Event Chair Hiring and Placement Ideology

You have invited your family, cousins, friends, and acquaintances to your birthday party, anniversary, or wedding. The invites have been emailed. The question arises of how you will seat everyone. 

Here is hoping the following guidelines provide unmeasurable assistance:

Draw a Seating Plan

Now before you begin physically placing the tables and chairs at the event site, construct a plan. This plan can be posted using a poster board, or a simple pen and paper diagram will do fine too. The seating chart will mention the array of seating that does not conflict with the event’s intention.

There are seating generators present online. Use them and event planning software that uses innovative technology to create a seating chart with guests’ names and individual portfolios. Creating a seating chart will reduce any unnecessary movement. 

Similar Personalities

A helpful tip to make the event a success is to seat people with similar hierarchical ranks, likes and dislikes together. This will result in conversation and a merry time. Not everyone is comfortable talking to strangers at a party. Seating individuals based on similar interests in groups eliminates the feeling of being an outsider.

Events are also an excellent opportunity to create networking prospects. When people are seated in groups, they seek better professional opportunities, business investors, and much more. 

Moreover, the event is easier to enjoy and connect with individuals when you are with like-minded people.

Seating Ranks

The seating chart must be based on the nature of the event. If it is a wedding, seat the closest family, parents, grandparents, and cousins closest to the ceremonial or reception stage. Similarly, when it is an organization-related event, seat the CFO, CEO, COO, and prominent investors in the front rows to alleviate their importance in the organization.

These seating arrangements can be in aisles, circular, or an open floor plan. Regardless of the arrangement, chiavari chair hire glasgow accommodates emergency exits and reduces idle foot traffic as much as possible. 

Consider the nature of attendees before you begin dividing people into groups for the ideal seating arrangements.


When the event planner feels overwhelmed by the seating arrangement, it would be wise to take a step back. No guests would appreciate a jumbled-up seating plan that is an inconvenience to the event. After taking a few minutes to refresh, return to the seating plan with a fresh mindscape to tackle the issues with fresh perspectives.

However, remember that the seating plan is a small part of the event. There is food and caterers to sources, decoration to hang, stage to erect, and much more. Therefore, do not waste the majority of the planning time constructing the seating plan. It all comes together at the end. 

The Final Thought

A competent event planning business understands the complications of a seating plan. Therefore, they work tirelessly based on the guidelines provided by the clients to surpass their expectations. 

The introduction of modern technology into event planning has been a great convenience. Still, it has a long way to recover after being severely hit by the pandemic.