Chlorthalidone vs HTCZ for the Treatment of Hypertension

Hypertension is a condition that many people around the world suffer from. It is characterized by a surge in blood pressure, which essentially means that the force of blood against artery walls is far too high. The effects of this condition are many and varied, and it could even lead to heart disease. This is why it is extremely important that you take medication to contain it as soon as a diagnosis is made.

When it comes to the treatment of hypertension, two kinds of diuretics reign: hydrochlorothiazide (commonly shortened to hctz) and Chlorthalidone. Of the two, it is HCTZ that is mostly used in many hospitals around the world. Recent scientific research however suggests that physicians may be passing over a more effective drug for the treatment of hypertension. Chlorthalidone, which goes by the generic name Thalitone, has been shown to be a better treatment for high blood pressure compared to HCTZ. Here is a detailed comparison of Chlorthalidone vs hydrochlorothiazide that goes to prove that one is better than the other.

HCTZ or Chlorthalidone is used for Hypertension?

Studies show that Chlorthalidone is a much more effective cure for hypertension than HCTZ. It lowers pressure much better than HCTZ in a period of 24 hours. Usually, doctors recommend that patients take about 12.5- 25 mg of HCTZ for hypertension in a period of 24 hours. A dose of 6.25mg of Chlorthalidone does a better job of lowering blood pressure which speaks to its effectiveness in treating the condition. Further, research shows that Chlorthalidone has a longer half- life than HCTZ, which is to say that it remains in the body much longer and can therefore help contain high blood pressure for a longer time.

One of the concerns that come with using both these medications is their side effects. For Chlorthalidone, the greatest cause for concern arises from hypokalemia. Hypokalemia refers to lack of enough potassium in the body. This mineral is incredibly important for many bodily functions. It is the electrolyte that is responsible for correct nerve and muscle cell functioning. When there isn’t enough of this mineral, muscles, particularly heart muscles, can stop working correctly. This can be both dangerous and fatal. It is for this reason that most physicians ceased to prescribe Chlorthalidone for hypertension.

However, the risk of hypokalemia is directly proportional to the Chlorthalidone dosage. In fact, research shows that at equal dosage, both Chlorthalidone and HCTZ have the same likelihood of causing hypokalemia. On the bright side, Chlorthalidone is not associated with the nephrotoxic effect that is typical of HTCZ. Better yet, it does not cause any risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In this respect therefore, it is a tad better than HCTZ.

Another benefit that comes with using Chlorthalidone is that it is cheaper than HCTZ. Keep in mind that you only need to use about half as much of this potent medicine in order to get the same results as you do with HCTZ and this certainly impacts the cost of the drug.

Which is better: HCTZ or Chlorthalidone?

Although research shows that Chlorthalidone is the superior of the two drugs when it comes to treating hypertension, there are a few factors that will determine which is the best drug for you. In particular, the adverse metabolic effects that are associated with either drug should be paid heed to when it comes to choosing one over the other. If you are more prone to hypokalemia than suffering nephrotoxic effects, then HCTZ may actually be better for you.

Where Can I Get Chlorthalidone?

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When it comes to Chlorthalidone vs HTCZ, Chlorthalidone certainly wins. It is a very effective treatment for hypertension and is also reasonably affordable. It is available in many drug stores across the country under the Chlorthalidone generic name Thalitone. Better yet, you can easily purchase the drug at your own convenience from Buying the drug here will save you plenty of time and energy.