Cyber-focused: The secret to staying focused when studying online

The pandemic has forced many schools to shift to online classes. One week you might have been joining class in person, while the next, you might have been struggling to figure out virtual school. This would make it difficult to concentrate at the best of times, let alone now amid this uncertainty.

There are a few challenges that will go hand-in-hand with your new, so-called freedom. You’ll discover that online classes can though in different ways than a normal classroom setting, and the number one cause of frustration is a distraction. When you’re in a bedroom or at a coffee shop, you’re the boss, which is a good thing. However, it’s easy to get distracted and unproductive, especially with the many internet-entertainment prospects within your reach. But we’ve got some ideas to help you navigate your online classes and finish the semester as strong as possible.

Schedule a Routine

Today, more than ever, a proper school work routine can be helpful. Perhaps you’re still adhering to the previous class schedule, although everything happens online. But you can use your previous program as a foundation and build a detailed study schedule around it.

For instance, when one class ends with a short essay assignment, block the hour after that class to start summarizing yours.

Your time isn’t finite now that you have more free time than before. If you learn to better schedule your homework and study hours – you’ll get to see how much time you actually have and will prevent you from neglecting your assignments.

In times of uncertainty, maintaining a sense of control can help you stay calm. And while you might not be able to control too much right now, a study schedule is one thing you certainly can.

Practice self-care

Self-care is one of the most important points of all. With all this time spent online and indoors, remember to stand up, take breaks, and stretch. Schedule your self-care time in your day and make it mandatory. Whether it’s taking a nap, making a home-cooked meal, going for a walk, trying an in-home workout, or watching your favourite drama. Take a moment to simply unplug and recharge. Additionally, taking brain vitamins and supplements might come in handy if you’re experiencing concentration problems.

Certain vitamins and fatty acids have been shown to improve concentration and prevent memory loss. There is a long list of potential solutions, including vitamins like B12, herbal supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, Omega -3 fatty acids, and Fulvic Acid Benefits, with the potential to improve cognitive function.

Reward Your Milestones

The cancellation of thesis readings, the end-of-semester parties, and graduation can leave you feeling puzzled. After all, your whole-year efforts won’t be celebrated as normal.

But the lack of ordinary events doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t celebrate at all.

You can still spend some time to plan a home celebration that feels special. For instance, you can plan on a graduation party with your roommate, make dinner, dress, and take some celebratory selfies.

Of course, it won’t be the same as the actual parties and events you had planned, but you can’t give up celebrating your triumph just because you’re stuck at home