Dental problems during pregnancy, Is it safe to do root canal during pregnancy?

Have you ever thought your dental problem can be equally harmful to your baby? It is necessary to take better care of your gums and teeth during pregnancy. There are many hormonal changes while you are pregnant because these changes promote the risk of germinating gum disease that can also affect the growth of your baby.

During pregnancy, you need to pay attention to your good oral health even after pregnancy it is equally important to keep up the better oral health.

There are the tips given below that will help you to approach good oral health during pregnancy and after too.

Dental care before pregnancy

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The better preparation always brings the better result, make sure you are enough aware of your dental care before you get pregnant. You need to make the dental appointment so that if you have oral health problems it can be treated well before your pregnancy even if you have no dental problem then also you must visit the dental clinic to make your teeth clean professionally, examine gum tissues carefully.

Dental care during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is necessary to take better care of your oral health which is necessary for your baby’s development. There are some tips that must be followed given below

You should get routine dental care when you are pregnant that can be done anytime by the doctor during pregnancy. If there is an urgent procedure required that can be done but if it is not urgent should be delayed until after the delivery. Get confirmed with your obstetrician if she has any specific instructions or precautions for you before you get your dental appointment.

You need to tell all the names of medication and prenatal vitamins that you are taking prescribed by your health care adviser. If you have been given the specific medical pieces of advice that you need to tell your dentist. This information will help your dentist to substitute your dental treatment plan.

Pregnancy causes the hormonal changes that promote the risk pregnancy gingivitis that is called periodontal disease in which gums easily bleed. Don’t skip your dental check-up appointment during pregnancy and if you find the changes in your gums like bleeding and swelling at any time of your pregnancy period, frequently consult with the dentist.

Dental x-rays are not harmful during pregnancy. Your dentist would go with the protection of your abdomen and thyroid while following the caution with advanced technology that has made x-rays much safer for your health and your baby’s health.

How your pregnancy is related to your dental care?

There are many women who make their nine months of pregnancy with no dental discomfort. The worse dental condition can also occur during pregnancy. You need to adopt good oral (dental) health habits and regular checkups to prevent all the dental discomfort and disease.

High risk of the cavity during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, there are the increased chances of cavities. Your eating may promote the cavity problem as if you intake carbohydrates more than usual lead to decay.

There are some more reasons that can cause the dental problem during pregnancy like lethargic feeling in morning, delicate gums, and enervation.

Tumors during pregnancy

While you are pregnant may experience the overgrowth of tissues which seem on the gum that is also called pregnancy tumor. It is only the swelling that occurs in the gums usually during the second three months (trimester) “it is not cancer”. You can easily find bleeding in them with red types of appearance. They are often disappearing after the birth of your baby, but if it does not you need to consult with your dentist.

Root canal during pregnancy

This is the necessary treatment required by many pregnant women. Poor hygiene and improper oral health care affect your baby’s growth. If you have oral health issue then root canal treatment is a mandatory course of action.

The treatment of root canal is usually the best decision for your health and your baby’s health. Root canal poses a very little risk to you and your baby. A question is also raised over the uses of x-ray that the dentist uses to assess tooth’s eternal structure and chemical administered throughout the surgery. An x-ray has no risk of exposing your baby to harmful radiation and preventing the effects of radiation many pregnant women are put under the extra coverage in some cases.

Dentists recommend the second three month (trimester) of pregnancy to undergo this root canal treatment. If you are unsure when to undergo this treatment, consulting with your dentist can help you to take the best decision for your dental health.