Dental problems during pregnancy, Is it safe to do root canal during pregnancy?

A pregnant lady might have a dental problem from the very beginning. Some ladies get this problem at the time of pregnancy, whereas another group of people has the problem before pregnancy. Dentists would always suggest to take proper care of your teeth as the baby would be affected if proper care is not being taken in the due course. If you really love your baby, you must take good care of your teeth for the sake of your baby.

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Danger of teeth problem in pregnancy

There will be a lot of complications and fatality if proper care is not being taken of your teeth during the pregnancy period. Some of the problems include:

  • If a pregnant lady is suffering from gum disease or cavities, there will be a good risk of delivering babies with low weight.
  • If you are a pregnant lady with the problem of cavity, you might give birth to a premature baby
  • You may also get your baby affected by bacteria if you have gum problems or cavities

According to the studies in the past 10 to 15 years, maximum pregnant ladies do suffer from the improper care of teeth and poor hygiene of gums and teeth. Even the gum disease will be affected and lead to periodontal disease. This will also lead to the problems like decay of tendons and bones, inflammation as well as infection. This is not all; rather you will be affected by the serious problems like cardiovascular disease, pancreatic cancer and also Alzheimer’s.

Reasons behind the tooth and gum problems

According to the research, pregnant ladies with quite a high level of progesterone or hormone might have a high risk of gum problem. The lady will be really susceptible to a variety of gum problems. A pregnant lady who is suffering from periodontitis before becoming pregnant will be affected by delivery of low birthrate baby.

We brush our teeth daily because the bacteria present in our teeth due to the remains of food affects our gums as well as teeth. Some bacteria are so powerful that, it affects the teeth and take the shape of a plaque. It is important to remove the plaque immediately or this can give rise to inflammation of the gums or gingivitis. If you keep your mouth and gums untreated, the bacteria will be quite sufficient to destroy the bones present in your mouth. Pregnant ladies must take good care of their teeth as these can lead to severely affect within the baby who is still not born.

Root canal during pregnancy

Some ladies and their family members are quite concerned about whether they will be safe if they go ahead with the procedure of root canalling during the pregnancy period. Pregnancy has different stages. If you can stay in a chair for a long time in a comfortable way, root canalling might not be a problem. But, ladies generally face the discomfort as their belly becomes big and staying in a place for a long time becomes really difficult.

If you are in 2nd trimester, root canalling will not be a problem at all. Some ladies are confined to nightmare and suffer from a variety of problems during any dental treatment. But, if you are strong enough during your pregnancy, root canalling will be quite safe.

X-ray is not safe during the pregnancy period as the baby will be affected with the X-ray. But, if your dentist is really experienced and can do without X-ray, root canalling or any type of dental problems can be eradicated.


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Risk of root canal

There is no direct effect of the root canalling procedure on the fetus when the lady is in pregnancy procedure. But, you need to examine the tooth at the first instance. The radiation during the root canalling procedure must be minimal and should be directed toward the mouth. In no ways there must by any radiation in the abdomen. The risks are associated with the root canalling during the pregnancy period or the detrimental effect on the baby. In order to provide the stress free effect, mild antibiotic will be prescribed. You need to consult with your dentist and find out whether, there is a risk of root canalling or not during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy tumors

Pregnancy tumors are the tumors that are developed on the gum tissue. Mostly, they occur near the upper gum line. These appear as large lumps with dark red pinpoint markings and nothing cancerous about them. They do not spread and occur in about 10 percent of women with pregnancy gingivitis.

Pregnancy tumors can bleed and scab that affect your speech and eating habits. They occur at various times in pregnancy. But it is most common during the second trimester and is called as epulides, granuloma of pregnancy, lobular capillary hemangioma, and pyogenic granuloma. So, it is better to maintain good oral hygiene that can prevent pregnancy tumors.

Eat right for your dental care

Eat a healthy and balanced diet that helps to keep your teeth, gums safe. Healthy diet like dairy products, yogurt, cheese, are the best source of essential minerals and are good for baby in developing teeth, bones, and gums. Avoid sugary snacks. Sweet cravings are common during pregnancy and keep in mind that the more frequently you snack, the greater the chance of developing tooth decay.

Dental care tips during pregnancy

  • Brush your teeth and floss twice a day with fluoride toothpaste that makes you feel fresh. It also protects you from bacteria and infections.
  • Use alcohol free fluoride mouth rinse to keep your mouth refreshed.
  • Rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth after episodes of morning sickness. If the toothpaste is causing the morning sickness, talk with your dentist and they will recommend your best toothpastes.
  • Consult your dentist regularly and don’t skip and an appointment during pregnancy. Because there are several hormonal changes that can increase the risk of disease.
  • Eat balanced diet that helps to keep you protected from dental problems.
  • Avoid consuming sugary treats, as they harm your teeth.
  • Observe and pay attention to the changes that occur during pregnancy in your teeth and gums.
  • Talk with your dentist about the risks and benefits involved with any treatment you need.

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