your baby’s back, shoulder, and temples to protect your baby. Your baby’s skin gets cover with vernix caseosa which is the white and cheesy types of substance that helps your baby to prevent long exposure to the amniotic flood.

You may feel excited to experience your baby’s movement which is called quickening. This is the moment when your baby gets the first movement. Your baby gets 10 inches long and 1/2 to 1 pound weight by the end of the fifth month of pregnancy.

Six months of pregnancy

This is the month of your pregnancy when your baby is around 12 inches long and 2 pounds weighted. During the six months of pregnancy your baby’s skin gets reddish and pinkish in color, and wrinkled. Through your baby’s reluctant skin veins will be visible as well as the prints of toe and fingers get visible.

Eyes begin to open and your baby becomes responding to the sound by having the movements and increasing pulse. Your baby starts hiccups too in six months of pregnancy.

The symptoms of the second trimester in your body by every month

You experience several are pregnant changes in your body while you are pregnant. These all changes will be every month, every week, even everyday.

During four-month of pregnancy

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Four month means you are starting your second trimester of pregnancy. But if you are still craving for the certain foods then you have not started your second trimester of pregnancy yet.

During pregnancy, you need to eat for two because your baby is also completely depending on the nutrient provided by you. You may experience more hunger while you are pregnant and this symptom is quite common. Make sure you are not eating more than need. Do not eat much at a time divide your meal into six small parts instead of three heavy meals.

During the fifth month of pregnancy

This is the month of your pregnancy when you start looking radiant. During the fifth month of pregnancy, you feel free from your morning sickness but you may experience some puffiness. Constipation is also one of the symptoms of pregnancy during this month.

During six month of pregnancy

When you start the six months of your pregnancy, you may go through some symptoms that are not uncommon during pregnancy such as back pain. Your baby grows everyday that causes the back pain. During six month of pregnancy you need to take more rest do not do excessive activities. Taking good rest will promote the comfortable pregnancy and good health of you.