Foods to avoid by Sugar patients- Diabetes

One of the most challenging tasks a person with diabetes has is maintaining a balance in lifestyle habits. Eating habits, exercise, proper medication, and nutrition are very essential to keep the blood sugar levels at moderation. Choosing proper food can be tricky for a diabetic person considering the myriad options.

Therefore, choosing the best foods can help you manage diabetes and reduce the risk of any health complications. People with diabetes are more likely prone to heart disease, nerve damage & kidney disease.

Eating wrong foods can cause a rise in blood sugar levels and increase the risk of any of this disease. This doesn’t mean you cannot binge on your favorite sugary foods, you can take a smaller proportion keeping in mind the calories.

Here’s a list of foods to avoid by sugar patients:

Optimal carb zone & better choices

Carbohydrates have the maximum impact on your blood sugar levels compared to proteins and fats. This is because carbs contain high levels of sugar, fiber & starches.

Our body breaks the sugar & starch to glucose except for the fiber which isn’t digested. Consuming too many carbs at a time might lead to a sudden spike in blood sugar levels which can cause many complications.

Figuring out proper carb intake matters a lot. A low carb diet can help prevent a rise in blood sugar. Eating a proper sized portion of carbs is the need of the moment.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid these foods & replace by adding healthy substitutes:

Sugary foods & beverages

People having diabetes should steer away from having sugary foods like muffins, pancakes, desserts or candies. They may be low on carbs but they can cause a rise in blood sugar levels.

The beverages like soda, bottled tea, diet soda, energy drinks also contain processed sugar. They release insulin which can cause trouble as people with diabetes are resistant to insulin. Try eating fresh fruits & unsweetened iced tea instead of other beverages.

Fried foods

Junk foods like French fries, potato chips, fried chicken are tough to resist. As you know fried foods contain more oil and fats pl calories. Fats take time for your body to digest these foods thereby keeping blood sugar level raised. Resort to a healthier version. You can bake them and also use air fryers or swap French fries for salad along with the burger.

Dried fruits

Though dried fruits are enriched with many nutrients and fiber, the dehydration process removes the necessary water, making it rich in sugars and carbs. A cup of raisins has three times the carbs of fresh grapes. So, you can imagine. Try indulging in whole fruits with low sugar content like apple, pears, berries which are rich in fiber.

White carbs

Refined carbs such as white rice, white bread, white flour, and pasta are highly processed making it devoid of essential vitamins and nutrients. These foods yield no nutritional value but spike the blood sugar levels. Replace these with healthy carbs such as brown rice, millet, barley, buckwheat, and whole wheat bread.

Flavored yogurt

Plain yogurt is a healthy choice for people with diabetes.The fruit-flavored yogurts may look so tempting but do you know they contain little or no fruit and lots of sugar. You might consider having frozen yogurt instead but they’re the same. Instead start having whole milk yogurt. They are beneficial for your overall health.

Sweetened cereals

Starting your day with sweetened cereals can prove to be an unhealthy choice. Though they might claim to be healthy they are more processed and contain far more carbs along with sugar. Instead of flakes, go for a bowl of oatmeal topped with nut butter for a healthier version.


The best way to stay healthy is to limit saturated fats intake. Trans fats are found in portions of margarine, frozen dinners & spreads contain trans fats. You can even find them in baked goods. Always look for ingredients in packed foods. If the ingredient lists hydrogenated oils, that means it has trans-fat. It can increase inflammation and lower good cholesterol.

Granola or energy bars

The breakfast bars or granola bars have been described as healthy. But if you check the ingredients it contains high carbs and low proteins or fiber. These cereal bars are coated with syrups and sugar. The refined carbs in granola bars may cause a hike in blood sugar levels.

Honey & jam

Don’t get carried away by the fact that honey is all-natural. It has fructose which will spike blood sugar levels. Jams & jellies are another refined carbs devoid of any nutrition. It will naturally raise blood sugar levels. Use natural low-calorie sweetener instead.

Coffee drinks & creamer

A coffee drink with whipped cream & chocolate sauce might look so tempting, but these coffee drinks are loaded with sugar. The coffee creamers are also loaded with added sugar. Look out for sugar-free versions or low sugar versions of creamers.